In this article, we take a significant look at a wide range of Laravel themes and templates you can consider using for your next application development or web project.

Laravel is a very common framework for the PHP programming language. It’s well-known among developers for app-building and other website projects because it is open-source, secure, and stable. Just like every other good framework on the internet today, Laravel offers a very smooth workflow and lots of reusable UI elements.

These days, using the right Laravel themes and templates will save you enough time and energy when building applications – developers don’t necessarily have to start building applications from the scratch anymore.

1. Argon Dashboard Pro Laravel

This Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard is a perfect fit for Laravel Framework 8.x. In short, it comes with about 200 implemented frontend components you can always interact with in order to speed up your web development project. Through the use of SASS files, you can customize the Argon Dashboard Pro Laravel to your preferred taste.

Laravel Themes
Argon Dashboard Pro Laravel


  1. You will love this because every one of its component comes with a detailed documentation
  2. It’s a shiny theme you can consider using for frontend because it won’t give you any hassle

2. Black Dashboard Pro Laravel

Black Dashboard Pro Laravel is an ideal theme for developing complex admin panels within a just limited time. This theme comes with commonly used CRUDs such as #categories, #tags, #users, #roles, and #items in web applications. It comes with important frontend components such as cards, tabs, buttons, inputs, navigations, and many more.


  1. Over 200 individual components
  2. A strong and versatile dashboard
  3. Highly customizable
  4. Fully implement components

3. Material Dashboard Pro Laravel

Material Dashboard Pro Laravel also comes with about 200 implemented frontend components that you can always use to combine and modify to your preference through the use of SASS files.


1. It comes with many third party extensions

2. A fully integrated backend

3. Lastly, it comes with a well-detailed documentation

4. Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO

This is an ideal ultimate full-stack resource for building applications. You will like this dashboard because it comes with a Vue Material Frontend, lots of UI components, and an API-powered Laravel backend.

Laravel Themes
Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO


1. It supports both Vue and Laravel

2. 15 optimized Vue.js plug-ins

3. Thorough documentation with commented code

4. Most importantly, it contains Material Design cards, Material Design buttons and about 200 handcrafted UI elements

5. Laravel API backend

5. Now UI Dashboard PRO Laravel

This is a fully customizable Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard created for Laravel 8.x. The look and feel of Now UI Dashboard Pro Laravel is inspired by the NOW UI Kit. In short, you can quickly use this dashboard to build for yourself complex admin panels.


1. It comes with a clean and simple design

2. 160+ handcrafted components

3. Most importantly, they fully implement every of its component and you can easily modify them using SASS files

4. In conclusion, it comes with a well-detailed documentation

6. Material Blog PRO Laravel

Every key feature you need in a blog is found on this dashboard. Material Blog PRO Laravel is a good fit for managing items, categories, users, and also for publishing articles. You are only left with the responsibility of providing the contents while the Material Blog PRO Laravel supplies the CRUDs.

Laravel Themes
Material Blog PRO Laravel


1. A design inspired by  Google’s Material design system

2. A fully functional blog

3. Detailed documentation

7. White Dashboard PRO Laravel

This is a premium Laravel admin dashboard you can always quickly make use of in building complex admin panels. Furthermore, it comes with ready-to-use CRUDs for managing items, categories, tags, users, roles just to mention a few.

Laravel Themes
White Dashboard PRO Laravel


1. 200+ handcrafted components

2. Thorough documentation

3. Ready-to-use CRUDs

8. Paper Dashboard PRO Laravel

This is based on the extended version of the Paper Dashboard. The owners of this elegant design rely on the feedbacks of developers in getting the user experience improved. In addition, they develop this particular dashboard on top of Bootstrap 4 with an integrated Laravel backend.

Paper Dashboard PRO Laravel


1. Over 160 fully customizable handcrafted components

2. 13 third-party plugins

3. Unique CRUDs

4. Lightweight and powerful

5. Thorough Documentation

9. Light Bootstrap Dashboard PRO Laravel

Just like the above-mentioned dashboards, Light Bootstrap Dashboard PRO Laravel helps you save lots of development time as you build applications that vary from lightweight e-commerce platforms to SaaS. Also, you can quickly use this premium admin dashboard for Laravel to build complex admin panels.

Laravel Themes
Light Bootstrap Dashboard PRO Laravel


1. Lightweight and powerful

2. Clean and simple design

3. 120+ fully customizable frontend components

4. Thorough docmentation

10. Nuxt Argon Dashboard PRO Laravel

Nuxt Argon Dashboard PRO Laravel is simply a premium dashboard for building full-stack applications. You would like to work with this dashboard because it has every component you need, an API-powered Laravel backend, a Nuxt frontend, and an Argon-based design.


