Laraval is known for building Laravel admin panels and complex dashboards.

Developing dashboards from scratch is time-consuming and with lots of repetitive work.

Here are some of the 21 best Laravel admin panels to ease your work.

1. Laravel Nova

Laravel Nova is a beautifully designed admin panel for Laravel. It was carefully designed by its designers to ease development and productivity.

Laravel Nova


  • Beautiful design
  • Makes developers more productive
  • No cumbersome admin panels
  • Code driven configuration
  • Keeps your application pure

2. LaraAdmin

LaraAdmin is a simple and fast way to build Admin panels. It offers a remarkable package offering a complete set of utilities needed for CRM admin panel. You can easily handle your models, data and their role permissions without having to code giving you a chance to focus on data representations rather than data handling.

LaraAdmin panel


  • Flexible and powerful
  • Build a Laravel web application faster
  • Customization on the go
  • Easy installation
  • modular architecture

3. Laralum

Laralum is an idea that was conceived when its creators tried to figure out a CMS that is powerful and flexible and found none. It is not easy to achieve both power and flexibility but now developers can provide ready content manager that is easy to customize.



  • Powerful and flexible
  • Customizable

4. Laravel Panel Admin ORCHID

ORCHID is one of the back-end platform applications on the Laravel framework. It can be used to develop corporate PHP web applications faster.

ORCHID laravel admin panel


  • Easy to get started with, no need for CSS/HTML or JavaScript
  • suitable technology with wide community, drivers for various databases and services, and a solid foundation of bootstrap and basecamp.
  • Developers and end-users jointly develop the application making the necessary changes on the fly.
  • Components and code patterns are fully extensible

5. Laravel Voyager

Voyager is a Laravel package that includes BREAD (CRUD) functionality, menu builder, media manager and more. It will take care of all administrative task so that you can focus on what you can do best – building apps!


Features :

  • Saves time and makes building apps fun
  • BREAD (Browse, Read, Edit, Add and Delete)

6.InfyOm Laravel Generator

InfyOm Laravel generator allows you to generate CRUD or APIs from an existing Database or JSON schema files. It makes shifting from the existing database to Laravel easy and faster.



  • Speeds up development
  • Easy to use
  • Framework agnostic templates
  • Publish layout files
  • Individual generator command
  • GUI interface

7. Laravel Admin

Laravel Admin is a Laravel package that allows you to build a full-featured administrative interface in less than ten minutes.

Laravel admin


  • Superfast
  • Easy to use
  • Full-featured administrative interface

8. Backpack Laravel

Backpack Laravel is one of the Laravel admin panels that provide admin panels that are simplified, easy to use and customize.

Backpack Laravel


  • Easy to use and to change every little detail
  • Simple MVC architecture
  • Minimal Technology stack
  • Front-end building blocks

9. JOSH Laravel Admin Panel + CRUD Builder

JOSH Laravel Admin Panel is a user-friendly admin template builder with a GUI CRUD builder. You will save a lot of time you could spend with repetitive tasks by using saved CRUD templates. These awsome templates are built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Laravel versions and authentications by default.



  • Versions – HTML plus Laravel
  • UI – Bootstrap, Material version
  • CRUD Builder
  • Front-end theme
  • Laravel examples
  • Blog module
  • Activity logs and log viewer
  • Custom data tables and advanced data tables
  • Mini sidebar
  • Laravel charts
  • SELECT2 Filter

10. Laravel Admin Generator

Laravel admin generator is one of the Laravel admin panels that provide admin console generator with AngularJS-Bootstrap-BSAdmin-AdminLTE for Laravel 5. It allows you to create admin panels within a few seconds.



  • Easy to create instances with a few configs
  • Structured already
  • Customize templates yourself
  • Integrated with adminLTE, SBAdmin
  • Supports many instances in one Laravel

11. Laravel Adminpanel

Laravel Adminpanel is a Laravel admin panel based on Rappasoft Laravel Boilerplate. It has since been taken to Laravel 5.6 so that you can develop from the latest version of Laravel.

Laravel adminpanel


  • Laravel 5 boilerplate features
  • Dynamic sidebar/menu builder
  • Blog module style and Page modules
  • Laravel Mix and Vue components
  • Mailable
  • API Boilerplate
  • FAQ Module and response
  • Object-based JS implementation

12. Lavalite

Lavalite helps you set up a CMS or cloud-based app based on Laravel really quick. It has a package builder and marketplace that will help you build packages you require for your application.



  • Responsive layout
  • Open-source freebie
  • Lightweight UI/UX
  • Easy to customize
  • Lifetime updates
  • 24/7 support system
  • Extendability

13. Flarepoint CRM

Flarepoint is a customer relationship management system aimed to track customers, leads, tasks and much more. It is a free and open-source self-hosted platform based on Laravel 5.4 PHP Framework and PHP 7.0+

Flarepoint CRM


  • Task management
  • Leads management
  • Role management
  • Easy and simple time management for each task
  • Simple invoice management
  • Easy configuration settings
  • Contacts management
  • Fast overview
  • Easy to track contracts
  • Global dashboard

14. Admin Architect

Admin architect lets you appreciate your valuable time by replacing your development cycle with a set of modern tools. It is a package for creating professional admin panels for Laravel 5.


  • It has expressive and beautiful syntax
  • Modern tool kit
  • It has less redundant and efficient code
  • Easily customizable

15. Laravel-admin

Laravel-admin is an administrative interface that lets you build CRUD back-ends with a few lines of code.



  • Inspired by sleepingOwlAdmin and rapyd-laravel
  • Broad documentation
  • Easy to use

16. Webcore Platform

In working with Webcore platform, you will have all the crap you hate doing already done for you under the hood. It was designed by developers for developers with some out of the box features.

webcore platform Laravel admin panel


  • Getting started with WebCore platform is easy
  • It has all the inner working features that will save you a bunch of time

17. LaraVue

LaraVue is a magical administrative interface for Laravel which was built by VueJS and Element UI.

LaraVue Laravel admin panel


  • Typical templates for enterprise-grade apps and components
  • A reasonable framework choice that is good for engineering practice
  • It has up-to-date technology using the latest versions of Laravel and VueJS and more libraries
  • Roles and permissions management with a powerful UI
  • Built-in industry-grade universal solutions
  • Easy to integrate

18. QuickAdmin

QuickAdmin is a pretty simple package that you can create CRUD and non-CRUD menu items by specifying fields and role permissions. It has an online version of the Laravel admin panel builder so that you don’t have to serve as a Laravel package for an existing project.

QuickAdmin Laravel admin panel


  • There is no need to learn the syntax
  • It has an online version of admin panel builder

19. CRUD Booster

CRUD Booster is a Laravel CRUD generator that is used to create web back-end, web apps and admin panels easily and faster.

CRUD Booster Laravel admin panel


  • Technical documentation
  • Unique recommendations by the author

20. SleepingOwlAdmin

SleepingOwlAdmin is one of the oldest in the list but still under active maintenance.

sleepingowladmin Laravel admin panel


  • Pretty powerful
  • You need to use syntax to add items

21. CRUD – CMS – Sximo 6

Sximo builder is a powerful tool that can generate a full set of PHP from SQL quickly and it is designed for flexibility.

sximo-6- Laravel admin panel


  • It will save you tons of time
  • Straightforward and easy to customize


All the above are viable packages that you can implement on your Laravel project. Some are open-source while there are some that are premium, and all of them actually make creating admin panels easy and faster. You can leave your comments below, thank you.