Notepad ++ is a common text editor, a free source code editor that naturally supports ideally many languages and markups. In this article, we will cover the following best Notepad++ plugins.

  • XBrackets Lite
  • Snippet Plugin
  • Explorer
  • Code Alignment
  • NPPExport
  • Compare
  • DSpell Checker
  • TopMost
  • JSToolNPP Plug-in
  • Preview HTML
  • Auto Indent
  • TextFX Plug-in
  • Autosave
  • Customize Toolbar
  • NppFTP
  • OpenSelection
  • TopMost
  • MenuIcons
  • AutoSave
  • Auto Detect Indention

What are Notepad++ plugins?

Notepad++ plugins or notepad++ extensions are small programs or tools that can be added to Notepad++ to enhance its functionality and provide additional features.

These plugins can be installed through the built-in Plugin Manager in Notepad++, and they can be easily turned on or off as needed. By using plugins, users can customize Notepad++ to better meet their specific needs and make their coding or scripting work more efficient.

How do I get Notepad++ plugins?

In this article, we have provided a list of the best plugins. To download Notepad++ plugins, click on the link we have provided.

Does Notepad++ have plugins?

Notepad++ comes packaged with a few plug-in tools. The plugins can be found in the Notepad++ installation folder under the plugins section.

Is Notepad++ good for coding?

Yes, Notepad++ is a good text editor for coding. Notepad++ is widely used by programmers, developers, and other tech professionals because it offers a number of features that make coding easier and more efficient.

Notepad ++ is based on Ms. Windows’ environment with its usage being governed by a GPL license. Notepad++ is based on a powerful editing component called Scintilla.

Notepad ++ was originally written in C++ language with win32 API and STL that ensures maximum execution speed in a smaller program.

Notepad ++ is designed to use less CPU power and is highly user-friendly to design code in.

Its support for plugins is just amazing,  in addition to its ability to be translated into major languages is exceptional, and a breeze for developers to do coding from their native languages.

notepad++ menu

Now that you are better informed about the ingenious Notepad++, We’ll work our best to explain must have the best notepad++ plugins.

Please find this list of the Best plugins for Notepad++.

1. XBrackets Lite

XBrackets Lite is one of the notepad++ best plugins worth mentioning among the top most important plugins of Notepad++.

It allows for auto-completion of an open bracket character for instance; (, [, {  with the corresponding closing brackets for example; ), ], }.

It substantially reduces the time taken for coding taking into account the fact that most brackets form part of special characters on normal QWERTY keyboards.

These brackets are normally colored differently from the rest of the code for easy location.

2. Snippet Plugin

Notepad ++ being one of the top text editors readily available today has superb features that coders are fascinated with.

Apart from being highly customizable, it supports many third-party plug-ins to help developers while coding web applications and desktop applications, the snippet plug-in being a fundamental member of the team.

The snippet plugin allows developers to add various code snippets used often to make their coding experience a hobby.

Excuse your memory for other productivity. No need to memorize the codes! Sounds funny but that is what the snippet plug-in came in to serve.

3. Explorer

Explorer plugin arranges g folders for a developer to figure out and navigate easily across numerous source code files and folders.

Explorer displays folders and files on the left corner of the text editor window in a hierarchical order so that you can locate files without much hustle.

4. Code Alignment

The code alignment plugin aligns the code and provides us the ability to choose any sign for alignment. It also gives us the power to choose a sign for alignment, for instance in the case of declare multiple variables assignment.


Var  a = {2, 4, 5, 1}

Another cool feature of the code alignment plugins is the user-centric short-cuts which save time for coders.

5. NPPExport

The NPPExport plugin converts markdown files to html or rtf(Rich Text Format). It allows developers to export markdown code in a format that can be understood by the end receiver, it converts markdown files to HTML or RTF extensions.

6. Compare

Compare plug-in helps in comparing two text files side by side to grasp the difference in the code.

