Julia is a high-level, multipurpose programming language that developers use to code any sort of application. Besides, essential features like simplicity, high-performance, dynamically-typed, open-source, etc. make it unique and of great importance in the tech-world.

Julia got some helpful attributes that make it the best option for high-performance numerical analysis and computational science. Furthermore, it’s a cross-platform programming language. That is to say; it runs well on Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, and macOS.

In conclusion, this article will be solely about the top Julia web frameworks we have around today. How many of them are you familiar with, and which one do you use for your projects? Stay connected as we take you on a ride!

1. Genie

In short, Genie is simply a full-stack MVC web framework. Julia’s users are so much in love with it because it offers a streamlined and fruitful workflow for building modern web applications.

 Julia Web Framework
Genie Web Framework


  • Most importantly, it supports Julia version 1.2+

2. Bukdu

Bukdu.jl is simply a web development framework that supports the Julia programming language.

 Julia Web Framework


3. Merly

Certainly, Merly.jl is best described as a micro-framework for web development in Julia.


  • It is so good for routes declaration and handling requests
  • Its simplicity during development makes it so perfect for you

4. SearchLight

To sum up, Searchlight is simply a high-performance and high-productive web framework for Julia.

 Julia Web Framework


  • It is simply the ORM layer of Genie.jl

5. Dance

In short, Dance.jl is just a Data science focussed web framework for the Julia language.


  • Most importantly, it is of great value because you can use it as a starting base for new projects. In addition, it can also be used as a web layer addition for projects that are not new.

6. Tweet-stats

Tweet-stats is simply a high-productive web framework for Julia.


  • In conclusion, it’s a demo application for Genie.jl

7. Pivot.Jl

Pivot.jl is simply a micro web framework for Julia.


  • It makes use of Handlebars.jl for finding Julia Html Templating Library
  • Pivot.jl can be used for creating promotional websites

8. Jude

In short, Jude is just an MVC web framework that is written in the Julia programming language.


  • Open Source

9. Albert.jl

This is simply an experiment for a science-oriented content management system.


  • It relies so much on Genie.jl web framework for Julia

10. DanceWebpack

This is simply a plugin for the easy integration of Webpack and NodeJS environment into Dance.jl project.


  • A Webpack plugin for DanceJL
  • In conclusion, it removes abstraction in setting up frontend environment for an average web developer 

11. Flax

Most importantly, Flax is simply known as the view layer and the templating engine for the Genie web framework.



  • Firstly, it is based on HTML
  • In conclusion, it’s highly optimized

12. Julia-Genie-MySQL-Sample

In short, this is simply a sample code in the Julia programming language.


  • In conclusion, it depends on the Genie web framework that’s connected to MYSQL


Any Julia developer will find the fantastic top web frameworks we have listed and explained in this article very useful. We genuinely hope you have found one for yourself for your next project.