In This Tutorial you will learn how To deal with Forms in Angular 2 . Before starting this tutorial I will recommend you to read beginners guide to Angular 2 .Basically A form creates a cohesive, effective, and compelling data entry experience. An Angular form coordinates a set of data-bound user controls, tracks changes, validates input, and presents errors.

I am sure We’ve all used a form to login, submit a help request, place an order, book a flight, schedule a meeting and perform countless other data entry tasks. Forms are the mainstay of business applications.

Angular 2 offers two ways to develop forms with validation:

  • A template-driven approach: Provides a declarative API where we declare the validations into the template of the component.
  • A model-driven approach: Provides an imperative API with FormBuilder.

So lets get started learning angular 2 forms .Forms are essential for each CRUD (Create Retrieve Update and Delete) application. In our case, we want to build a form for entering the details of the developers we want to store.

if want to create a ecommerce site using angularjs then this tutorial is for you :)