In today’s digital era, the aesthetics of the designer’s website is as important as the aesthetics of the services. Still, to create a user-friendly website, some interior and exterior designers apply to their high-paid colleagues – web designers. Using PSD design templates can help to save money and enjoy the result.

First, the price of the template is anyway lower than the cost of the services of the experienced web designers. Second, you take full control over the editing process, and the result more or less meets your expectations. Third, modern drag-and-drop page builders minimize work with a code. So, you don’t necessarily need technical skills. The editing process is quite intuitive.

Drag-and-drop templates with pre-made pages also save time. Still, if you want to go deep into web design, the knowledge of primary programming languages is a must-have.

Those who want to keep web design simple, can check out 11 beautiful Adobe InDesign website templates. Also, don’t forget to unleash the potential of the website footer design.

Who can use them?

Designers of any niches: interior, exterior, furniture, clothes, accessories, as well as the owners of the design agencies, web design studios, and freelancers. The templates are super customizable.

So, let’s check out 11 PSD design templates for different tastes and pockets!

Interior Design Company HTML Template

Interior Design Company HTML Template

If you want to create a website for a small or medium interior design company, this website InDesign template is the right choice.

There are 40 pre-made HTML5 pages for:

  • creating a catchy home page
  • a detailed page with services
  • a convenient page with testimonials
  • a gallery (Grid, Masonry, Cobbles, Isotope, Accordion, Carousel, Slider)
  • a blog (Classic, Modern, Grid, Masonry)
  • an Under Construction page

You can create easy navigation with:

  • working web forms (login, newsletter, search, and contact)
  • various header and footer styles
  • a rich UI kit
  • a drop-down menu
  • tooltips
  • Google map and fonts
  • high-quality animation (HTML plus JS and Parallax)

If any issue appears, you can apply to a competent 24/7 support team.

Brave Responsive Multipurpose Website Template

Brave Responsive Multipurpose Website Template

Brave is a great Bootstrap multipurpose solution that suits any type of business. It has 100+ pre-made HTML5 pages that you can adjust to a design company. At your disposal, there are:

  • Novi Page Builder
  • 150 UI blocks
  • 11 ready-to-use niche page layouts
  • 10+ navigation and footer styles
  • Ajax forms (booking, contact, newsletter, search)
  • audio and video players
  • high-quality animation (HTML plus JS, Parallax, Lazy Load effect, background video)
  • a drop-down menu
  • a gallery (Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, Slider, Grid)
  • eCommerce functionality and templates
  • a background video and video widget

There is also free 24/7 support.

GardenCare – Gardening For Flowers, Fruits, Vegetable Planting & Landscaping Website Template

GardenCare - Gardening For Flowers, Fruits, Vegetable Planting & Landscaping Website Template

Are there any landscape designers looking for InDesign web templates? With this one, you can create a full-fledged website without technical skills because it has 90+ pre-built pages. They are easily editable in a matter of clicks. For editing, you have:

  • Nine home pages
  • pre-made blog and gallery pages
  • Ajax web forms (contact and appointment booking)
  • Three widgets
  • Google fonts
  • high-quality animations
  • social icons
  • Revolution Slider

If you build a website on the Bootstrap framework, it will be responsive and compatible with all devices and browsers.

Sofa – Interior Site Template

Interior Site Template

Sofa is one of the modern minimalistic InDesign website templates for different purposes. You can use it for a website of the interior or furniture design company. You can add eCommerce functionality and turn it into an online store.

Apart from that, there are three pre-made blog templates and gallery scripts (Accordion, Carousel, Slider, Isotope, Grid). There are also web forms (contact, newsletter, and search).

Other features:

  • variety of pre-built pages
  • a huge set of UI elements and blocks
  • CSS3 animation effects and transitions
  • Google fonts and map
  • Parallax Effect
  • 24/7 support

There is also a drop-down menu. Still, if you have some technical skills, you can upgrade a standard menu to a CSS Hamburger menu, for instance.

Perquetry – Elegant Flooring Company Multipage HTML Website Template

Flooring Multipage HTML Theme

The next item in the collection of the website wireframes templates suits websites for furniture, flooring, and interior design companies.

