WordPress is a popularly used Content Management System, therefore, most people prefer to build their websites on WordPress. Currently, over 30% of websites are powered by WordPress thus making it a target of hackers and malware. Because of this setback its ideal to ensure safety within your website.

As a result of this situation, several malware scanner solutions for WordPress have been developed to curb malicious attacks on WordPress.

Despite all the securities measures, the efficient way of protecting your site is to perform regular website malware scans.

As a result, we have developed this article of the 15 WordPress Malware Scanner to help you out.

1. MalCare

Official Website

MalCare is among 15 best malware scanners for WordPress that will give your website maximum protection. Basically, MalCare is a free plugin that can be found in the official plugin respiratory. This software is capable of scanning and identifying malware by using data from thousands of websites. 

Additionally, MalCare helps its users by preventing their WordPress websites from being blacklisted by any search engine.


  1. It blocks IP addresses after several failed login attempts.
  2. It has Web Application FireWall thus stopping malicious requests.
  3.  It has a whitelist option that helps in excepting known users from solving Captchas.
  4. It blocks brute force attacks.
  5. It does not require any setup.


  1. Users can only update outdated themes and backups from one location.
  2. It is quite expensive since it is billed as from $ 8.25 per month.

2. Sucuri

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Sucuri is a reputable and reliable WordPress malware scanner. Sucuri has both paid and free tiers so depending on the user’s need they can make a decision on what option to settle for. The free version can scan WP installation, as well as searching for changes in the files given by WordPress.

Furthermore, the premium versions have extra excellent features, for example, security hardening, website firewall, security alerts, remote malware scanning, security activity auditing, monitoring of file integrity and many others.


  1. Removes blacklist status.
  2. Removes Website Malware.
  3. It helps in repairing SEO spam.
  4. Automatic and manual cleanups.
  5. Fast response time in case of any problem.


  1. It is very expensive as compared to other malware scanners for WordPress.

3. WordFence

Official Website

If you thinking of protecting your WordPress then WordFence is among the best security available that you can choose from. This scanner is the most popular WordPress scanner mainly because of its affordability. If you would like to know more about Wordfence visit their official website.


  1. Its Web application Firewall makes it easy to identify and block all malicious traffic.
  2. Wordfence security scanner scans all files, plugins, and themes for code injections, malicious redirects, malware, and bad URLs.
  3. It has a feature that limits login attempts.
  4. Ability to block IP address and user agent


  1. It is not completely free, hence not all individuals can afford its subscription.

4. SecuPress

SecuPress is among the best WordPress malware scanners that you can consider. This software has a free and premium version as well. With this plugin, users are able to protect their WordPress against various security threats such as suspicious IPs.


  1. It has a firewall.
  2. Ability to block IPs
  3. It has a free version that users can use for free.
  4. Safe storage of website data.
  5. It boosts business since websites protected by SecuPress remains always accessible.


  1. The pro version with all the advanced features is quite expensive.

5. Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

This is a product by Eli Scheetz. This well-rated software is compatible with WordPress version 3.3 and above. Additionally, this WordPress malware scanner has both free and premium versions. Furthermore, it is its powerful plugins that enable users to run a full scan to detect known or unknown security threats.


  1. Firstly, its FireWall block malware and plugins with unknown vulnerabilities.
  2. The free version is completely free of charge to use.
  3. The regular updates it gives ensures users are always protected against any form of malware.
  4. Lastly, it patches the user’s wp-login and XMLRPC thus, blocking Brute-Force and DDoS attacks.


  1. The advanced features like blocking of DDoS attacks are only available for premium version users.

6. Cerber Security & Anti-Spam

WordPress firewall - protection and attack blocking
WordPress Malware Scanner

Cerber Security is a powerful malware scanner that protects WordPress users against hackers, malware, and spam. Usually, after successful installation users can choose between a Full Scan or a Quick Scan. Like the other malware detectors, it has both free and premium versions.


  1. It automatically detects and removes malware, virus, and trojan.
  2. Secondly, gives WordPress automatic file recovery.
  3. Interestingly, users can automatically schedule on daily or hourly intervals. 
  4. Further, it gives email reports and alerts.
  5. It has rich GEO access.


  1. The free version has very limited features, whereas, the premium versions with all the advanced features are quite expensive.

7. Clean Talk

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Clean Talk protects WordPress users against spam and spambots. Additionally, it has the best free firewall services and security log.

It has an automatic scanning feature that enables users to schedule automated scanning for dangerous codes in manipulated files and malicious signatures


  1. It gives a real-time traffic monitor.
  2. Brute force protection feature.
  3. Limit login attempts.
  4. Daily automatic malware scan.
  5. Its malware scanner has anti-virus functions.


