What it means is that you are strategically crafting your emails so that it turns into a link building opportunity.
Link building through networking is SO under-rated by most internet marketers because they think of it as blindly emailing websites and asking them for a link. It doesn’t work that way, and it’s the reason why most people who try networking have a zero percent success rate.
Everything we do in networking (what we say, the tone of our conversation, our choice of words, and what we end up asking for) is done with a purpose. That may sound a little complicating, but I’m going to show you exactly what I mean in a minute.

How to blindly ask people for links, and actually get them to link to you.

It all depends on what you have to offer, how fast you want the link, and the type of link you’re looking for.
The first, and easiest method of link building is simple email outreach. It’s also the fastest way of acquiring the link because you’re not offering to do anything for them (i.e. writing a guest post for them).
You’re essentially just emailing bloggers and blindly asking them to link to you.

Asking for a SHARE

Not a link The most important thing to note about this method is that you should ask for a share, and not a link.
This is important so I’ll say it again: Ask for a share, not a link.
We’re fortunate to be part of a society today where “sharing” is a word and ACTION we use everyday. It’s a part of our lives. We find something interesting, and we share it.


If you ask someone for a share, they are more likely to respond to you then if you ask for a link. Webmasters are more aware of SEO now and they know why you want that link on their site. Therefore, if you just blindly ask for a link, a lot of people will just ignore you thinking you just want to boost your rankings or get some traffic.
But if you ask for a share, they’re more likely to check out your site and see if it’s something that’s worth sharing with their audience. 60% of the time, they also link to it from their blog, as well as their preferred social networks.
Sharing also does another thing: It reaches their audience and promotes your site even further. So while you’re more likely to just receive a share and not a link as well, the reach you get through your efforts are much greater than if you were just prospecting for a link on their site