Remote work is a new norm now. People from across the globe can communicate and gather online to solve problems and do their job. However, many owners seem unhappy with that, thinking that their employees work less or lazier.

There is plenty of information regarding creative project management, and we would like to share the ones that work the best, in our opinion. People who work remotely must have the tools and software to work better.

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For example, it’s hard to use Photoshop in the team since you have to send the files repeatedly to other people. But the good news is that there are plenty of cloud-based solutions, like Krock, where you can work online efficiently. 

Here are our top 5 creative project management tips that you can use for your team. 

1. Communication

Communication is essential when it comes to any work. And it is no surprise that offline communication is a bit easier since we see the emotions and hear the coworkers’ voices. When talking to people online, people might feel different, as they don’t see the whole picture of how people express their ideas. Some even feel bad when they don’t see the emojis or any other signs of a smile in a sentence. Even though everyone knows that the absence of a smiley face doesn’t mean that you’ve done a bad job or something like that. 

As a part of creative project management, we recommend building a working culture where anyone feels free to express their feelings, share emotions, and, of course, send appropriate emojis. And as a leader, you should start that yourself, showing your employee the example. 

2. Remote Setting

One of the hardest parts of managing creative teams is to encourage people to commit to the corporate culture and share the mission, which is mostly easy to do when working offline. There are some tips that might help you build a new setting as a part of the project management for creative teams. 

  • Work flexible hours. Many workers love that as they can plan their life freely and be happier, which, you can be sure, results in a better way. 
  • Health incentives. This supports the health of your employee, which leads to better working results. 
  • Promote values. Inspire your team so they share the company’s values, ask your team for coffee, if you are based in one city, etc. 

3. Let the Team Be Their Own Managers

While managing creative teams, you know that many employees can get distracted by others while working, i.e., kids, pets, other people at home, etc. Usually, when they get distracted, people lose track of their own time, which results not only in worse work but also in unsatisfactory personal feelings. As a part of your creative project management, you can offer your team different management techniques, software, and advice. More than that, it is better if you prioritize the tasks and show your team the order in which they should perform their tasks. 

4. Automate Processes

There are processes that can be automized, and we recommend doing so if possible. As a part of creative project management, you can omit mundane tasks that make your team sad with the help of different software. Luckily, there are plenty of products on the market that can make the life of your team better. As we’ve mentioned before, you don’t have to use Photoshop or KeyNote to create storyboards for your ideas when you can use a cloud-based solution like Krock, where people can work in real-time on one project. 

Work smarter, not harder. 

5. Make Collaboration Easy

With that said, use a minimal amount of tools. The more tools you use, the more channels you have, and the more documents you have will slower the work as each worker has to know the whole system very well. Use one platform where you can keep all your stuff and let people work rather than look for particular items. There is plenty of project management software for creatives that do that job. 


Even though creative project management seems hard, it’s extremely fun and challenging if you think about it in a different way. When your workers think about creative solutions for others, you search for creative solutions for your team. Believe us, they would be grateful if you find the best ones.