  1. Despite being cheap it is not completely free.

8. WPS Hide Login


WordPress has a common login URL that everyone is aware of, not forgetting the spammers and the hackers. Hence, to protect your WordPress login page from other people then it is necessary to install the WPS Hide Login plugin.


    1. It is compatible with other extensions like WPS limit login, WPS cleaner, and WPS bidouille.
    2. Supports approximately 15 languages.
    3. Simple and easy to use.
    4. Completely free of charge.


  1. It does no support WordPress versions below 4.1

9. BulletProof WordPress Security


BulletProof Security Pro is a fully automated WordPress plugin that prevents users from hackers and other forms of malware. It requires some minimum requirements for a successful installation. Above all, it is among the easiest to use WordPress Malware scanners.


  1. It is easy to set up hence to need of techie to assist with the installation.
  2. Over 15 additional security plugins for hardening security.
  3. Users can edit their root folders since BPS has a built-in .htaccess editor
  4. Unlimited installations.


  1. Has limited compatibility options
  2. It is very expensive.

10. Ithemes Total Security


iThemes has its own set of plugins that protects WordPress users against any attack. Further, it has a free and a premium version. Its unique security features make iThemes to appear among the 15 best WordPress malware scanners.


  1. The two-factor authentication through Google Authenticator ensures top security.
  2.  Automatic scheduling of malware scans.
  3. It has a password expiration feature that allows users to set password maximum age. 
  4. The ease of importing and exporting settings while using multiple WordPress sites.
  5. Its WP dashboard widget makes it easy for users to do the malware scanning right from the word press.


  1. It is very expensive as compared to other WP malware scanners.

11. WP Security Audit Log


If you are a WordPress owner who often hires developers, editors, and authors for your site then it is advisable to have a clear audit log of every change that takes place within your website. Consequently, this is the best plugin to help you monitor all the security changes that occur on your website.


  1. User activity tracking is easy.
  2. Databases changelogs.
  3. It generates CSV reports.
  4. It allows changing of logs core WordPress settings.
  5. It quickly troubleshoots and identifies available problems.


  1. The premium version with all the advanced features is quite expensive.

12. Login LockDown Security Plugin\


This WordPress malware scanner gives real-time records of IP addresses and timestamps of every login failure. Further, if the failed attempts are many within a short period the login function is automatically disabled.

Hence, this feature helps in preventing brute force password discovery.


  1. Compatible with WordPress version 3.6 and above.
  2. Users can release locked out IP addresses manually.
  3. It is simple and easy to use.
  4. Free of charge to use.


  1.  Sometimes it cracks down.

13. Backup Buddy


Given WordPress does not come with inbuilt backups then there is a need of having a secure and reliable backup for your website.

Normally, the host backup is not enough in case of a server crash. Additionally, other WordPress security issues like malware, hacks, deleted files, running bad files and user error can also lead to essential data loss on your website. Therefore, these security threats can be rectified by securing your website with Backup Buddy.


  1. Ability to restore deleted files.
  2. It executes a database rollback.
  3. It has an inbuilt file viewer.
  4. Malware detection.
  5. Prevents your website from hacks.


  1. It is a completely premium version.

14. All in One WP Security


This WordPress Security Plugin has the latest recommended security features that will give your website top security against malware, hacks among other forms of website security threats.


  1. Firstly, it is completely free to use.
  2. Compatible with WordPress 3.5 and above.
  3. It comes with an inbuilt brute force defender.
  4. Automatic WordPress database backup.
  5. It has a password strength checker tool.


  1. Not compatible with all versions of WordPress.


15. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

This WordPress Malware scanner will protect you from trojans, malware, viruses, spyware, backdoors, as well as malicious code obfuscation, auto-generation of malicious content among other security threats. 

Moreover, it helps WP owners to know whether their website is blacklisted by Google or other blacklisting authorities. Thus protecting your website and your website users.


  1. Efficient malware detection.
  2. Completely free of charge to use.
  3. It gives a detailed WP investigation report.
  4. It uses cloud technology making it more efficient and reliable.
  5. It gives users a blacklist status.


  1. It sometimes crashes while running malware scans.


All the WordPress scanners listed above are unique in their own way. Therefore, choose one of your preferences, install so that you can secure your website. I highly advise that you confirm whether your chosen host the latest security measures that are mandatory for your WP.

All the best, I hope this article will be of much help to you. Feel free to drop a comment and like.