Arduino is an open-source internet-based platform that combines both software and hardware to help users build projects without difficulties. You must first familiarize yourself with the Arduino IDE and the Arduino language before you can think of getting started. Users are not restricted only to use the offline Arduino IDE; you can simply code with the web editor.

A single-board computer that works pretty well with Arduino won’t be bad for the projects we will be discussing here. You can always check out the Arduino official website to know more if you are not satisfied with this basics.

These Opensource Arduino Projects are available to be reworked or modified, so take on any of them and grow your skill. Stay glued to us as we unleash these mind-blowing opensource Arduino projects!

1. LED Controller

You don’t need to spend big before you should illuminate your room or house with LED lights. This project is all about creating for yourself a LED controller that is easily customizable.

Opensource Arduino Projects
Circuit Digest
Arduino Traffic Light Controller Project with Circuit Diagram and Code


  • One of the easiest projects that allows you to control LED lights
  • This project majorly needs an Arduino UNO board

2. Arduino Mega Chess

You can easily use this project to make for yourself a digital personal chessboard.

Arduino Create
Arduino Mega Chess – Arduino Project Hub


  • This essentially needs a TFT LCD touch screen display and an Arduino Mega 2560 board to get started

3. Mute My Television – I Have Seen Enough

This project is nice for muting voices of boring TV personalities or celebrities you don’t feel comfortable listening to them again.

Make Magazine
Enough Already! The TV Celebrity Silencer


  • It is a very useful and educative project

4. Hot Glue LED Matrix Lamp

How about using a LED lamp to decorate and beautify your house. This project is not a difficult task to do and it would be nice if you this project out.

Hot Glue LED Matrix Lamp – in 2020 | Led, Painters …


  • You will need a LED strip and Arduino Nano R3 to build one for yourself

5. Robot Arm with Controller

Individuals that still want to continue using manual controlling techniques over their robots will find this robot-arm-with-controller project very useful.

DroneBot Workshop
Build a Robot Arm and Controller


  • You will need an Arduino UNO Board to get started

6. Pet Trainer: The MuttMentor

This Arduino-based device will help you train your pets If you are a busy type and you have one or two at home.

Opensource Arduino Projects
Arduino Create
The MuttMentor – Arduino Project Hub


  • The designers of this device made use of the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense
  • TensorFlow is used for training a little percentage of neutral network for every action a pet does

7. Basic Earthquake Detector

This project is all about developing a personal earthquake detector to help you know the current earthquake situations around you.

Arduino Create
Earthquake Detector Using Arduino Uno – Arduino Project Hub


  • You won’t necessarily have to depend on governments anymore for results of earthquakes status around you
  • You will basically need an Arduino board, to begin with, this project

8. Creating a Musical Instruments With the Use of Arduino

The idea behind this project is the creation of music by hand waves. You might have seen a lot of musical instruments created with the use of the Arduino.

Simple note” an Arduino musical instrument


9. The Use of RFID Reader to make a Security Access

You can easily look into this project to learn how to develop security access with the use of the Arduino.

Security Access Using RFID Reader


10. Smoke Detection using MQ-2 Gas Sensor

If you are willing to master this project, you should be able to create a relatively cheap smoke detector here. Simple tricks are done in this project to help you detect smoke in your house without spending too much.

The Engineering Projects
Smoke Detector with Arduino & MQ2 Sensor


  • It is a basic inexpensive solution to help detect smoke

11. Arduino Based Amazon Echo using 1Sheeld

The developer of this project relied on 1Sheeld to make him/herself a DIY Amazon Echo.

Arduino Create
Arduino Based Amazon Echo Using 1Sheeld


  • You will also need a smartphone and an Arduino shield if you want to make this happen too

12. Motion Following Motorized Camera

The idea behind the creation of this motorized camera to detect movement of objects. It is a good project for security reasons.

Arduino Create
Motion Following Motorized Camera Base – Arduino Project Hub


  • It is highly sensitive to moving objects
  • Whenever it detects an object, it tends to change direction and follow the object

13. Water Quality Monitoring System

There is not as good as drinking healthy water – the quality of the water you take in or use will definitely influence your health condition. You can try this project out if you want to monitor your medical status through water usage.

Arduino Create
Water Quality Monitoring System


  • This project depends on Arduino UNO and water quality sensors

14. Audio Spectrum Visualizer

An audio spectrum visualizer is definitely a great Arduino project to try out. It is a project you will have fun around and it’s nice to create.

Audio Spectrum Visualizer After Effects Template [Free Download …


  • It mainly depends on  Arduino Nano R3 and an LED display
  • It is relatively cost-effective

15. Punch Activated Arm Flamethrower

This is another great Arduino project you can look into and try out! Punch activated arm flamethrower is a fun piece of work you can use to enhance your skills.

Opensource Arduino Projects
Punch Activated Arm Flamethrow – Arduino DIY punch activated …


16. Polar Drawing Machine

You can simply use this polar drawing machine to make really nice vector graphics images or bitmap. It is another Arduino project that worth trying out!

Arduino Create
Polar Drawing Machine – Arduino Project Hub


  • It is one of the best Arduino project you can easily lay your hands-on

17. Robot Cat (Open Cat)

This project is all about creating a programmable robotic cat that is suited for Artificial Intelligence services and STEM education.

Opensource Arduino Projects
Opencat – The opensource cat made of arduino, 3D printing and artific


  • This project primarily depends on  Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards

18. Home Automation

Try this project out so that you can comfortably automate anything you want in your house. It could be an alarm system or something to automatically switch on the lights in your house when it’s dark. Click on the home automation project here to see how it works.

Opensource Arduino Projects
Electronics Hub
How To Make Arduino Based Home Automation Project via Bluetooth?


  • Check this project out to automate anything in your home

19. Develop a Tiny Weather Display System

The idea behind the creation of this Arduino project is to make a small display that illuminates weather conditions.

Opensource Arduino Projects
Arduino Wireless Weather Station : 9 Steps (with Pictures …


  • You will need a small Arduino board and a small OLED graphic display to get started

20. Develop a Fingerprint Scanner to Your Garage Door Opener

This project is about letting you know how to create a fingerprint scanner that will open your garage door. This DIY Arduino project is a great idea you can make on your own for security solutions in your home.

Opensource Arduino Projects
Make a DIY Fingerprint Scanning Garage Door Opener | Garage doors …


  • A very important real-time Arduino project you would love to try out


You now have an idea of how to create top Arduino projects without any issue or difficulty. Many of them don’t depend solely on the Arduino board; they function with some other tools.

Some of the Opensource Arduino Projects projects we explained in this article can be carried out by beginners while the rests are for advanced learners. Look at each of them carefully to know the one you need and suit your choice.