Quick Overview of Webclipse

Webclipse is a suite of Eclipse add-ons designed to improve the coding experience—especially for the modern web developers. Webclipse provides superior support for JavaScript , TypeScript & modern web framework Like Angular. 

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A good IDE can easily configure the working environment which leads to better productivity. The configuration suggested by a good IDE can help you avoid mistakes and save time in typing, running and debugging your code. In this article, we will find out if Webclipse is an IDE for modern developers.

Essential Features of IDE for Modern Developers

  • IDE which makes programmer's life easier and their code better.
  • Powerful tools with support for the latest JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Built-in advanced and powerful debugger.
  • Admirable syntax highlighting & advanced content assist.
  • Support For refactoring, formatting and open declarations
  • Support for modern JavaScript frameworks Like Angular , Vuejs , nodejs & reactjs.
  • Seamless transitions between CLIs and the IDE.
  • Live preview of changes In the app.
  • Better navigation to save Your time.
  • Quick and easy code sharing with co-workers.

Webclipse Features Helps in writing Better Code 

  • View and explore variable values.
  • Real-time validation and display of errors as you type code.
  • Advanced content assist and fast validation, speed up coding.
  • Clever UI design including keyboard shortcuts.

Supports Javascript and typescript

JSjet Supports modern JavaScript and TypeScript. TypeScript is the language which is used to write javascript code in object oriented manner. This helps in keeping the code encapsulated and preserve variable scopes. We can use all the features of object oriented style like polymorphism, interface, inheritance etc.

JsJet provides all the features which are required by a modern web developer to code in TypeScript. It includes syntax highlighting, code validation, content assist, source formatting & refactoring, debugging, occurrence highlighting and lot more.


 Powerful Debugger

Webclipse provides you a powerful & advanced debugger. You can easily debug your JavaScript, TypeScript, (X)HTML, JSP and Node.js files.

Being a developer myself, the most critical and time consuming task I feel, is finding and correcting errors. Without a powerful debugger you might stuck at wrong section. Sometimes, the inbuilt error consoles displays a lot of errors which could be fixed by simply adding a semicolon. Therefore a powerful debugger is a necessity so that you can spend more time in coding, in spite of finding errors.

Debugger, provided by the webclipse, makes your life easy by directly pointing you towards the bug. It also support source maps which is a critical need when you wish to keep your client-side code minified but debuggable and that too without impacting the performance.

webclipse debuuger

Live Preview

Webclipse provides a special feature known as codelive. CodeLive provides a bridge between the IDE and the browser, which speeds up web development. You can use Code Live to easily explore your Angular application, navigating effortlessly to pieces of code you need to work with.

webclipse review codelive

CLIs With Terminal+

To set up appropriate versions of Node, NPM and angular-cli for the project is a critical task, even for intermediate developers. You may also need to configure and manage versions. But terminal+ can take all the hassles away from you. You can use different command line tools with Terminal+. It helps in auto configuration and managing the appropriate versions of tools for your project.

If you are working on more than one project, Terminal+ automatically configures the bash shell to keep track of different CLI versions for different projects for appropriate compatibility.

webclipse review codelive

Other features of Webclipse includes 

  • Superior syntax highlighting & advanced content assist.
  • Webclipse supports refactoring, formatting and open declarations
  • Webclipse supports modern javascript frameworks like Angular and Node.js
  • Enhanced navigation to save your time
  • Quick and easy code sharing with co-workers using slack.
  • Seamless transitions between CLIs and the IDE.
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Licensing and Ecosystem

​Eclipse is a powerful IDE which becomes more powerful with Webclipse. Webclipse is a plugin of Eclipse which boost the web development by providing different tools which were previously only available with high level languages like java. You can enhance your web development even further by adding other plugins from Eclipse ecosystem.

This is a freemium IDE. You will have unlimited access to Freebie features. To access Pro features you can either subscribe for a license or can use for 8 days/month in absolutely no cost at all. This IDE is available under 3 licenses: Free , Personal ( $29/year ) & Commercial ( $48/year) .

Are You a Modern Developer?


The purpose of this Article was to provide a simple review of Webclipse IDE , We also wanted to figure out why It is an IDE For Modern web developers. The result is a mix of Features in Webclipse and Our Personal opinions , so it’s definitely not an impartial or exhaustive list. If you’re not familiar with Webclipse , though, we hope it gave you a feel for it.