RESTful APIs in Laravel

The list of RESTful API requests handled by the RESTful API are as follows:

1 GET This lists all accommodations /accommodations
2 GET This shows (reads) a single accommodation /accommodations/{id}
3 POST This creates a new accommodation /accommodations
4 PUT This entirely modifies (updates) an accommodation /accommodations/{id}
5 PATCH This partially modifies (updates) an accommodation /accommodations/{id}
6 DELETE This deletes an accommodation /accommodations/{id}

Most RESTful API best practices suggest using the plural form of the model name. Laravel’s documentation uses the singular format. Most practices agree that consistent plural naming, that is,/accommodations/{id} refers to a single accommodation and /accommodations refers to more than one accommodation, both using the plural form are preferred over a mixed, but grammatically correct /accommodation/{id} (singular form) and /accommodations (plural form).