1. In short, this is a multi-purpose full-stack tool for building applications

2. 200 handcrafted UI components

3. 17 customized plug-ins

4. Detailed documentation

11. Vue Argon Dashboard PRO Laravel

This is an ultimate full-stack resource you can always rely on to build API-powered Laravel applications.


1. 200 handcrafted UI components

2. Laravel API backend

3. 17 customized plug-ins

4. Detailed documentation for all its functionalities and components

12. Vue Black Dashboard PRO Laravel

Vue Black Dashboard PRO Laravel comes with both Vue frontend and an API-powered Laravel backend. To sum up, you can simply use this dark theme dashboard to develop mobile, desktop, and web applications.

Laravel Themes
Vue Argon Dashboard PRO Laravel


1. A multi-purpose ultimate fullstack tool for building complex applications

2. 200 handcrafted UI components

3. Laravel API backend

4. Thorough documntatiion for all the components and API endpoints

13. Metronic

This is one of the best Admin Dashboard themes for Bootstrap 4 HTML, React, Angular 11, VueJS, and Laravel. This is by far one of the cleanest and well-structured templates you won’t want to miss out on. In addition, it comes with clean code to work on and it’s so easy to customize.



1. It’s so compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera

2. Highly responsive

3. Well documented

14. Vuexy

This is a friendly and highly customizable Vuejs, HTML, React and Laravel admin dashboard template. Vuexy is an extensive admin template you can always consider building your stunning applications with.

Laravel Themes


1. A highly responsive layout

2. Well documented

3. It supports browsers like Opera, Safari, Edge, Chrome and Firefox

15. Frest

Frest is a clean and minimal HTML and HTML + Laravel admin dashboard template.  A very strong admin dashboard template like Frest that is built on Bootstrap 4 is highly comprehensive and developer-friendly. You would so much like it because it’s so rich with many features and it’s so easy to customize.

Laravel Themes


1. Clean, minimal and beautifully designed

2. Dark and light layout options

3. So easy to navigate through

4. Highly responsive and well documented

16. Dashmix

Dashmix is simply a Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template and Laravel 8 Starter Kit. They create this particular admin dashboard template with Sass and ECMAScript 6 (ES6). It’s a very likable template because it contains acceptable tools such as webpack 5, Babel 7, Gulp 4, Autoprefixer and Browsersync to save you time and help you build your applications faster in a better way.


1. Fully responsive

2. It also contains Laravel 8 Starter Kit to help developers create Laravel 8 based projects.

3. Modern, professional and flexible

4. Lastly, it contains a well-detailed documentation

17. Skote

Skote is a premium admin dashboard template that you can always trust to build web applications such as Crypto, CRM, CMS, Project management applications, Saas based interface, eCommerce and many more.



1. Beautifully crafted and fully featured

2. Dark and light option layouts

3. So easy to customize

4. Clean and minimal

5. Multi-Lingual support 

18. Veltrix

Veltrix is a premium responsive admin and dashboard template. In addition, it’s a starter-kit with bootstrap version 4.4.1 that appears exquisite to sight. Veltrix has all the required stuff you need and it is very easy to customize.



1. Light and dark layout options

2. Relies on Bootstrap 4.4.1

3. LTR and RTL Support

4. Clean and fully responsive

19. Shreyu

Shreyu is a fully featured premium admin and dashboard template for Laravel, Vue, React and Angular. This theme is built using Bootstrap 4.3.1 and it contains lots of amazing flexible components, UI elements, application pages, and many more. Shreyu can be used to develop modern web applications like custom admin panels, dashboard, CRM, SAAS based interface, eCommerce panel, etc.



1. Fully responsive and it supports all modern browsers

2. So easy to customize

3. Lots of navigation layouts and navigation color schemes

20. Lexa

Lexa is a multipurpose fully featured admin dashboard template for Bootstrap 4, React, Laravel, Ajax and PHP.  This fully responsive theme comes with lots of amazing components, widgets and UI elements.



1. Easy to customize

2. Super clean code

3. Relies on Bootstrap 4.5.0

4. Highly responsive layout

5. SASS Support

21. Core Plus

Core Plus is an ultimate Bootstrap responsive admin template that you can use to create applications like CRM, Hospital management system and any other related ones. It comes with key features such as Charts (6 types), Data tables, different menu layouts and google maps you need while building a dashboard.

Core Plus


1. Responsive design

2. Simple and efficient

3. Multi-layered component sets and many charts

22. Cover

Cover is a premium admin dashboard template for Vue.js, Nuxt 2, Laravel 6. A very nice template for modern web applications.



