React is a visionary and innovative open source JavaScript library that enables developers to come up with large web apps that change data without the need of refreshing the page. Created by a software engineer by the name of Jordan Walke, React has been in use since 2011.

React aims at being simple, scalable and fast and works specifically on user interface part of applications. React can also be used alongside other JavaScript frameworks.

In this article, we have shared 10 best React examples and websites built using React.

10. Airbnb

Airbnb is known for its online market operations in which hospitality is the core. Airbnb will help you connect with a community in the event you need to find a place to stay in any corner of the world. To date, Airbnb documents as having recorded 2.4 billion dollars in sales from their web platform.

React examples airBnb

 JavaScript libraries continue to be used in the core structure of today’s  websites. In the Airbnb webpage you will find a host of JS libraries      including; 

  • React
  • Raven.Js
  • Jquery
  • Webpack
  • 9. Atlassian

    Aimed at meeting the needs of content management, project management, and software development, Atlassian comes to the fore. Based in Australia, Atlassian has made its name in the business of enterprise software develo

    React example atlassian

    The following JavaScript libraries hold their own by giving the users who visit the Atlassian webpage a worthwhile experience; 

  • React
  • Jquery
  • Underscore.Js
  • ScrollMagic.Js
  • 8. BBC

    A household name and one of the oldest broadcasting names in the world, BBC has incorporated React JS into its web architecture. Known as British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC has been delivering and impacting Britain and the rest of the world through its news and rich cultural content since 1922.

    React example BBC

    JavaScript libraries are incorporated into this great website and the following take credit for this;

  • React
  • CreateJS
  • HoganJs
  • SlickJs
  • 7. DropBox

    When space began to shrink and become ever more precious in our physical PC world, Dropbox came to the rescue. Dropbox brought to us remote file storage and hosting. Now everyone can enjoy the facilities on offer, such as client software, personal cloud storage to file synchronization. People world over can now seamlessly access their data from multiple devices.

    React example dropbox

    For you to get the overall experience in Dropbox the following JavaScript libraries are usually at work;

  • React
  • Redux
  • Jquery
  • RequireJs
  • 6. Cloudflare

    Are you in the need of security and performance solutions for your website? Then Cloudflare is the solutions provider for you!

    Based in San Francisco, CA, Cloudflare has made a name in the web and tech industry for offering business solutions through systems that are both smart and secure.

    React example cloudflare

    Cloudflare also has its own stack of the listed JavaScript libraries that work together to bring out the webpage we have come to know;

  • React
  • D3Js
  • Jquery
  • PrismJs
  • 5. Flipboard

    Flipboard came up with an easy way to stay updated with various events and happenings in the world. With a neat system that scours the web for relevant content and then puts it together in a magazine format which users easily flip through. This is why Flipboard has made its name as the go-to social magazine for everyone.

    React example flipbaord

    If you peek behind the scenes, Flipboard utilizes other JavaScript libraries as well in its webpage;

  • React
  • Raven.Js
  • Jquery
  • MomentJs
  • 4. Imgur

    When it comes to image sharing and hosting this online portal enables its users to access a variety of image-related content. Various memes from Imgur have been known to go viral and made the day for users in the social media world.

    React example Imgur

    Imgur also incorporates various forms of JavaScript libraries into its web framework;

  • React
  • Raven.Js
  • Jquery
  • Core-JS
  • 3. Paypal

    One of the pioneers of online payment, the PayPal system allows users to substitute payment methods.

    Through electronic channels, users can easily process and manage their money transactions. Freelancers, online vendors, and other service providers attest to the payment revolution that has come from PayPal.  

    React example paypal

     JavaScript Libraries used by the PayPal site include;

  • React
  • RequireJs
  • Jquery
  • Core-Js
  •  2. Netflix

    We wanted online video and on demand, and Netflix answered the call. A specialist in online streaming, Netflix offers its market a wide range of online on-demand video facilities.

    Presently Netflix has gone into producing and distributing its own content such as TV Shows.

    React example netflix

    You will find the following JavaScript libraries working within the Netflix website;

  • React
  • Redux
  • Jquery
  • Modernizr
  • 1. Facebook

    Who doesn’t know about Facebook?  The social media channel that transformed social media as we know it today. You can comment, like or share content with each other and other 2.5 billion Facebook users across the globe. 

    An interesting fact one of Facebook’s employees developed React JS. Now you know!

    React example facebook

    The originator of React works with following set JavaScript libraries within its website;

  • React
  • Jquery
  • Conclusion

    React and the JavaScript libraries continue to expand and grow, continually shaping the online experience we have with various websites each day.