Vue DataTable components help to show data from different sources. In other words, you can call them a feature-complete grid-like component. You have this data shown in pages by default and you can load them from CSV, TSV, JSON, and XML. Furthermore, you can simply carry out the loading locally or remotely.

Vue DataTable components come with lots of features, for example, filtering, columns and rows resizing, sorting, regrouping, validation, etc.

DataTable has nothing to do with UI virtualization. That is to say, paging functionality needs to be enabled when there’s a need to show huge data set in a DataTable. This article contains some very nice Vue DataTable components. Stay glued as we show them to you.

1. Vue Table 2

The idea behind the creation of Vue-Table-2 is to provide a highly featured tool-set for developers when building gorgeous and handy data tables with Vue.

Vue Datatable components
Vue Table 2


  • Firstly, it supports many commercial software applications
  • Virtual pagination
  • Sticky headers

2. Vue2-datatable

This datatable is so compatible with Vue version 2.x.

Vue.js Examples
A lightweight vue datatable component with no dependencies


  • You will like it because it never sucks

3. Vuetable-2

This is another good datatable component for Vue version 2.x.



  • It makes data table look so simple

4. Vue-Materialize-Datatable

This is best described as an elegant Materialize CSS datatable Vue.js component.



  • So efficient
  • pagination
  • Localization
  • So flexible

5. vuejs-datatable

In short, vuejs-datatable is simply a Vue.js plugin for managing data tables.

Vue.js Examples
Datatable component for Vuejs


  • It’s so easy for performing paginated tables
  • Secondly, easy set up of sortable
  • quick set up of filterable
  • Presently compatible with Vue.js version 2.4
  • So easy to customize

6. vue-datatables-net

To sum up, is simply a Vue wrapper for jQuery DataTables.

Vue.js Examples
Vue jQuery wrapper component


  • This is a tiny wrapper

7. v-datatable-light

You will love this component because it’s light in size and it’s also a very easy data table for Vue.


  • Firstly, it supports pagination
  • Secondly, it works smoothly without dependencies
  • So customizable
  • In conclusion, CSS flexible

8. Vueble

This library is a very smart Vue datatable component. In addition, it’s fully responsive.



  • Firstly, it has customizable rows and columns
  • In addition, it depends on Bootstrap

9. Vue-JD-Table

This is an advanced and flexible component for showing datatable. In addition, it supports Vue version 2.x.



  • It’s unique and nice because you can use it to handle huge data
  • JD-Table comes with lots of amazing features

10. VueDataTable

This library is simply a Vue and Materialize datatable component.



  • Most importantly, it depends on Vuejs 2.0 and Materialize.js

11. vue-md-powerful-datatable

In short, this component is specifically for Vue version 2.0.

GitHub – kmhgmbh/vue-md-powerful-datatable: Vue.js 2 table …


  • It depends on nodeJS and VueJS material-design

12. vuelma-datatable

This library is another nice datatable component for Vue.


  • Most importantly, it depends on Vuejs and Vuelma

13. turbo-datatables-vuejs-components

To sum up, these are best described as server-Side Processing Datatables Components for VueJS Framework.

Vue Datatable components


  • A nice datatable component for Vue

14. vue2-simple-datatable

This is an amazing datatable component for Vue version 2.0. In addition, you will love this component because it is basic and simple.

Vue Datatable components


  • It executes rapidly
  • In conclusion, it is based on Vue version 2.5+, Bootstrap version 4 and Font Awesome version 5

15. Vue-Paginator

In short, this component is simply a Vue.js project.

Vue Datatable components


  • It depends on Vue.js version 2.0.0


To sum up, the above top Vue datatable components listed and explained in this article are some of the most available ones around today. Choose and enjoy!