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Top 20 Node.js dashboard templates

In this article, We will be looking at some of the top Node.js dashboard templates.

Node.JS is a runtime environment based on JavaScript, allowing the developers to run JS on the server-side.

Even though it was first conceived and written in 2009, its rise is all recent.

Node.JS is extremely popular among the developers, and its community is really active.

Currently, industry giants such as LinkedIn, Uber, Netflix, Groupon and PayPal all employ Node.JS.

Your search for Node.js based dashboard templates is over, Here is a collection of free and premium top Node.js dashboard templates.

1. Mintos Responsive Admin Template

Mintos is a multi-functional admin template established on Saas established on solid core framework and Bootstrap 4.3.1 that works on modern browsers and all screen sizes.
It can be used on the following browsers: Opera, Firefox, chrome, IEE11, Safari, and Edge. Mintos comes with plug-and-play compiled packages.

2. Light Blue React Node.JS

Light Blue is a react template combined with PostgreSQL and Node.js. Back end. Are you planning to develop CMS, SASS, CRM, web apps and E-commerce apps? Light Blue React Node.js dashboard Admin Template is the best choice to begin with.
It has a plug-and-play functioning authentication, social login, and Product management elements.

3. Skote Node.js Dashboard and Admin Template

Skote is a premium Dashboard template constructed with bootstrap4, jQuery, Node Js, and HTML5. It has developer beneficial codes.
Skote is a clean, minimal-designed and beautifully crafted template. It has different RTL options Light and dark layouts. It also supports many languages. You can develop whatsoever web application like E-commerce, CRM, crypto, Admin Pannels, and project management.

4. Chameleon Admin (Free Admin Template)

This is a free futuristic bootstrap for Admin and Web app Dashboard, Html Template exquisite design, organized code, and clean. It can be used in any type of web app; eCommerce backends, CRM, analytics, project management, and custom administrator panels.

5. Sing App Vue Node.js

Sing App is a backend and frontend admin template. It is combined with Postgres and Node.js backend database. If you want to build CMS, e-Commerce, and SAAS applications then Sing App is good to start with.
It will help you save a lot of money and time since it has a couple of login methods, authentication, and product management pages that are plug and play.

6. Lexa Responsive Node.js Admin and Dashboard Template

Lexa is also a multifunctional Admin template constructed using CSS3, jQuery, HTML5, and Bootstrap 4. It is constructed using the most recent Node Js version 9.11.2 using the two layouts. It is compatible with most browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and edge.

7. Veltrix Admin Dashboard Template

Veltrix is a Fully responsive template and template premium built using bootstrap 4.3.1. It can be used on both horizontal and vertical layouts. It has RTL support, and inbuilt frameworks like Laravel, PHP, Ajax, HTML, and React.JS Redux.
As a developer, you can build many apps that have similar components. It is built with bootstrap components and Recyclable react components.

8. Admiria Admin Dashboard Template

Admiria is a Bootstrap Admin template that has frameworks such as Laravel, PHP, AJAX, and React.JS Redux.
It has a large collection of adaptable UI components and their plugins, Widgets, and Smart user interface. It can be used on browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.

9. Minton Admin Landing Page and Admin Dashboard Template

It has been constructed using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and jQuery. Minton has 2 dashboards. It supports horizontal and vertical layouts.
Its code is easy to understand, customize, responsive, and gives power to a developer to transform into theme to a usable web application.

10. Node.js MongoDB Starter Bundle

Mongo is a minimal essential of ngx-admin combined with Node.js Backend. It is focused on Angular ngx-admin, Mongo DB, and Express REST API.

11. Metorik Node.Js Template

Metorik is a flexible and versatile Nodejs dashboard template for constructing administrators to take care of different activities.
It comes with modification functions and features. Therefore, can customize it to your preference. It has a variety of dashboard styles chat app, calendar, user profile, booking, price page, and user CURD.

12. Easy Dev Dashboard

Easy Dev is very flexible and can be used for different activities. It functions in eCommerce, booking, sports, web, and mobile apps.
It has over 200 UI components, easy dev is smooth for developing an admin dashboard. It has plug-and-play pages that speed up the developing process. It also has three chart styles, form wizards, and a chat app.

13. Argon Dashboard Pro Nodejs (premium)

Argon is a Nodejs template that has a variety of functions and features. It has sixteen plugins, 25 sample pages, and two hundred elements. Therefore, Argon has a wide range of options to use. It offers high reusability of the components.
It also has SASS, photoshop files, sketchs, fully coded back and front ends, friendly support and comprehensive documentation.

14. Mentor-Bootstrap for Admin Template

Mentor Admin dashboard is strong but at the same time a light bootstrap admin dashboard template used in the backend administrator panel.
It has over 40 plug-and-play Widgets, over 90page templates, mass things on the directory to use for backend applications, and unique dashboards.

15. Material Dashboard React Node.js

Material dashboard is a fast template. It is a lightweight template that acts as an advantage. Its design is also futuristic.
Material Dashboard helps you save time since you don’t need to do backend and frontend development. It has thirty elements that you can easily customize to meet your needs.

16. React Material UI Admin Node.js

This template is not free. React material uses the material framework and Node.js and this helps the user save a lot of time during the development process. It can be used to show eCommerce, data analytics, and any other kind of app.

17. User Management React Template

This is a premium template. A user management template helps administrators to manage the access of users to systems and web applications. As an Admin you can also Delete, distribute, and create roles for users.
It is fast since it’s made with node.js, gives you options like recovering passwords, email verification, and also logging into social services.

18. Magemax- Admin Template

Magemax is a premium, advanced dashboard with a futuristic design. It has many modules and components that you can use to help you speed up the development process.
It allows for flexibility and can be used with many web applications such as CRM, CMS, and Admin Panels

19. Argon

Argon has a free NodeJS dashboard template that you can take advantage of. You can use this free template version for as long as you wish but after you feel comfortable you can upgrade to a premium one.
The free Argon has limitations as compared to the pro version but you do a lot of things with the free version.

20. Angular Node.js Nest Starter Dashboard

Developing with node.js has become very easy if you are used to Typescript and Angular because of the Nest.js framework.
Net.js is a convenient and compliable typescript architecture and framework for Node.js API. Its feature-based, modular, and compatible with many JavaScript libraries.


The Node.js dashboard templates I have listed above are the top admin templates. The above list is created after deep research and analysis on the web.
The templates are not similar and each template has its unique features. Other templates are free while others are premium.

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