Previously, your Twitter header was less about branding and more about providing information about you as a user. However, with the changes to the layout of Twitter profiles, your header has become the main access to your profile. This means that it is now more important than ever to make sure that your header is properly branded and reflects your company or personal brand. Here are 3 tips when creating a branded Twitter header:

1. Stick to your brand

Individuals and organizations both have their respective branding, and a Twitter header can showcase that and reinforce your brand message. You can do this by using images or text that are associated with your product or service, or you can also use small but relevant branding elements across the header image. This can be in the form of a logo, specific colors, fonts, and even a slogan.

When creating a Twitter header, it’s important to make sure that your design aligns with your branding across all your social media and communication platforms, as well as other marketing materials.

Many people like to utilize an image of their logo in their headers. If this is what you’re planning on doing, try not to make it too small or out of sight; instead use your logo as an anchor point for all other branding elements within your header. If you have multiple branding elements, make sure that they all work together to create a cohesive look.

Without this consistency in branding, it may feel like you are promoting two separate companies on Twitter, which is very unprofessional if not confusing for the user. The goal is to make sure people are aware of what they’re looking at even before they read your profile. This will help create a more impactful impression on your followers.


2. Choose Consistent Colors and Fonts for your Twitter Header

When it comes to creating a cohesive look for your brand, using a consistent color scheme and font style is key. This will ensure that your branding is instantly recognizable, no matter where it is seen.

Choose the Right Colors – There are no set rules for color selection when it comes to Twitter headers but you should aim for two contrasting colors that match your brand’s image. So if you’re targeting a younger demographic then bright pinks, oranges, purples, even pastels would work well. But if you want to attract older customers choose more conservative colors like navy blues, light greys, more earth hues, or neutral tones.

Selecting the Right Fonts – Different fonts can evoke different emotions and reactions from your audience, so it’s important to choose fonts that will match the tone of your brand. Some fonts are more casual and fun, while others are more professional and serious. It’s important to select the font style that will accurately reflect the image you want to portray. You may also want to consider using different fonts for your header and your profile information, to create a more branded look.

3. Use High-Quality Image

When creating a Twitter header, always use high-resolution images. This ensures that your header will look clear and crisp, no matter what device it is viewed on.

The best images for Twitter headers are typically simple and clean, while still being attention-grabbing. Using basic images will ensure that your header looks good on any device as well. Keep in mind that most users use mobile phones and will be squinting or viewing your header image from a distance. They may not be able to see the fine details of your image or words like handwritten text. In addition, using high-quality images will give your header a more polished and professional appearance. Be sure to use an image that reflects your brand’s style and tone so that your branding can easily be recognizable, no matter where it is seen.

Stand Out Amongst The Tweets with Your Twitter Banner

The more you stand out in someone’s timeline, the more likely they are to keep you in their timeline when they retweet your tweet. One of the best ways to stand out is by designing a Twitter header an image that piques the interest of users. This will get you more engagement which will allow you to grow your circle of friends, audience, and network.

When executing your branding on social media platforms like Twitter, aim to make your brand recognizable enough so that no matter what platform it is seen on, users can immediately recognize it as being yours. This includes having colors that are bold and contrasting with each other, fonts that are clear and easy to read at different sizes/sizes, logos or symbols that are consistently branded through typeface choice or color scheme, images that enhance the copy without overpowering it.


These three simple tips will guide you down the right path to creating a beautiful Twitter header. Go ahead and check out Venngage where you can create Twitter header templates that capture the attention of others within moments of landing on your profile.