React animation libraries that will be provided here will definitely help you out in your next React related software application development.

React is a Javascript library for creating the user interface. Some developers call it React.js while others are familiar with it as React.

It’s a JavaScript library that is written fully in JavaScript programming language.

React functions as a base in building single-page or mobile applications.

The use of animation in web design in our world today is on the rise daily.

Developers are seriously taking their chances in including it in their projects or updates. This is useful and helpful to programmers.

Users on the other side too love to get visual feedback anything they perform an action on any website they visit.

Implementing animations in designs has become very common today in the world of technology.

React is very good for creating animations. We will be introducing you to some of the best React animation libraries in this article for your consumption and utilization.

1. React-Tweenful

React-Tweenful is a very popular and useful animation engine. You can easily use this library to animate DOM nodes, mounting, unmounting, child changes/transitions, etc.

Simply React-Tweenful


  • It mimics CSS animations through the use of negative delay support
  • It gives room for looping
  • Events support
  • SVG component for animating SVG nodes

2. Data-Driven-Motion

Data-Driven-Motion can be easily used to animate data nicely and smoothly.

React Animation
Data-Driven-Motion Execution


  • It is pretty cool for animating data in React

3. React-Anime

React-Anime is a very easy React animation library to use. All you need do is to simply place <Anime> component into what you want to animate and that’s all.



  • Animations can be easily cascaded via delay prop
  • CSS, SVG, and Dom features are easily animated by adding props with their respective names

4. React-Flip-Move

React-Flip-Move library permits users to efficiently use the flip technique to animate between DOM changes.

A simple illustration of how React-Flip-Move works


  • It functions well with other React-like libraries
  • It can be used for enter/exit animations
  • The designer of this React animation library took inspiration from the amazing Magic Move created by Ryan Florence

5. React-Gsap-Enhancer

You can always trust React-GSAP-Enhancer for the effective use of GSAP animation on components.

Pictorial illustration of React-Gsap-Ehancer


  • It is popularly used because it has no side effects.

6. React-Magic-Move

React-Magic-Move animation library was introduced so that React.js can experience Magic Move too.

React Animation
A simple illustration of how React-Magic-Move executes


  • Magic Move for ReactJS

7. React-Motion-UI-Pack

React-Motion-UI-Pack is simply a wrapper animation library component for React Motion.

A picture of the creator of this library


  • React animation library is created for making User Interface transitions

8. React Motion

React Motion is another outstanding animation library for ReactJS. It is exclusively made up of highly complex animations.

This is a simple expression of how React Motion works


  • It is a very useful attribute for solving issues concerned with animations

9. React-mt-svg-lines

React-mt-svg-lines can be used as a wrapper for animating the line stroke in SVGs.



  • It is conveniently used for integrating visual interest to icons, diagrams, loading spinners, etc.

10. React-Router-Transition

The idea behind the creation of React-Router-Transition is to build a transition for React-Router.

React Animation
Diagrammatic expression of React-Router-Transition


  • It is supported by React Motion

11. React-Spring

React-Spring is commonly known as a spring-physics based animation library. You should consider this React animation library because it can be used for creating modern-day animations.

Diagrammatic expression of React-Spring


  • The designer of this library took inspiration from React Motion ( that was created by Christopher Chedeau and Cheng Lou)

12. React-Spark-Scroll

React-Spark-Scroll is an animation library for React that has its implementation based on strolling.

Image of React-Spark-Scroll


  • It’s got a smooth and nice animation

13. React-Track

React-Track is basically used for tracking the position of Dom elements.

React Animation
Android version of Track + React


  • It does create a smooth and nice animation

14. React-Transitive-Number

React-Transitive-Number is your choice if you are looking for a React animation library for integrating transition effect to stuff like numeric strings and other related things.



  • A React component for applying transition effect

15. React-Web-Animation

React-Web-Animation is a collection of React components for revealing the Web Animations API in the form of declarations.

An expression of React-Web-Animation


  • Basically a React components for the Web Animations API

16. Velocity-React

Velocity-React is a React library purposely for integrating well with the Velocity DOM animation library.

React Animation
Velocity React


  • A wrapper for Velocity.js

17. Auto-Size-Transition

Auto-Size-Transition is simply a React component for scaling drastically to the size within its environment.

The simple execution of Auto-Size-Transition


  • React animation library for scaling

18. React-Particles-Bg

React-particles-bg is simply a React component for particles background.

React Animation
Pictorial definition of React-Particles-Bg


  • Particles background

19. Bodymovin

Bodymovin is a high-class sophisticated animation library you would love to implement in your projects.

React Animation


  • It works pretty well for advanced software applications
  • Developers are permitted to execute JSON-exported AE animations on the web, React Native, Android, iOS and macOS

20. React-Animation

React-Animation was created by Formidable Labs. It is simply a declarative wrapper for animate.css.

React Animation
Simply React Animation


  • It is a simple animation library for website projects

21. React-Transition-Group

React-transition-group is simply a fairly low-level project. Although it is not fully-featured but it can also be used to create animations.

This is how React-Transition-Group works


  • It is a React Community plugin


We truly hope you have found these best amazing React animation libraries useful. A careful study of all of them will help you out in choosing the one you need for your next project.