15 Best Vue UI Kit

Imagine if you could make Vue development faster, and see an instant boost in your workflow.

or even better:

What if there were  15 best Vue UI Kit to choose from.

…and each of them could make your development faster and easier?

You’d probably be pumped to read about them.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post:

15 Best Vue UI Kit

Vue developers always see Vue UI kit as an extensive collection of already-made resources.

For example, some common ones are buttons, checkboxes, etc. To sum up, this article entails top Vue UI kits you can find instrumental to ease your work while developing.

1. Xtreme Vuesax Admin

Xtreme Vuesax Admin is easy to use and powerful VueJs admin dashboard template based on Vue CLI, Vuex & Vuesax component framework.

It comes easy to use features and it is highly customisable. You can create nice looking applications or product using our Free Vuesax admin template.


  • You will get more than 75+ unique UI Components.
  • Included 6 color schemes with Xtreme vuesax admin.
  • Options available to select suitable layout for your project.
  • Included more than 2000 Premium Font Icons

2. Material Kit

Material UI kit for Vue is based on Google’s material design. In addition, it also comes in other versions, for example, React, Bootstrap 4, React Native, etc.

GitHub – creativetimofficial/vue-material-kit: Vue Material Kit …


  • Free and Open Source
  • It’s very compatible with modern browsers, for instance, Chrome, Safari, IE, Opera, etc.

3. AT UI

AT-UI is best described as a modular front-end UI framework that’s based on Vue.js. Furthermore, it’s used for building quick and strong web interfaces.

Vue.js Examples
A fresh and flat UI-Kit specially for desktop application with Vue …


  • Highly dependent on Vue
  • It supports major common browsers and IE9+

4. Vue Now UI Kit

Invision and Creative Tim created this Vue-Now-UI-Kit as a free responsive UI Kit.

Creative Tim
Vue Now UI Kit – Free Vue.js UI Kit for Bootstrap 4 @ Creative Tim


  • Firstly, Gorgeous and cross-platform
  • Secondly, it has over 50 elements and 3 templates
  • To sum up, it’s saved in PSD and Sketch formats

5. Shards Vue

Above all, Shards-Vue is simply a free modular Vue.js UI kit that depends on shards.

Shards Vue – High-Quality & Free Vue UI Kit – DesignRevision


  • So easy on the eyes
  • In addition, it is developed using Shards UI Kit, noUiSlider and vuejs-datepicker

6. Vue-Velocity

Vue-Velocity is simply a collection of components that’s based on velocity UI kit. Furthermore, it is created by Invasion.

Vue Velocity


  • Most importantly, it’s created using Vuejs, Vue-cli and TailwindCss, etc.

7. Vue Material Kit Pro

Firstly, Vue-material-kit-pro depends on Vue material and Vue.js. Developers so much love it because it helps you get started as soon as possible.



  • It is so easy on the eyes
  • It’s not so difficult to use but you must be slightly familiar with Javascript, Vue.js, and Vue-Router.

8. Material Design Ghost

Most importantly, the team behind the creation of Material-Design-Ghost took inspiration from the Material Design owned by Google. In addition, it has many versions, for example, Vue.js, React, HTML, Figma, WordPress, Ghost, etc.

Material Design Ghost


  • Firstly, it contains only fully coded components
  • Secondly, it’s so compatible with Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera

9. Bamburgh Vue.js UI Kit

Certainly, Bamburgh-Vue.js-UI-Kit is simply a free feature-rich UI kit.

Bamburgh Vuejs UI System


  • To sum up, it contains the most popular and reasonable elements

10. Vuesky

To sum up, Vuesky is just a UI kit for frontend development.


  • It is so easy to use
  • In conclusion, it’s highly customizable

11. Liphu-UI

Liphu-UI is best described as a Vue component library.


  • Firstly, it comes with elegant and simple styles
  • It is designed to be so simple to use
  • In conclusion, it’s highly customizable

12. Electron-vue-element-start-kit

Electron-vue-element-start-kit is best described as a start kit for Electron, Vue, and Element-UI.

How To Make A Windows App With Vue.js And Electron – DataSeries …


  • It’s so compatible with Eslint and SaSS

13. Vue Slateblue UI

This UI kit for Vue is simply an open-source UI kit designed specifically for users that are excited about Vue.

Vue Slateblue UI


  • It so much depends on Bootcatch Slateblue Theme

14. Vue Blossom Design System

In short, Vue-Blossom-Design-System is just an open-source UI kit for anyone interested in Vue.


  • It is based on Bootcatch Blossom Theme

15. Vue Hero Design System

Vue-Hero-Design-System can be best described as an open-source UI kit for users that are skilled working with Vue.

Design Systems Zero To Hero 🎉 – ITNEXT


  • It so much depends on Bootcatch Hero Theme


Most importantly, the above Vue UI kits will be so useful to you in your next project development. Furthermore, they will spare you lots of time while you focus on other things concerned with your project development. In conclusion, study them carefully and so you can choose your preference.

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