Imagine if you could make Go development faster, and see an instant boost in your workflow.

or even better:

What if there were  15 Best Go Web Frameworks to choose from.

…and each of them could make your development faster and easier?

You’d probably be pumped to read about them.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post:

15 Best Go Web Frameworks

Go is a cross-platform programming language. Golang has gained popularity in recent years because it gives developers the opportunity to develop simple, fast, and reliable software.

Its simplicity in terms of implementation and useful features for web services makes it gain so much love in the tech-world. Go web frameworks are unique to the language. So, therefore, as you proceed in this article, we will be talking about some amazing Go Web Framework.

1. Martini

You will find this framework very useful because it allows users to quickly write modular web applications/services in the Go language.


  • Firstly, it’s so easy to use
  • Secondly, it got a modular design
  • Furthermore, it supports http.HandlerFunc interface
  • In conclusion, Martini got an incredible path matching, and routing.

2. Echo

To sum up, Echo is simply an extensible, minimalist web framework for Go. In addition, you will love it because of its high performance.



  • It is so customizable
  • Furthermore, it is used to develop strong and scalable RESTful APIs
  • It performs template rendering with any template engine
  • In conclusion, it contains useful functions for sending a variety of HTTP responses

3. Beego

You will so much like Beego if you are looking for a high-performance Go web framework. In addition, it took inspiration from Tornado, Sinatra, and Flask.

Go Web Framework
Beego Framework


  • Open Source
  • Most importantly, it’s used for rapid RESTful APIs, web applications and backend services development in Golang
  • In conclusion, it got strong development tools

4. Buffalo

This framework is simply a web framework ecosystem for the Go programming language. Furthermore, it’s created in a way to make projects easy for users.

Go Web Framework


  • Most importantly, it comes handy in generating web projects that got everything from front-end (JavaScript, SCSS, etc.) to the back-end (database, routing, etc.) 
  • In conclusion, it’s also known as a holistic web development environment and project structure

5. Gin-Gonic

In short, Gin-Gonic is simply an HTTP web framework written in Go programming language.


  • Gin-Gonic is yours to grab because it offers extraordinary high performance and productivity

6. Golanger

In short, Golanger is simply a Go web framework that’s developed on top of the MVC (model-view-controller) paradigm.


  • It is a light framework

7. Devfeel

This is another amazing Go web framework you won’t want to miss laying your hands on. In addition, you will like it because it’s straightforward and doesn’t waste time unnecessarily.


  • It is so simple and easy to use

8. Revel

In short, Revel is simply a full-stack Go web framework. In addition, it’s extremely flexible, you will like it.

Go Web Framework
Revel Framework


  • You will so much love it if you care for high productivity

9. Goji

Most importantly, Goji is simply a minimalistic web framework for the Go programming language. In addition, it’s a framework of great importance because of its essential features.


  • It is so simple to use
  • Furthermore, it’s high in antioxidants
  • In conclusion, it supports net/http

10. Goweb

To sum up, Goweb is simply a Restful framework for the Go programming language. In addition, it is so light in size.



  • It handles errors in a better way
  • High performance
  • Moreover, it has a modular design
  • In conclusion, it has a more fantastic package structure

11. Gotham

In short, Gotham is simply a flexible web framework for the Go programming language. In addition, it’s a framework you will like because of its stability, safety, security, and speed.

Gotham Framework


  • High performance
  • It is Statically typed

12. Aah

Most importantly, Aah is developed for offering essential components for creating today’s Web, API, and WebSocket applications.

Aah Framework


  • It is so flexible
  • High performance
  • In conclusion, it is a secure and extensible framework

13. Gear

Certainly, Gear is best described as a composable and high-performance Go web service framework. In addition, it is also very light in size.


  • It integrated JSON, JSONP, XML and HTML renderer
  • Furthermore, it also integrated CORS, Secure, Favicon and Static middlewares
  • Strong and reasonable HTTP error handling
  • And many more amazing features

14. Gamework

To sum up, Gamework is simply a fast and reliable Go web framework. In addition, it is created by a maintainer of fasthttp. It is a web framework you will love to use because it’s highly effective and so simple to use.

Go Web Framework
Gamework Framework


  • It has a very stable API
  • Gamework allows you to use the resources of your server more productively
  • You don’t waste unnecessary time using the framework
  • In conclusion, it got a high performance

15. Mango

In short, Mango is simply a modular Go web-application framework. In addition, it’s created based on Rack and PEP333.


  • Most importantly, it’s mainly used for developing reusable modules of HTTP functionality effortlessly by implementing an easy and unified API for web frameworks, web applications, and middleware


You won’t get to see many web frameworks for Golang around but the amazing ones we have aforementioned in this article are top-notch. Feel free to try any one of them out for your next robust project.