7. DSpell Checker

This plugin checks for spelling errors in the source code. It can pinpoint errors manifesting in our code and allows those errors to be fixed on the fly. Thanks to the spellChecker plugin, you can now type with confidence and can focus more on your coding than your grammar.

8. TopMost

TopMost allows to set the main Notepad++ window as a topmost window so it can stay on top of other windows even when it is not active. This plugin sync with Notepad++’s own stay-on-top functionality and allows to remember the setting between restarts as well as to show a toolbar button.

9. JSToolNPP Plug-in

This is a JS tool for notepad++ that helps coders in JavaScript work with ease. The main features of this plug-in include;

  • JSON Minify: decreases JavaScript source file size by removing comments, white spaces, and plain enters.
  • JSON: Displays JSON text in tree form in a new window.
  • JSFormat: Cleans the code by removing white spaces.

10. Finger Text

Finger Text is another cool plug-in that is useful when writing the same block of code multiple times, a real-time saver plug-in that takes away the strenuous repetitive tasks in writing the code.

11. Preview HTML

This Notepad++ plugin allows developers to preview the changes made to the source code and a chance to view the effects of the changes on the fly by pressing Ctrl + Shift + H.

Without the plug-in, the developer would need to save the changes on the source file and go back to the browser and refresh for the changes to take effect.

Still, it is a time saver for developers/designers.

12. Auto Indent

Indentation helps programmers and would-be programmers arrange and make their code neat and readable. Indented code is easy to grasp as compared to jangled code which is hard to comprehend.

13. TextFX Plug-in

The plugin automatically closes the HTML tag, when the developer writes a corresponding opening tag. This can certainly make web development effective to some extent.

It saves the developer the precious time of having to write the opening tags and ending tags manually. Again it is handy if you are running short on time or trying to beat a deadline.

14. Autosave

With this plug-in installed, you do not need to worry about saving your code on the source code file. It has the option to set up the save interval time for example; autosave after 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, etc. If we close the editor accidentally, thank God you are insured! The autosave plug-in ensures we don’t lose a single piece of code we have created. When we re-open the file again we are taken to the place where we left it, how cool is that?

15. Customize Toolbar

Notepad ++ doesn’t allow for customization unless with the customize toolbar plug-in.

The plug-in gives us the privilege to customize the toolbar by adding, removing, or altering the menu items.

16. NppFTP

The plug-in brings an FTP host window where we can easily manage files already in the FTP server.

17. OpenSelection

OpenSelection is designed to help people to open files based on the selected text. A typical application “includes” files of many types of programs. Another application is to open Matlab functions. The plugin is can be customized for different languages based on the open file extension. Multiple search folders may be specified along with multiple extensions.

18. TopMost

This plugin gives notepad++ the privilege to be on top of other concurrent open programs. It also utilizes memory between the sessions and toolbar buttons.

19. MenuIcons

MenuIcons allows adding icons to both the main and context menus. Several options are available to load the icons from a folder. More than providing a full set of icons, it’s designed to enable people to create their own set of icon themes. Note: the plugin does not work correctly on WinXP. Alternative icon sets English by Yaron, Hebrew by Yaron. Just download them and replace the MenuIcon folder or save them somewhere else and set the new folder in the Menu Icons plugin options.

20. AutoSave

AutoSave allows automatically saving the currently open files based on a timer schedule (default is 1 min) and/or upon the application losing focus. The plugin offers several options to save the current (or all the files), selecting only the named ones, accessible through an options dialog box

21. Auto Detect Indention

To wrap up my 21 best notpad++ plugins to use is Auto Detect Indention. It Detects indention (tab or spaces) and auto adjusts the Tab key on-the-fly


Notepad++ is a good text editor within our reach. With the addition of Best plugins, it makes it fun to code in. Convenience, swiftness, robustness, and long-time presence in the coding world are an experience to live with. I recommend notepad++ to anyone starting to code and even the seasoned.