Vue is not only known as a progressive JavaScript framework but one of the very simple ones you can lay your hands on. Years after years, it has increasingly been gaining popularity and this can be related to the amazing features and projects you implement with it.

We are not just concerned about project ideas and resources for VueJS generally but the aim of this article is to present some cool and nice projects for beginners to try out on their own.

Most importantly, the truth is that you must be willing to take on some simple challenges in order to grow and improve your skills in Vue.js. That is to say after you might have understood some basic stuff about the framework, you need to practice what you have known.

So, as you continue to stroll up, you will be introduced to these easy Vue projects that won’t necessarily demand too much from you.

1. Xtreme Vuesax Admin

Xtreme Vuesax Admin is easy to use and powerful VueJs admin dashboard template based on Vue CLI, Vuex & Vuesax component framework.

It comes easy to use features and it is highly customisable. You can create nice looking applications or product using our Free Vuesax admin template.


  • You will get more than 75+ unique UI Components.
  • Included 6 color schemes with Xtreme vuesax admin.
  • Options available to select suitable layout for your project.
  • Included more than 2000 Premium Font Icons

2. Task List

You are to create a software application that will keep track of everything about your responsibilities in this part of the article.

Made With Vue.js
Simple Task List – Made with Vue.js


  • It’s a simple application created with VueJS

3. Vue Material Dashboard

Beginners would certainly love this nice tool because they can quickly use it to create dashboards. In addition, another thing about it is that it’s so easy to use.

Vue Material Dashboard


  • Most importantly, anyone trying to use this resource must know a little about JavaScript, Vue.js, and Vue Router

4. TuneIn

This project has to do with creating a web-based simple music discovery application. Furthermore, it is so easy to use and understand.


  • It doesn’t actually have many features but the limited ones it has are enough for excellent functioning

5. ProjectHelios

In short, this is simply known as a Vaporwave music website. In addition, it is used to pay tribute to the vaporwave movement. This is another simple website powered with VueJS.



  • It comprises song library, a home page, an about modal, volume adjust, and a search field with quick outcomes

6. FontAwesome

To sum up, this is widely known as a component for Vue.



  • User-friendly
  • A cool and highly functional tool

7. Octoplus Group

In short, this is simply an integrated creative agency that is skilled in handling everything that has to do with branding.

Octoplus Group


  • It is widely known as an Agency Website created with VueJS

8. ColorsWall

In short, the idea of this project is to create a website that users can use to store every of their color palettes in just a single place.



  • ColorsWall is simply a place for storing color palettes

9. VueVixens

Most importantly, Vue Vixens are commonly known as foxy people that signify as a woman. In addition, their aim is to know and understand VueJS so that they will be able to develop websites and mobile applications.



  • Jen Looper is the starter of this
  • In conclusion, it creates workshops for women to learn web and mobile technologies

10. RottenSoup

Here, you are to create a roguelike RPG game that has a Vue.js based interface. Anyone that got the chance of playing this game will certainly find it fun to play.



  • Most importantly, it’s created using JavaScript with Vue, Vuetify, Tiled, rot.js, and PixiJS
  • Furthermore, this game comprises some common important features like tiled graphics, animations, a statically defined overworld, and mouse controls

11. Prettier

This is best described as an opinionated code formatter. Furthermore, anyone would love this application because a code formatter helps in choosing the right coding style without you doing it manually.



  • Most importantly, it helps in reprinting codes in a consistent style
  • Prettier works perfectly with common code editors. For example, Atom, Emacs, Visual Studio, etc.

12. iView

This is best described as a premium UI Toolkit developed on VueJS. In addition, it contains lots of useful and amazing components.



  • Most importantly, it is compatible with Vue.js 2 and Vue.js 1.
  • It’s so beautiful and extensible

13. Epiboard

You can call it a new page extension that comes with material design and useful features.



  • To sum up, the idea here is to design a web application that gives users access to weather checker and Google trends. In addition, users can also use it to their RSS feeds, downloads, and sessions.

14. Beep

This application gives users notifications if their online accounts been stolen in any of these data breaches. Furthermore, you will be told if one of your online accounts has been hacked by simply inputting your email address, username, or password.



  • In short, it is called a mobile account vulnerability scanner

15. Vue Storefront

Most importantly, this is simply an open-source standalone PWA storefront that users are opportune to use for their e-commerce.

Vue Storefront


  • The idea in this project is to create an application that will support the improvement of shopping experience
  • In conclusion, it’s known as a headless PWA for e-commerce

16. vueOrgChart

Users are free to utilize this tool for managing and publishing their interactive organization chart (orgchart). In addition, anyone would like this because it is free and doesn’t need a webserver.



  • This chart can be edited in excel or webpage

17. Faviator

In short, this is commonly used fir generating favicon. Furthermore, it is a very simple project that appears very useful.



  • It does the creation of simple icons in JPG, PNG or SVG format

18. Directus

You can simply call Directus a simple lightweight Content Management System(CMS). Furthermore, you will so much love it because it stores data in SQL databases so that it can remain synchronized with every change made.



  • Highly customizable
  • In conclusion, it’s compatible with multilingual content

19. VuePress

This is used for generating static sites. Furthermore, it is unique because it’s minimalistic and SEO friendly.

Vue Projects


  • To sum up, it’s simply used for building static websites

20. Docsify

To sum up, this smart tool is used for generating documentation websites. It’s a project that won’t demand much from beginners because it’s simple and lightweight.

Vue Projects


  • It comes with many themes and it supports IE11

21. Vuestic

This project is called a free and gorgeous VueJS admin template.

Vue Projects


  • It comprises over 44 custom UI components
  • In conclusion, it’s free, user-friendly, so easy to customize, highly responsive and cross-platform


Vue beginners’ projects don’t come simpler than the ones we have provided for you above. What are you waiting for? Test your skill today to see how far you have gone in VueJS.