An online store manager often combines the responsibilities of both an administrator and a sales consultant in one person. Each of these areas is important in its way, but still, the main task of such a specialist in sales.

You can draw a clear analogy with offline stores – the professionalism and behavior of the sales consultant often determine whether a potential customer will decide to buy, or go to another store nearby.

We have created for you a list of proven tips that online store managers can use in their work to increase sales and the number of satisfied customers. If you sell on Shopify, the first thing to do to increase sales is to start migrating from Shopify to WooCommerce.

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Identify the Real Need

One of the most common mistakes in sales is that the manager of the online store does not ask the customer clarifying questions that would allow them to determine their real need. In this case, it is much more difficult to deal with objections and the probability of a successful order is reduced. At some point, the conversation will simply go in the wrong direction.

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To avoid this, ask a series of leading questions that would allow you to understand the real problem that a person is trying to solve by buying. This will make it easier for you to make arguments in favor of the decision to buy the product that the potential customer is asking you about.

Offer a Solution to the Problem, not the Characteristics

For people not “on the topic”, the technical characteristics often do not say anything. A person may not understand the difference between polyester and cotton, as well as a camera with an electronic viewfinder and a classic pentaprism. And chooses as a result of appearance or other people’s reviews.

To increase the probability of a successful order, it is more profitable to simply help the customer make the best choice, and explain to him how certain characteristics of the product will help in solving the task before him.

Because one item of clothing may be waterproof and another may be hypoallergenic, one lens is better for portraits and another for shooting on city streets. And such an explanation is much clearer to everyone than simply listing the indicators.

Suggest Alternatives

The buyer does not always know what he needs. For example, if a person is interested in photography and buys his first camera, most likely he made a decision based on other people’s reviews and reviews and is not 100% sure what exactly he needs.

In this case, an experienced consultant in this field can offer a more profitable and appropriate alternative: 

  • understanding the goals; 
  • needs;
  • opportunities. 

If you do not just sell, but help with the choice, it has a very positive effect on the level of loyalty to the online store.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about making your customers happy, helping them make the right choices, and leaving a good impression on their online store. Virtually everything comes down to a good understanding of what you are selling, and strive to understand the real needs of customers.