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20 Best Travel Website Templates

Travel website Templates are ideal for travel organisations because it helps users to quickly understand their travel services and package cost.

A lot of people might not know how great a travel blog is. One good thing travel blogs allow users to do is posting of travel experience on the internet. This idea is superb because it brings back old memories. Travel bloggers are good examples of individuals that need a travel blog.

All we have mentioned above and many more will be very difficult to achieve without the best travel website templates. We are aware lots of readers seeing this would be eager to know these templates. Never look away, we are ready to unleash these beauties to you in this article.

1. Panagea

Panagea is an HTML5 travel website template that is best suited for anyone looking to design a site for rendering services to tourists because travellers will need to visit this kind of website to book for hotels, restaurants, and other relevant information.

Panagea – Travel and Tours listings template by Ansonika | ThemeForest


  • Highly responsive
  • It is based on Bootstrap version 4
  • Its execution time is great
  • Contains nine homepages variations
  • Clean
  • Looks very customizable

2. CityTours

CityTours is one of the best HTML5 travel website templates you can always trust to use to render services to tourists. This is because travelers can easily access it in getting vital information about tickets, hotels, restaurants, etc.

CityTours – Travel and Hotels Site Template by Ansonika | ThemeForest


  • Clean but a feature-rich travel website template
  • It is so compatible with many modern-day browsers
  • As a matter of fact, it looks so easy on the eyes
  • Contains about twenty-five homepages

3. Retnews

Retnews is simply responsive news, blog & magazine template. Most importantly, it is a feature-rich travel website template for containing sports, technology, entertainment, fashion, business, etc.

Retnews – News, Blog & Magazine template by mardianto | ThemeForest


  • Highly responsive
  • It supports Bootstrap 4.x Framework
  • So nice to eyes
  • Contains 4+ home pages
  • Highly customizable

4. MyTravel

MyTravel is most importantly a complete travel website template used for flights, cars, hotels, etc. It appears very beautiful because of the fact that it makes use of top-notch fonts and spacing.

MyTravel – Hotels, Flights & Vacations HTML Template by MadrasThemes


  • So clean and highly responsive
  • It contains about 10 homepages variations
  • In conclusion, it is based on bootstrap version 4

5. Trip In

First of all, Trip In is a responsive and well-documented travel website template. Secondly, it is best suited for photo galleries, travel organizations, etc.

Tripin | Tour & Travel Agency Template by helloDigi | ThemeForest


  • This clean template looks so easy on the eyes because of the elegant design it contains
  • Highly customizable
  • It supports many modern-day browsers because of its fantastic features
  • User-friendly

6. Base Hotel

Base hotel is not only a website template for hostels but also a handy tool for other accommodation providers.

Base Hotel – HTML Template by Klayemore | ThemeForest


  • Highly responsive
  • Easy to edit
  • In conclusion, it has so many nice features

7. Triper

Triper is simply a Hotel Online Booking REACT responsive template for tour/travel organizations. You can easily say it’s so clean and easy on the eyes because of its elegant color combinations.

Triper: Creative Tour & Travel, Hotel Booking Agency ReactJs …


  • You can easily customize it because it is well documented
  • Highly responsive
  • Lightweight but fast and powerful
  • It so much depends on Bootstrap 4.3.x

8. Book Your Travel

Book-Your-Travel is simply an online booking HTML template. But it can also be used for booking hotels, guest houses, etc. In addition, it can be used to design travel blogs.

Book Your Travel – Online Booking Template


  • A super-rich website template
  • It contains a very nice responsive design layout
  • In conclusion, it is easy to edit

9. EasyBook

EasyBook is best described as a hotel booking directory listing template. It is simply unique and among the best, you can get because it helps users to generate, manage, and monetize a local or global directory site.

Easybook – Hotel Booking Directory Listing Template


  • It contains four homepages variations
  • So clean
  • Elegant design
  • Highly responsive

10. Sailor

Sailor is great and unique because it’s the first and only website template created for yacht charter booking businesses and agencies.

Sailor – Yacht Charter Booking HTML Template


  • Lightweight but clean, modern and sleeky
  • Highly responsive
  • Above all, it is compatible with all the common browsers you can think of

11. Cruise

You can easily call Cruise a general-purpose booking template because it can be used to create websites for travel, hotels, tours, car rental and cruise holidays, etc.

