In this article, we will take a bird’s eye view of Dart vs Javascript. we will try to find out which one is the best Programming language you can choose currently in regards of easy to use, popularity, productivity, Learning curve, pros, and cons.

What are Dart and Javascript?

JavaScript is the most popular language on the web. modern databases such as MongoDB and CouchDB use JavaScript as their scripting and query language. JavaScript has become an important platform outside browsers as well. 

Projects such as Node.js and io.js provide powerful platforms to develop scalable server environments using JavaScript. JavaScript powers Google’s V8 and Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey engines and they power Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Dart is an object‐oriented programming (OOP) language, has a class‐based style, and uses a C‐style syntax.

If you have ever work with programming languages like Swift, C#, Kotlin C++, Java, and JavaScript, then you will be able to start developing in Dart quickly. Dart is a straightforward and easy language to learn, and you can get started learning it very quickly.

Easy to Use

Javascript has a fairly complex syntax and you need to understand programming in general, to understand javascript although, it has a lot of framework and libraries, so developers can use existing codes to develop faster.

Dart is a fairly new language for developers outside the Google employee ecosystem, Dart has a java like a syntax so it is easier for developers with OOPs background to understand and use Dart easily.


Javascript has been around for about 23 years and there is no single device today that doesn’t have support for javascript. Javascript is used by millions of companies and it’s always recommended to persons learning to program.

Dart vs Javascript

Dart got into the limelight after the announcement of Flutter at Google I/O. Only developers who do not like javascript or probably don’t understand it see Dart as an alternative. The popularity has increased but not to be compared with javascript


Javascript has an unbeatable amount of framework for various purposes, more frameworks are constantly been developed, Javascript is a fast, dynamic and lightweight application.

Dart, on the other hand, has great documentation put together by the team at Google but solving problems is a lot harder.

Learning Curve

It is popular, you can find a lot of resources on the internet for learning has wide documentation and its syntax is easy for persons with the java related background
It has been around for more than a decade and has a lot of experts to mentor and guide you, you can also find read to use codesOne few persons outside the google team use Dart, Developers new to Dart have a harder time finding their way around.


JavaScript is supported by every modern device Dart is Open Source
JavaScript is friendly with other languages Compiles Faster
JavaScript has a huge developer community Dart complies with both AOT and JIT compilers
JavaScript has a lot of resources available onlineDart has a wide documentation


JavaScript has too many libraries that of no good quality There are constant changes as frameworks appear very often
JavaScript has too many frameworks and tools which give new developers a hard time to decideDart has a very small developer community, getting assistance is hard
JavaScript is dynamic and this causes a lot of mistakesDart has very few learning resources


Dart and Javascript are both powerful languages, Dart has great support from Google and comes with cool features but it hasn’t taken off strongly, We are still unsure which would dominate the future.