Even though the original specifications for the File Transfer Protocol were written in 1971, the FTP servers are still used today due to their reliability and versatility. However, you also need a reliable FTP client for your Mac to get the most out of such a server. 

Our experts compiled a list of software solutions that allow you to seamlessly connect to FTP servers, manage data, apply encryption, and a lot more.. Keep reading to discover the best apps for quickly and securely transferring files. 

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Why Do You Need a Reliable FTP Client?

If you’re unsure why you need a reliable FTP client installed on your Mac, here are some of the most common reasons. This is just the starting point, of course, as the list can go on further, depending on your needs.

  • Security Concerns – you should always aim for the best security you can get. Regardless of the type of information you store on FTP servers, you always want to know it’s protected properly.
  • Advanced Features – most users need more advanced FTP clients that support cloud services like Dropbox and OneDrive and offer features like automation and scheduling. The recommendations in our article give you just that;
  • Enhanced User Experience – an intuitive user interface is crucial for software. Some users value the interface more than the features of transfer speed. Especially if you’re not from the tech-savvy group, it can reduce the learning curve and increase productivity;
  • Top Compatibility Between Platforms – Cross-platform compatibility is essential for efficiency and consistency today. Professionals and businesses need solutions that work seamlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux;

Commander One

Commander One simplifies working with multiple directories and files by letting you have both folders open in the same window. Its interface supports unlimited tabs, any file type, and customizable hotkeys for any action.

This app also offers a built-in FTP client for Mac users to connect to remote servers easily.  You can always count on speed, efficiency, and support for multiple plugins to get the job done whether it’s FTP, SFTP, or FTPS. 

Also, the app helps you save time through hotkeys functionality. Immediately perform frequently performed tasks like copying, deleting, duplicating, and more. You can even set up personalized key combinations to leave the mouse behind and achieve great speed..


Cyberduck provides another excellent FTP client solution. It is available for both Windows and Mac, making it a versatile app. Furthermore, it has many features that make operation a breeze. 

This software is free and offers support for SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV and numerous cloud storage services. 


If our first choice was an app dedicated to Mac users, it’s time to continue with one available just for the Windows operating system. WinSCP is a great app that will make you forget all about other FTP clients. It has a friendly interface and is available for free download. 

The Secure Shell functionality brings extra protection, and you’ll have access to all your essential files instantly on multiple devices. 

FolkLift 3 

For Mac OS X users, Forklift is a sophisticated file manager and FTP + SFTP + Amazon S3 + WEBDav client. This software has a dual pane manager, enabling you to use it as both an FTP and SFTP client. Forklift boasts a stunning design and impressive features, making it a top FTP client. Additionally, Forklift supports iDisk, NIS, AFP, Amazon S3, and WebDAV.


Transmit is a popular FTP client, designed specifically for Mac users. It is a paid FTP software, but you can take advantage of a 7-day free trial period to explore all the unique features that come with the Transmit FTP client app.

Final Thoughts

Navigating through the maze of file transfer options can be daunting. As we explored various options, it became clear that each choice comes equipped with its own capabilities, security protocols, and user advantages.

However, if you’re a Mac user, nothing out there can beat CommanderOne. Its dual-panel offers versatility, the hotkey support allows you to move with lightning speed, while the support for numerous servers, including cloud storage services, is extraordinary.