Users all over the world are faced with the problem of choosing a platform for the development and launch of online stores. Each platform has its own unique tools designed to improve the quality of the site’s service, functionality, adaptability, and other parameters. As with all other niches, e-commerce development has its own leaders – Magento 2 and OpenCart. In order to simplify your choice, we will objectively consider each of the services according to the most important parameters and the possibilities that they offer.

OpenCart vs Magento: Overview

OpenCart and Magento are ready to offer a range of opportunities for their audience. To understand which platform is better, you need to objectively familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with a quick overview of OpenCart.

The benefits of OpenCart include:

  • the possibility of free use;
  • does not require high programming skills;
  • easy to operate;
  • more than 13 thousand extensions are available.

The main disadvantages of the platform are considered to be periodic malfunctions, lack of customization options and insufficient verification of extensions, which directly affects the security of the site.

In turn, Magento 2 has the following advantages:

  • also has a free use function;
  • wide range of settings (which is not available in OpenCart);
  • suitable for both small and large commercial sites;
  • over 5000 useful and customizable plugins;
  • high level security control.

Despite all its advantages, especially in terms of settings and security, there are also disadvantages. These include the need to have high technical skills to successfully develop a store, and the use and settings are quite complex. But this is not always important, since professional developers offer their services on the market. For example


OpenCrat has been used for a longer time in the market, and therefore, the basic functions for creating an online store will be found here by the user, even without deep programming skills. It is quite simple to install, and it will not be difficult to understand the platform’s capabilities. New extensions required for online stores are regularly released. But low performance indicates that the platform is outdated, and is no longer able to boast of modern tools for developers and site owners.

Magento 2 functionality enables developers to have more recent solutions for the commercial sector. Including:

  • responsive website design;
  • improved performance parameters;
  • the ability to integrate useful technologies;
  • regular updates;
  • installation of custom extensions and a number of other features.

The well-thought-out system of interaction with users and store visitors, as well as an accurate analytics system, should be noted.


  • OpenCrat is not ready to boast of the function of configuring modules and patches. They are installed as they are and work according to certain patterns. Magento 2 went further in this regard, and is ready to offer users:
  • sensitive setting of functions;
  • improved control of site optimization;
  • individual analytics settings and other features.

You can make basic settings on your own, but more serious ones require special skills and knowledge.

Store Management

Store management is easier on OpenCart just because you don’t need to configure anything else here, you can limit yourself to basic settings. With Magento 2, it is more difficult for inexperienced users, since the functionality is wider, and the settings require understanding.

SEO, marketing and promotion

The site cannot fully develop if it is not optimized for search engines, users and large commercial sites. These are all customizable and implementable features and tools available through site compatibility. In this regard, Magento 2 is significantly ahead of its predecessor, allowing:

achieve maximum adaptability for mobile devices;

  • optimize content;
  • integrate marketing technologies;
  • improve behavioral factors and more.

Considering all the opportunities offered by the sites, Magento 2 is much easier and more profitable to promote.


Each businessman, at the stage of choosing a site for developing a website, must make a decision based on individual needs. We have presented you the most popular evaluation criteria that should simplify your choice.