Not every student is able to comprehend their assignment. Some struggle with the basic task while others get what is required of them but are unable to put it down in clean writing that will please their professors. Luckily, some free academic writing software is now available on the market to smooth the way for those who really need help.

Here are some essay writing tool varieties that could impact your academic writing positively.


Citation Generator

Writing is only half the work. Right after, citing and proofreading follow, and they do take a lot of time. Having a tool that cuts that by half is a welcome relief. Luckily, not all bibliography tools cost an arm and a leg. You can get a free citation generator from, so you do not spend all your time working on your assignments when you could be doing other things. This generator makes life in college a lot more manageable for students.  

A citation generator does more than just help you cite source and write more coherently; it can also check plagiarism. The search for resources that will agree with your topic can be a drain that, luckily, these online tools handle effectively. If they are free and agree with your preferred style, you already got yourself a good deal.

Editing and Grammar Check


After writing, you want to check the grammar and correct any typos through editing. It is quite tiring going through an entire article, and so Grammarly is a welcome relief. It helps you clear any spelling issues and even gives suggestions on how to make an article better. You have two options; install it, then paste the words you have written there to check, or you could just use it while working on either Google Docs or MS Word. If you buy the premium rights, you can even use this tool to check plagiarism.

Hemingway Editor

Among the best tools for writing is this software that you don’t have to download to use. It makes what you write more comprehensible and gives suggestions on changes you need to make in sentences. Hemingway Editor is one of the easiest tools to use as it simply highlights what needs changing and, in the end, grades your work according to comprehensibility.


There are quite a number of plagiarism checkers online, but we find CopyScape to be the most effective. You simply copy and paste your work on the provided space or share the URL in case it is already published. You then get all the needed revisions, including links to where the text you copied is published. Before submitting any assignments, it helps to use this service because you could have plagiarized unknowingly.

Writing and Research


Most academic articles do not allow you to use Wikipedia as your source because it is not the most reliable. An encyclopedia, on the other hand, is the classic textbook that has every conceivable academic subject. Making use of it when researching is a smart choice.


Among the easiest-to-use free apps for writing essays is Evernote that is a default app on most smartphones. It is not a fixer for poor writing, but a research tool where you can note your thoughts to put them together later when writing. You can chart your diagrams here too, or even make infographics. Since you have it on your phone, you can use it to generate ideas whenever they come to you. It is also free.

Why Use a Citation Maker?  

Writing is only difficult when you have to do everything yourself. Using tools eliminates makes your work easier and better because they will catch mistakes you would not. It doesn’t matter the citation style you need to use – whether APSA or ASA – since there are tools specifically dealing with that.