There is a variety of pre-made pages such as Single Service, Single Product, Shop. Blog, Gallery, and About Us. You can fill these pages with working web forms (contact, newsletter, search), UI elements and blocks, CSS3 animations and transitions, buttons, tabs, and more.

There are four blog layouts and five gallery scripts (Accordion, Carousel, Grid, Slider, and Isotope).

To make a website look stunning, you can pick up a splendid header and footer from a rich collection and add Parallax.

DePaletra – Design Ready-to-Use Website Template

Creative Responsive HTML Theme

If you are looking for a minimalistic Adobe InDesign website template, DePaletra might be the right choice. A laconic Japanese style and a concise color scheme with white, grey, and yellow colors help you to highlight important information.

A rich UI kit helps to organize information conveniently. High-quality CSS3 animation and transitions can add dynamics to the page.

Besides, the developers optimized a template for SEO. It means that a future website has all the chances to appear on the first pages of the search results. Modern Bootstrap technology makes a website 100% responsive.

If any issue appears, you can apply to a 24/7 support team.

DreamSoft – Software Development Company Multipage Website Template

Web Development Multipage HTML Template

Though the template is suitable for websites of the IT companies, you can adjust it to the design company website. There are 30+ editable HTML5 pages – you can add and remove text and visuals, and change the structure.

Apart from that, there are five gallery scripts (Accordion, Carousel, Grid, Isotope, Slider). You can present samples of your works and list your services on the related page.

Other features:

  • a huge set of UI elements and blocks
  • Mega footer and collection with headers
  • working forms (contact, newsletter, search)
  • CSS3 animation and transitions
  • Google map & fonts
  • Material Parallax
  • 24/7 support

Atmobuild – Construction Business Website Template

Construction Business Website Design - TemplateMonster

Want to build a website for a construction company but can’t choose among PSD design templates? Atmobuild might be the right choice.

There is a variety of the pre-build HTML pages that you can edit in a matter of clicks. You can adjust it to any niche of the business. The design is universal but user-friendly. You can add headers, footers, banners, buttons, pop ups, countdowns, web forms, animations, Parallax effect. All this can make your website:

  • convenient and easy-to-use
  • unique
  • SEO-friendly
  • 24/7 premium support will help to cope with issues regarding the template.

Vitagex – Construction Company Multipage Modern HTML Website Template

Vitagex Construction Company Website Template

Here is another template for a construction company website with 30+ ready-made HTML pages. You can supplement a minimalistic design with:

  • UI elements and blocks
  • CSS3 animations and transitions
  • web forms (newsletter, contact, search)
  • Parallax
  • a gallery (Accordion, Carousel, Grid, Slider, Isotope)
  • a blog (4 layouts)
  • a drop-down menu
  • Google fonts and map

There is also 24/7 support.

The Future Multipurpose HTML5 Template

The Future Multipurpose HTML5 Template

There is a multipurpose solution among PSD design templates for building a design company website. For this purpose, you have:

  • 60+ HTML5 pages
  • 400+ ready-to-use UI elements
  • various headers and footers
  • stick-to-top menu
  • web forms (contact, search, and newspaper)
  • Swiper slider
  • Owl Carousel
  • Parallax and video background
  • a gallery with hover effect
  • CSS, WOW animation

Multipage Ready-To-Use Website Template

Multipage Ready-To-Use Website Template

Though this template suits perfectly corporate website, you can adjust it to a design company website. At your disposal, there are:

  • 30+ ready-made HTML5 pages
  • CSS3 animations and transitions
  • working web forms
  • multiple galleries and blog layouts
  • various headers and footer styles
  • UI elements and blocks
  • Parallax
  • Google fonts and map
  • 24/7 support

When you use Adobe InDesign website templates, you might need to organize an admin panel to make the editing process as fast, intuitive, and convenient as possible. For this purpose, you can pick up a Bootstrap admin dashboard template and organize your working space as you want.

Being a talented designer doesn’t mean that your clients will find you themselves. It’s essential to present and promote your services. A stylish, modern, SEO-friendly website with detailed information about the company is a must-have.

With the PSD design templates from this collection, you will create one fast, even without technical skills.