Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms that is moving forward by leaps and bounds. It introduces new features and updates every day, visiting carrier users along with it. Many business accounts use Instagram like tool to attract new customers. And when all promotion methods have already been tested, but do not provide the expected results, users begin to think about Instagram bots.

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Instagram-bot can assist in registering your account activity, for example: posting comments and likes, direct, game subscription, and from changing it. All this is to attract more customers. The Instagram bot tool also speeds up the daily management of your Instagram account and increases the number of profile visits and site visits.

They can also automate other tasks, like liking a channel’s Instagram posts based on the goals and qualifications you enter for the bot. By doing this, you will increase your account’s visibility and slow down your appearance in the Instagram feed. Your ad will flash in front of real people, because of which users will meet your account, and if they like it, they will subscribe and go through real feedback.

Next, consider the Instagram tools, using the use of Instagram to increase sales.

1. Create auto funnels

In targeted ads or posts, the user is asked to write a code word for the bot. It launches a funnel that will lead them to a key action, like buying or signing up.

You can implement all the mechanics that you are used to on other platforms into the auto funnel on Instagram. Through the bot, you can also collect contacts and segment the audience, we will talk about this in more detail in the third paragraph.

You can add lead magnets and automatically sell tripwires – low-cost micro-products that motivate a potential client to make a purchase decision faster, they are part of the warm-up on the way to a key offer. All this is necessary to finally offer to leave contacts for communication with the manager.

This mechanic increases sales and warms up potential buyers, while also increasing the likelihood of a repeat purchase. A huge plus is that all this is done automatically, while the manager can do something more important.

2. Implement automatic recording

Thanks to bots, you can now sign up for a specialist or a course right in the direct. This is a huge plus because switching to another platform requires you to make too many unnecessary movements. There is not always time for this, and the subscriber can postpone the recording for later, forgetting about it forever. To prevent this from happening, you should use the capabilities of the Instagram follower bot.

Automatic direct entry will come in handy for those who are engaged in the information business/service sector.

3. Segment users

Segmentation makes it possible to send unique offers to different target audiences. You can use it for different purposes: to warm up each lead, increase engagement, or create unique offers.

4. Give points to users for subscriptions and activity.

To collect as many likes and followers as possible, business accounts can reward Instagram users with points. Create a game in your account that automatically rewards the audience with reward points for each targeted action – for subscription, comments, mentions in stories, and so on.

You can play good prizes among those who scored a lot of points. As a result, get the “backbone” of an active audience. Instagram algorithms will consider this, and the reach of your posts will increase dramatically. In addition, such gaming activity is an incredibly high-quality warm-up for further sales.

5. Conduct games and quizzes

Quizzes are conversion-boosting marketing tools suitable for many accounts. With it, for example, you can warm up leads from the target and reduce the distance from the audience. Quizzes also provide an opportunity to segment the audience, but in an interactive format for subscribers.

What else can you do with bots?

1. The bot will automatically answer frequently asked questions direct and in comments. This minimizes the costs for managers.

2. Respond to the mark in the story. It makes no sense to spend working time doing it manually if there is an Instagram like & follower bot.

3. Send a message after the subscription. Audience loyalty is the foundation of any media business, and this mechanic will have a positive impact.

4. Collect feedback. This is important and necessary, but it’s difficult to do it manually, and it’s impossible to force everyone to take the survey.

5. Integrate Instagram with a CRM system to collect and save user data without third-party applications. It is convenient when one service covers several needs at once.

6. Accept payments.

7. Make mailing lists, including personalized ones. You can use this mechanic in different ways: to remind you to sign up for a consultation, as part of game activations, or to warm up the audience with personal offers.

8. Sell goods by a code word. Codes can be hidden in posts, stories, and even live. The most attentive prize is a discounted product, a promotional code for a purchase, or another gift.

9. Create full-fledged multi-stage auto funnels. Please note that with the help of mini-auto funnels, leads from the target are warmed up well. The effectiveness of campaigns is noticeably increased if potential buyers are warmed up a little before the offer.

10. Implement loyalty programs. It is more convenient and more environmentally friendly than business cards with prints or stickers: you can forget them, and almost always have your phone with you.

11. Give out a gift or lead magnet for a subscription. This is one of the simplest yet most effective mechanics.

Thus, this article has covered the main ways that Instagram bots can increase your sales. At the same time, bots not only increase income but also save your time by automating many processes. If you don’t know which service to choose to start with, we recommend an Instagram follower bot – Inflact.