Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks developers use in developing website applications. They love using it because it offers an advanced MVC architecture during development. There are lots of Laravel CMS available in our modern days to help web developments happen quickly and easily.

In short, We will be looking closely at some of the very best Laravel CMS in this article. As a PHP developer, you should be able to find some of them handy in your next project development.

1. Lavalite

To sum up, this is best described as a content management system created with the Laravel framework.



  • Most importantly, it’s an open-source CMS
  • Powered by Laravel 5 and Sentry

2. PyroCMS

Above all, it is simply a modular CMS and development platform. In addition, PyroCMS is created using Laravel 5.
PyroCMS › The PHP CMS built for Laravel.


  • You will love it because of its simplicity and how powerful it’s

3. Laravel 7 Simple CMS

You will so much love this boilerplate content management system if you are a beginner.

Laravel 7 Simple CMS


  • Most importantly, it supports Laravel 7
  • Page, category, and article management
  • elFinder as the file manager
  • Feather Icons as the icon package

4. TypiCMS

This is just another content management system but this particular one is created with Laravel 4.2.



  • Multilingual
  • In addition, Bower and Gulp are utilized for asset management
  • To sum up, the user interface is created using Bootstrap-version-3 with Less

5. October

This content management system and also the web platform is the best for you because it’s built to make web development very simple.



  • Firstly, it’s free and open-source
  • Secondly, it depends on Laravel PHP framework
  • In conclusion, it’s very easy to use

6. Ecommerce-CMS

Certainly, it is a simple project users can implement in developing E-commerce websites.

15 Best Laravel CMS


  • Firstly, it depends on Laravel framework 5.5 LTS
  • Autocomplete and normal search
  • Registration and Email Verification with Activation Code
  • Easy migration and auto-generated seed
  • And many more
  • In conclusion, it’s features-rich

7. Decoy

This is simply a PHP content management system. In addition, it is made specifically for the laravel framework.

15 Best Laravel CMS


  • Firstly, it’s very simple to use
  • It’s so easy on the eyes
  • Easy customization

8. Fully CMS

This is best described as a multilingual content management system. In addition, it supports Laravel 5.1.

15 Best Laravel CMS
Fully CMS


  • File manager
  • Ckeditor
  • Authentication Sentinel
  • Dropzone.js

9. Borgert

To sum up, this is the best project for you if you are looking for a simple content management system for laravel.

15 Best Laravel CMS


  • In conclusion, it contains Blog, Pages, Products, Mailbox, Image Gallery, Log Viewer, and Users

10. PongoCMS

This is another PHP content management system. In addition, it depends on Laravel 3.2+ and Twitter Bootstrap 2.0.4.


  • It’s so flexible
  • In conclusion, it’s very useful in developing multi-language and SEO optimized websites

11. CMS-Canvas

This is another nice content management system created for Laravel 5.

15 Best Laravel CMS


  • In conclusion, it requires Laravel 5.2+ and a MySQL server

12. Twill

In short, Twill is an open-source Laravel project. You can easily use it to create a custom content management system that’s so easy on the eyes and strong.

Laravel CMS


  • You will so much love it because its idea is to make CMS creative, productive, and also give you an enjoyable experience
  • In conclusion, Twill is an open-source CMS for Laravel

13. Microweber

This is a very great tool because you can comfortably use to develop any type of website, online store, or blog of your choice. In addition, Microweber depends on PHP Laravel Framework.

15 Best Laravel CMS


  • In other words, Microweber is a Drag and Drop website builder and a strong next-generation CMS
  • Real-Time Text Editing
  • Strong Admin Panel
  • E-commerce Solution

14. Laravel-Angular-CMS

In short, Laravel-Angular-CMS is known as laravel API with angular backend CMS.



  • It uses Laravel 5.1 for API
  • In addition, it makes use of Angular 1.4 for Backend

15. MaguttiCMS

This is a content management system for Laravel 7. In addition, it comes with a simple shopping chart.



  • Open Source
  • Multilingual


We truly hope you will find any of these content management systems useful in your next website application project. Each of their description and features are well laid out in this article. Look at them carefully and decide your preference.