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11 best Vue.js date Picker Components

Imagine if you could make VueJs development faster, and see an instant boost in your workflow.

or even better:

What if there were 11 best VueJs date picker Components to choose from.

And each of them could make your development faster and easier?

You’d probably be pumped to read about them.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post:


A Vue date picker or time picker Component is a graphical user interface widget which allows the user to select a date from a calendar and/or time from a time range.

1. vue-DateTime

A Mobile friendly DateTime picker for Vue. this Vue Component Supports date, datetime and time modes, i18n and disabling dates.

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2. vue-hotel-datepicker

A responsive date range picker for Vue.js that displays the number of nights selected and allow several useful options like custom check-in/check-out rules, localization support and more.

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3. vue-datetime-picker

A Vue.js component implementing the DateTime picker control using the Eonasdan’s bootstrap DateTime picker plugin.

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4. VueCtkDateTimePicker

Dark Mode example

A Vue component for select date & time (range mode). this Vue date picker component supports Dark mode as well.

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5. VueRangedatePicker

Range date picker with simple usage.  This component is easy to use and features Date picker with range selection.

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6. Vuetify Daterange Picker

The missing date range picker for Vuetify JS you have been looking for. Version 3.x.x is the latest and is compatible with @vue/cli 3 and latest Vuetify.

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7. Vue date pick

Lightweight and mobile friendly date time picker based on Vue. Vue date pick emphasizes performance, elegant and usable UI on all screen sizes and simplicity of configuration. Has no dependencies on CSS frameworks or date libraries. Weighs less than 5KB.

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8.Vue Date Picker

A vue date picker component inspired by the material design. This Vue date picker component allows you to choose when it is displayed, and how to handle closing it.

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9. vue-timeselector

Simple customizable Vue.js time picker component. the vue-time selector is a Vue (2.x) component that gives you the ability to select a time depending on multiple options.

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10. vue-mj-daterangepicker

Vue.js date range picker with multiples ranges and presets, this Component provides supports to vue 2.x+ versions

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11. VueDT

A Crazy lightweight Vuejs Date and Time picker component, this lightweight component is only 5kb  in size and which can be further minified and gzipped.

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As a Vue developer having and using the right Vue date picker Component will Surely ease your Vue app development. Preferences for particular Vue date picker components all boils down to what you will need them for. The fullness of features, ease of use, mobility, or simplicity the options available are limitless. Give each one try and tell us which one meets your fancy.

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