Obtaining any skill means that one will continuously upgrade it to become professional. It’s impossible to learn something at once and become proficient in it, especially when it comes to coding. You may not need it when you learn to code in college or university.

Those people who decided to start a career in computer programming after obtaining a degree in a particular field must continuously improve their skills. We mean those who took up courses or learned programming on their own. Sometimes it’s even better than obtaining a degree in university because the curriculum includes many unnecessary subjects students have to learn. If you face such a situation, consider ordering online help with your assignment. Asking professional writers from a reliable service for assistance sometimes is the best solution for difficult situations.

So, if you already know the basics of coding and want to improve your skills, explore the list of the most useful apps for this purpose. Some of these apps and websites can be used by beginners who know nothing in computer programming and want to obtain this skill.

1. Coursera

It’s an example of the website, suitable both for newbies and experienced developers. Coursera is an online educational platform offering thousands of courses in various disciplines, including computer programming. The number of courses is vast, but it’s not the only advantage of the Coursera. All educational programs are offered by leading educational institutions, such as Penn State University, Stanford University, MIT, etc. No matter whether you’re a beginner or already have good programming skills, you’ll find a suitable course.

2. Enki

Do you want to sharpen your programming skills while getting to studying or work? Download Enki to your smartphone. This app has several awards and is recognized as one of the best in its category. It contains a variety of topics: SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, Java, and many other programming languages and related subjects. The curriculum is well-structured, and it lets you master your skills gradually. Lessons in Enki are called workouts, but instead of muscles, you pump your knowledge. Workouts are short and last no longer than 5 minutes. The developers of this app aimed to make prospective developers more productive and obtain new knowledge in their spare time.

3. Code Academy

If you don’t want to look for the necessary course in multi-subject tutoring platforms, such as Coursera, Code Academy is the best choice for you. It’s an online platform used by millions of people who want to learn programming languages. Code Academy can teach you 12 the most popular and the most widely used programming languages: Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, and so on. The learning approach this platform uses shows the best results. People not only read theoretical information but try to apply this knowledge immediately after obtaining it. Coding can be easy, and Code Academy proves this.

4. Encode

The only drawback of this application is that it’s available only for Android. Encode is an educational app that can teach you coding. It’s primarily designed for beginners with no experience in coding; however, if you want to bridge the gaps in knowledge or repeat the material you already know to remember it better, download it. Encode lets each user learn at his or her own pace; it’s very important in studying. Lessons are divided into small parts. It’s done to make the learning process easier. Immediately after learning one topic, a person is offered to code. There’s no better way to improve coding skills than to code, and developers of Encode applied this principle while creating this app.

5. Codewars

The mysterious title and unusual interface of this website can attract even those who never tried their hand at programming. But the title fully reflects the essence of this software: Codewars is the website where developers from all over the world can obtain programming skills, master them and compete with other developers. The essential feature of Codewars is the number of programming languages it offers to master. Besides the most popular ones, people can learn NASM, Lua, Dart, Lean, Crystal, and many others you haven’t even heard before. The better results you show, the higher rank you achieve. It’s possible to discuss challenges with other members of this platform and look for solutions together.

6. Sololearn

This app is free besides some in-app purchases. If several years earlier, coding and learning how to code on your mobile phone seemed impossible, now it’s a reality. Sololearn lets you obtain knowledge of computer programming without spending a lot of time and paying significant sums. Short blocks of theoretical information combined with practical tasks and quizzes help you achieve a better result in your studying. Follow the plan and sharpen your programming skills in your spare time. Sololearn personalizes your studying according to your needs and preferences to make learning programming simple and easy.