How many Flutter UI Plugins do you know? This article will solely be on these add-ons for Flutter.

Imagine if you could make Flutter development faster, and see an instant boost in your workflow.

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What if there were the 21 Awesome Flutter UI Plugins to choose from.

…and each of them could make your project development faster and easier?

You’d probably be pumped to read about them.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post:

21 Awesome Flutter UI Plugins

Let’s get started with the list:

1. Contact Picker

Contact Picker makes it possible for Flutter applications to direct its users to select a contact from his/her phonebook.

With this plugin, developed by Michael Goderbauer, your application doesn’t need contact read permission.

 Flutter UI Plugins


  • It utilizes the native UI of the operating systems in choosing contacts.
  • It is designed to function well in picking phone numbers

2. StaggeredGridView

StaggeredGridView was developed by Romain Rastel.

It is simply a grid view for flutter that is popularly known for its unequal size rows and columns.

 Flutter UI Plugins


  • Highly customizable main-axis and cross-axis margins between tiles
  • It either tiles have a fixed main-axis extent or a multiple of the length of the cells

3. Radial Menu

Victor Choueiri is the developer behind the development of Radial Menu. It is just a flutter’s radial menu widget.

 Flutter UI Plugins


  • Highly customizable

4. Tinder Cards

Tinder Cards was created by Ivascu Adrian.

The developer of this UI plugin for flutter made use of Draggable and GestureDetector and Alignment exclusively in making this happen.


  • It comes with a smooth animation

5. Flip Panel

HungHD, Full-stack mobile developer, is the one behind the creation of Flip Panel. It is simply a package for flip panel.


  • It has a nice and smooth in-built animation

6. Facebook Reaction Animation

Duy Tran is the developer behind the creation of this UI plugin for flutter.


  • It is simply a Facebook reaction widget

7. Flushbar

Andre Haueisen created flushbar. A developer can make use of this extension if it is necessary to customize more when notifying users.



  • A perfect replacement for toast and snackbars for Android users

8. Stepper_touch

Stepper_touch was developed by Raouf Rahiche. The developer of this UI plugin for flutter took inspiration from Nikolay Kuchkarov



  • It comes with a simple and smooth animation

9. TypeAhead

TypeAhead does the same work as Autocomplete. It is a suggestion widget to help users out while searching.


  • It is highly customizable
  • Users can use builder function to determine how the suggestions will appear
  • It gives you the access to determine what happens next after a user has made suggestions
  • It comes in two versions: the normal version and a FormField version

10. Snaplist

David Leibovych developed this Snaplist. This particular UI plugin for flutter is commonly known as a small cozy library. All thanks to Snaplist, you are able to make snappable list views.

 Flutter UI Plugins


  • Snaplist aids several and even dynamically sized children to be listed and correctly snapped

11. Pin Code

Liew Jun Tung created Pin Code. It is simply a flutter device for users to enter pin code.


  • Logins and OTP make adequate use of Pin Code
  • It is easy on the eyes and highly customizable

12. Folding Cells

Just from its name, “Fold your Widget”. Folding cells was developed by Faob.

 Flutter UI Plugins


  • You are allowed to add it to any container widget as a child

13. Liquid Pull to Refresh

Ayush Agarwal, the developer of Liquid pull to refresh, told inspiration from Ramotion Pull Down to Refresh to make Liquid pull to Refresh for flutter.

 Flutter UI Plugins


  • It is an attractive and refresh custom indicator for flutter

14. Slide Container

With a simple and smooth animation, you can easily slide this container vertically or horizontally. Quentin Le Guennec created the Slide Container.


  • It made use of customized GestureDetector for reducing nested GestureDetector conflicts

15. Rubber Bottom Sheet

Rubber Bottom Sheet was developed by Mattia Crovero. It is simply an elastic material bottom sheet implementation for flutter.

 Flutter UI Plugins


  • The developer of this UI plugin for flutter said there is a need on its features

16. DirectSelect

DirectSelect is simply a selection widget with an ethereal, full-screen modal popup to show the accessible choices when the widget interacts with.

 Flutter UI Plugins


  • DirectSelect was developed by Ivan Yatsouba

17. Before After

This UI plugin for flutter makes it possible for users to be able to differentiate between two images. Sahil Kumar created Before After.

 Flutter UI Plugins


  • An attractive slider

18. Scratcher

Scratcher work is to temporarily keep content away from users.


  • Kamil Rykowski created Scratcher

19. Image Sequence Animator

It is used for animating a group of images through the use of full custom control. Ali Yigit Bireroglu created Image Sequence Animator

 Flutter UI Plugins


  • It is a good substitute for Gif files

20. Beautiful_Popup

It is used for beautifying applications Popups. Beautiful_Popup was developed by Jaweii.



  • It supports all platforms

21. Credit Card Forum

Credit Card Forum is simply a credit card input forum with animation.


  • Simple and nice animation
  • It is developed by Origogi


Anyone has ever wondered how flutter applications would be without these UI plugins. They are very important interns that make things easy and saves time. Integrate these 21 amazing UI plugins in your Flutter application.