Cruise – Travel website template


  • Firstly, it is highly flexible
  • Its responsiveness is so great
  • In conclusion, it is based on the latest version of Bootstrap

12. The Travel – Tour Travels Template

This website template is a multipurpose hotel booking and travel & tour booking template. It is one of the best you can lay your hands-on because of its versatility. For example, you can use to create websites for flight, cruise, and tour, rent a car, holidays, transport, cruises, Leisure, flight tickets, holiday website, transfers website, vacations websites, last-minute deal, early deals offers, local directory, listing packages, marketplace home houses apartment, B&B, hostel, hotel, inn, lodge, resort, spa property for sale, suite lodge motel room, etc

Tour Travel | Tour Travel Package Template The Travel – Tour …


  • It supports many common browsers
  • It integrates well with Google map
  • Contains about forty HTML pages
  • In conclusion, it is documented well

13. Bookly

Bookly is no doubt one of the best travel, tourism & hotel booking system HTML templates presently in our world today. For example, you can use it to create travel websites, tour operators, tourism, trip, hotel booking, etc.

Bookly – Tour & Travel Booking System by Drizvato | ThemeForest


  • It is highly responsive
  • So easy to customize
  • Clean and beautiful
  • It depends on Bootstrap version 4.x
  • Compatible with common browsers

14. Rentica

Rentica is a well known renting HTML template. It appears so beautiful and attractive to the human eyes.

Rentica – Renting HTML Template by createit-pl | ThemeForest


  • It relies so much on Bootstrap version 3 (Mobile First)
  • Highly responsive
  • Contains over 400 font amazing icons

15. Yatra

Yatra is one of the most fascinating, efficient, and modern Travel Agency Premium HTML5 templates because it is easy to use and edit, got great design and code quality, responsiveness, flexibility, and many more. For example, you can use this template for Travel or travel agency websites you can think of.

Yatra – Travel Agency HTML Template by CN-InfoTech | ThemeForest


  • Its animation is so smooth
  • Clean and unique design
  • It supports many modern-day browsers
  • Extensibility
  • Clean code

16. CountryHolidays

CountryHolidays can be best described as an HTML 5 site template. It is unique because of the fact that it comes with a booking/check availability form and many functionalities. For example, you can use it for country hotels, accommodations and bed, and breakfast.

CountryHolidays – WordPress Country Hotel and Bed


  • Highly responsive
  • Browsers compatibility
  • It supports Google map

17. Zante

Zante is an HTML template created for the hospitality industry. For example, it goes well with accommodation, resort, hotel, bed and breakfast, etc.

Zante – Hotel Template by Eagle-Themes | ThemeForest


  • It has so much dependency on Bootstrap Framework
  • Zante comes with four amazing homepages variations
  • Highly responsive
  • Its compatibility with modern-day browsers is so nice

18. Balena

Balena is a new HTML template for creating websites for booking or presenting hotels, motels, spa centers, B&Bs, etc. It stands out among others because it loads quickly.

Balena – Hotel HTML Site Template by liviu_cerchez | ThemeForest


  • It is so easy on the eyes
  • Highly customizable
  • Balena has a great responsive design layout

19. StarHotel

Starhotel is not only designed for hotels, but it can be used for spas, bed and breakfasts, motels, resort, etc.

Starhotel – Responsive Hotel Booking Template


  • It is simply a HTML5/CSS/jQuery website template
  • Relies on Bootstrap version 3.3
  • Highly flexible and compatible with common known browsers

20. Mendoz Suite

Mendoz Suite is basically a resort and hotel HTML template created mainly for bed and breakfast, accommodation, resort, and other related things of interest. You can decide to choose it for your online presence because it is beautiful and has a unique design.

Mendoz Suit – Hotel & Resort HTML Template by DesignArc | ThemeForest


  • It is based on recent bootstrap framework
  • Highly responsive and flexible
  • It is so easy to edit
  • Supports many browsers


Now you know that as a travel blogger, you will need an online presence to share your recent experience for future reference. The travel website templates will help you contain your stories. The above amazing top travel website templates we have explained can do the magic for you and some other essential functionalities. Study them carefully and make your choice for your next project.

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