CodeMix is an Eclipse plugin that enables you as a developer to use and benefit from the extensive range of language, tools and framework support accessible in the Visual Studio Code marketplace. All the unlimited capabilities of VS Code and other add-ons are fully unleashed through CodeMix 2.0. Enjoy the enhanced experience while working with Spring Java, Java EE, and Maven. The pains of development experienced while using eclipse on its own is now a thing of the past.

IntelliSense in Codemix

    Eclipse + CodeMix

Developers are now presented with an avenue to take advantage of the abundantly filled extension community of VS Code.

 Should you jump into CodeMix?

As a developer looking at working with Eclipse to unleash their capabilities through advanced plugins and extensions, CodeMix will definitely work for you. 

What you expect to experience is a distinct compound environment that has excellent support for Maven, Java, and Spring.

If you don’t want a helping hand or boost and prefer to sweat it out and grind the keyboard as you code then CodeMix won’t be worth your while.

CodeMix is one awesome Eclipse plugin and it developers deserve plenty of appreciation for putting it together. When you hear of a brand new car release just looking at it isn’t always enough. Getting a real feel of how it performs on the road is paramount to your overall experience with it.

 CodeMix is the plugin to have right now.

The guys at Genuitec offer you a test run of CodeMix to give you a hands-on feel of what this plugin can do for your coding exploits. A free 45 day trial of the latest CodeMix version, 2.0 is available via a download link on the Genuitec. So I went ahead and plunged right in and downloaded the plugin to see for myself what was on offer here.

What caught my eye was how fast I got my code done. It’s like the plugin knew what I wanted to write as I coded along. The intuitive content assistant is in a league of its own a definite time saver for any programmer. The experience was of a code editor with navigation, code preview, quick fix and code validation, forward-thinking IntelliSense features.

I never had a moment where I slowed down. Commands on the palette were ready to go on my every instruction. Having eclipse commands on the palette was a great idea. The debugging that developers love to hate and hate to love was no longer a painful experience after going through CodeMix. Debugging Python, TypeScript and JavaScript is no hassle as CodeMix has a robust inbuilt debugging support for them.


As a developer, I never saw the end of the possibilities that CodeMix was offering me.  Extensions that CodeMix has and those that are compatible with Code OSS had me smiling at the thought of the vast programming possibilities available for me.

CodeMix has plenty of features and capabilities that I definitely don’t mind sharing what experience I have had with them so far.


TErminal+ codeMIX

Another ace that CodeMix offers is Terminal+. All the pain and trouble I have experienced while setting up environments associated with specific versions of Angular CLI, Node or NPM was soon forgotten. Terminal+ downloads and puts together all the binaries I need while also utilizing the right Bash shell for the system in use. 

Another element that Terminal+ offered was the capability to have terminals that have multiple project-context awareness.

CodeMining & Find References

CodeMix Codemining

Ever wanted to put some explanations as to how the code is being used? Well, I soon was very glad to find out that CodeMix inserted some CodeMining comments as I typed my code. This is one great feature that gives anyone going through your project an overview of how your code is being used. The CodeMining feature can be accessed when using TypeScript, Go and JavaScript languages.

Want to find references? Just a shortcut click of three buttons ctrl + shift + G or the context menu pops up the references option for you.

 Support for Angular, React, Vue and More..

  • Improved support for Angular 7 and TypeScript 3.0.3 is here with CodeMix. These improved elements are available for download at the Angular IDE marketplace or through the DnD install button on Eclipse. 
  • Core React support is available out of the box You get the expected syntax highlighting, snippets, and content assist for each section.  
  • Support for Vue can be  easily added in CodeMix using Vetur extension.

You can Read more about Modern web Development in CodeMix by visiting the links below:

 Running, Debugging and CodeLive


The ability to see all my Angular projects listed in my workspace, starting and stopping service to any of the projects and beginning debugging is a welcome feature for any developer. CodeLive comes in also to enhance the exploration of Angular apps as well as switching to source codes for CSS style, HTML template of Typescript components.


creating new project in codemix

Easy to follow wizards, great Angular Project wizards are available whenever you need to work on versions of Node and CLI. The steps File > New > Project > Angular > Angular Project will get you started.

Convenience with the wizards doesn’t end there; you can work on anything from Guards to Components. Just follow the steps – File > New > Other > Angular


minimap codemIX

Scrolling through large piles of code is a breeze.  MiniMap is another cool graphical outline that displays the matching code in your code editor as you scroll along. From the menu bar Window > Show View > Other > General > Minimap gets you going.

 Slack Integration & Live Preview for JEE 

The guys at Genuitec must have really thought about teams, team-related projects, and collaboration. Slack integration presents an avenue through which code snippet sharing and viewing codes sent by team members can be done with ease. The slack command on the messages also allowed me to open and highlight similar sections on the code in Eclipse. What a way to collaborate with your team.

With the JEE Live Preview, I got to view files that were loaded on a webpage. I was able to go ahead and inspect the source code as well. All changes and edits that I made to the CSS, JSP and HTML files were reflected straightaway on the browser.

Installing the Slack Integration and Live Preview for JEE is accessible in two ways. One is the CodeMix Extended Suite which is available at the CodeMix update site and the other is via the CodeMix Individual Features group.

 The Pricing part

The clean minimalist interface is also worth mentioning. It had the right balance to it, its colors were just right. The text is highlighted and well organized for readability.

As a plugin that gets updated every week, CodeMix is software that will definitely have you at ease knowing of its stability, security, and functionality.

All these goodies that CodeMix packs, however, don’t come in free. For the complete CodeMix experience, there are plans and prices attached. There is the 30 Day Personal Plan, Annual Personal Plan and Annual Commercial Plan that go for USD $5 per user, USD $29 per user and USD $48 per user respectively.  For current Genuitec customers, their paid licenses for Angular IDE, MyEclipse Pro or Webclipse can be used with CodeMix.

CodeMix is a plugin that can be installed into Eclipse, and if you don’t have Eclipse, it’s super easy to install. 

 More through VS Code Extensions

The flurries of extensions in the VS marketplace open the doors to debuggers, tools and, languages to expand your development process. You will get a rich repository of plugins and apps that are functional extensible and well supported by author contributions to extensions. You can find, install and learn how to manage the VS Code extensions at

What next?


p data-css=”tve-u-166d4755806″>CodeMix brings plenty of value to the programming market. As users continue to embrace it the community attached to it will grow as well. Despite the available free alternatives, the features that CodeMix offers are way above the rest. CodeMix’s value to the programming fraternity will remain priceless.