Here are the 10 Most Useful Laravel Packages Can Help You to code easier . If you look at the number of downloads per package, obviously you can tell which ones are the most popular. we are satrting from entrust .

ENTRUST (Laravel 5 Package)

Entrust is a succinct and flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to Laravel 5. This package provides a flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to Laravel . this is why route middleware unraavelled in laravel

In order to install Laravel 5 Entrust, just add

"zizaco/entrust": "5.2.x-dev"

to your composer.json. Then run composer install or composer update.

Then in your config/app.php add


in the providers array and

    'Entrust'   => Zizaco\Entrust\EntrustFacade::class,

to the aliases array.

If you are going to use Middleware (requires Laravel 5.1 or later) you also need to add

    'role' => \Zizaco\Entrust\Middleware\EntrustRole::class,
    'permission' => \Zizaco\Entrust\Middleware\EntrustPermission::class,
    'ability' => \Zizaco\Entrust\Middleware\EntrustAbility::class,

to routeMiddleware array in app/Http/Kernel.php.

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