NGO website templates are simply used to design the websites of non-profit organizations and charities. This set of layouts looks very attractive, beautiful, and feature-rich. You can access these templates to create a platform to help the needy and begin an NGO charity project.

A website’s template must be constructed well in a way that its elements ease communication between site owners and visitors. This will make the essential parts of content more visible to whoever is viewing it.

We will be introducing to you the best and highly ranked best NGO website templates in this article. Stay connected!

1. Charity

Charity is a nonprofit/ fundraising HTML responsive template. It is arguably one of the best non-profit website templates. It can also be used as a church or fundraising HTML template/theme.

NGO Website Templates
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Download] Charitify – NGO/Charity/Fundraising HTML Template Nulled


  • Simple layouts
  • Very easy on the eyes
  • Its flexibility is top-notch
  • It is clean and features-rich

2. Born to Give

This website template is designed for crowdfunding and non-profit websites. Corporate business owners can also find Born-to-Give template used for their project.

Born to Give
born-to-give-charity-crowdfunding-responsive-html5-template …


  • It is a full functional HTML5 template
  • A highly responsive NGO website theme

3. CharityFund

Developers can use this template to design a site for the charity, NGO, a non-profit organization, donation, church, etc.

Non-Profit Charity template


  • Its creation is based on Bootstrap 3
  • It has a fully responsive layout
  • It has a high resolution
  • CharityFund template supports browsers like Safari, Opera, Chrome, IE9, etc.

4. Charitas

The designer of Charitas makes use of HTML5 and CSS3 strategies this simple but clean professional website template. It is pretty cool for charity, NGO, and foundation projects.

WPlook Themes
Charitas PRO – WordPress Theme for Charity, Nonprofits and Foundations


  • Charitas is highly customizable and flexible
  • It is designed to be highly responsive
  • A website template that supports many browsers

5. Heal

Heal is simply a one-page charity HTML template. It is a very unique website template for non-profit organizations and nature and childcare organizations.

Heal – One Page Charity HTML Template by codexcoder | ThemeForest


  • It depends on Bootstrap recent version (3.1.1)
  • It is highly customizable
  • An entirely responsive website template

6. CharityPress

You simply use this template to create websites for churches, charities, NGOs, etc.

Charity Fundraising HTML Template by XpeedStudio | ThemeForest


  • It works pretty cool with many browsers like Chrome, IE9+, Safari, Edge, etc.
  • This NGO website template is based on Bootstrap 3
  • Responsive layout

7. Charity Foundation

This website template contains lots of HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. Charity Foundation is a clean and professional theme you would love to use for your project.

Charity Foundation
Charity Foundation


  • Highly flexible
  • It has support for more than one browser
  • Its responsiveness is great

8. Act

Act is one of the best choices for you if you are looking for a multipurpose website template for NGO projects.

Act – Nonprofit Charity Theme | Non profit, Web design


  • It has a great flexibility
  • Simple to use
  • Highly responsive
  • Created with Bootstrap version 4.4

9. FundPro

FundPro is a website template developers can use in creating sites for NGOs, charities, churches, etc.

Fundpro Website Template from ThemeForest


  • Fully responsive
  • It supports many common browsers
  • Very flexible
  • Based on Bootstrap 3

10. Volunteer

Volunteer is another eye-catching, beautiful HTML theme for designing websites for NGOs, social organizations, etc.

Social Non Profit HTML Website Templates from ThemeForest


  • Exquisitely responsive
  • It supports the recent version of Bootstrap
  • Very attractive to the eyes

11. NGOPress

NGOPress is a highly rated NGO, non-profit organization website template. Its flexibility makes it fit well for devices like tablets, iPads, iPhones, and small mobile devices.

NONPress Website template


  • It depends on Bootstrap 3
  • Super responsive layout

12. Help

Help is an HTML template created for NGOs website projects. Business-oriented individuals can also find it handy.

An NGO website template


  • It is highly customizable
  • Supports modern-day browsers

13. Lifeline

Lifeline is not just a website template but one of the highly-rated nonprofit HTML library. It is easily available to be used for designing platforms for charities, non-profit organizations, etc.

Lifeline2 website template


  • It is super responsive
  • Supports many browsers
  • Contains beautiful designs
  • Neat and clean


ICARE website template is the best option for you if you are looking to create a website for fundraising, charities, and NGOs.

Charity WordPress Theme | Icare Website Template


  • Beautiful and attractive design
  • It is compatible with many modern-day browsers
  • Highly customizable

15. Charity Home

Charity Home is simply a website template for charities. It can also be used for creating sites for NGOs and non-governmental programs.

Charity Home website template


  • Very easy on the eyes
  • It is designed using recent Bootstrap
  • Great responsive layout
  • Cross-browser compatibility

16. CharityPress

CharityPress is an HTML template you can always trust for creating websites for NGOs, charities, fundraising, religious programs, etc.

Charity Fundraising HTML Template by XpeedStudio | ThemeForest


  • High-quality responsive layout
  • It has three homepage variations
  • Easy to use

17. Riana

Riana is another great website template you can always put your money on for designing sites for NGOs, governmental social programs, etc.

Riana – Charity HTML Template by ithemeslab | ThemeForest


  • Beautiful and attractive
  • Highly responsive
  • It has three homepages variations
  • Designed with the latest Bootstrap

18. Virtue

Virtue is a clean charity fundraising HTML template. It is one of the best you can trust for non-profit governmental programs.

Virtue | Non-Profit Website Template Responsive by jitu | ThemeForest


  • It depends on Bootstrap version 3.0
  • Two homepages variations
  • Highly customizable

19. Anima

The name of this website template is enough to tell us that it’s an animal shelter & pet rescue template. Anima can also be used for NGO programs.

NGO Website Templates
Anima – Responsive Pet Rescue and Shelter Template by CodePassenger


  • Highly responsive
  • It supports many modern-day browsers

20. eCharity

eCharity is a really nice library for creating a charity, NGO, a non-profit organization, donation, or a fundraising website. It is also a good website template for designing religious platforms.

NGO Website Templates
eCharity NGO template


  • Super responsive
  • Depends on Bootstrap version 3


You now know the idea best NGO Website Templates you can choose to use the next NGO website project you are planning to work on. All of them are well-known for one or two important features. Look at them carefully and choose your preference.