1. Simple and minimal

2. Amazing lots of flexible components

3. Fully responsive

4. Built-in template layout

5. Well documented

23. Vito

Vito is a clean admin dashboard template for Vue, Laravel and HTML.



3. Multiple Language Support

4. So easy to customize

5. Unique, Clean and Modern Design

6. Fully Responsive

24. NobleUI

NobleUI is a strong, lightweight admin dashboard template for Laravel. It is one of the best templates for you because it’s developer-friendly and it includes lots of reusable UI components.



1. Relies on Laravel 7and Bootstrap 4x Framework

2. Highly customizable

3. Light and dark layout options

4. Clean and fully responsive

25. Metorik

This is a backend admin dashboard template for Laravel, Codeigniter, NodeJS and HTML. Metorik supports all common major web browsers, tablets, and phones today.



1. Super clean and fully responsive

2. Build With Bootstrap 4

3. So easy to customize

4. Amazing  Dashboard page layout

26. Minible

This Laravel 8 admin and dashboard template is dark & light and RTL & LTR supported. It is built with Bootstrap 4.5.2 and Laravel 8 and you can simply use Minible to build web applications like eCommerce, Crypto, CRM, CMS, Project management applications, Saas based interface, Admin Panels just to mention a few.



1. beautifully crafted, clean and minimal

2. Over 6 fully responsive layout

3. Multiple layouts

4. Clean and well-commented codes

27. Soyuz

Are you in need of a strong Bootstrap 4x and Laravel admin dashboard template that is specifically built for freelancer programmers and agencies? Soyuz is the right admin dashboard template for you. It comes with all the necessary components, elements and pre-build pages that you need to build your web applications faster.



1. Unique and modern dashboards

2. Over 10 Icon sets

3. Well-documented

4. SaSS supported

28. Oculux UI

You can simply use this premium WebApp template for admin dashboard and admin panels. A responsive admin template like Oculux depends on the Bootstrap 4X framework.



1. Responsive Design 

2. RTL Support

3. Supports all latest Browsers 

4. SASS Supported and it performs quick

29. Ubold

Ubold is a fully featured admin template and dashboard for Laravel. This fully responsive template comes with lots of many handcrafted components and it is very easy to customize.



1. Clean and Intuitive Design

2. Fully responsive and documented

3. So easy to customize

4. Light and dark option layouts

5. Supports RTL and LTR

30. Minaati

We simply know this as a clean minimalistic Bootstrap and Laravel Admin Template. Minaati is created from the latest version of Bootstrap. In addition, it includes Vertical, Horizontal, Semi Dark, Boxed, RTL and it also comes with Compact layout version.



1. Over 10 Icons Sets

2. Over 100 pages

3. So easy to customize

4. Clean design and responsive

5. SASS Supported

6. Compatible with all browsers

31. Metrica

Metrica is a responsive admin dashboard template for Laravel. It’s a template you would love using because it comes with lots of well-designed and developed layouts, components, elements, widgets, and application pages you can always use for your web applications.



1. Clean and Flat design

2. SASS support

3. Flexible and easy customization

4. Light, dark, RTL and LTR layouts

32. Devmix

Devmix is a modern admin template for Bootsrap 4 and Laravel. This is a fully responsive admin dashboard you can always trust for building web applications. In addition, it is a nice admin dashboard for creating accounting softwares, SAAS based interface, project management, eCommerce backends and many more.



1. Fully responsive and very easy to customize

2. W3c validated codes

3. Over 100 elements

4. Over 500 Icons

33. Mendy

Developers use Mendy Laravel Admin Theme for admin dashboard and control panels. They created this responsive HTML template by relying on the CSS framework Bootstrap 4.0.


1. Lots of  pre-designed pages

2. 3 layout variations

3. Over 3000 icons

4. Over 500 UI components

5. Lots of widgets

34. Xolo

Xolo is a fully-featured multipurpose premium admin dashboard for HTML and Laravel. It comes with many reusable UI components. Name it, Xolo can be used to build any type of web applications such as applications backend, CMS, CRM, custom admin panel.


1. Fully responsive layout

2. Well-documented

3. Light, dark and Box templates

35. Nago

Nago is a fully responsive Laravel 7 admin template. It’s well-integrated with the latest jQuery plugins and it’s included with lots of reusable UI components.



1. Simple to use and it’s well documented

2. Clean and fully responsive

3. Over 80 pages

4. Over 5000 font icons

5. Rely on the latest version of Bootstrap (v4.3.1)


The above listed and well-explained Laravel themes and templates for the Laravel framework are among the very best ones you can find around today for web applications. As a developer, you won’t need to build your applications from scratch as long as you have access to these stunning Laravel admin dashboards.