It is one heck of a disappointment when it’s time to combat your online gaming rival and you find your PS4 returning error code: WS-37403-7. This error is quite complicated because it is new to users and even to Sony. When this error surfaces, users are unable to connect the gaming console to the internet, so access to the apps store, online games, and connectivity with fellow gamers becomes a no.

Considering the complicated nature of this bug, it is ideal to backtrack to discover what one has done wrong, then one can know how to solve the error. To save users the headache, some of the more popular causes of this anomaly include:

Maintenance Breaks: After the PS4 undergoes a routine update, the servers usually go offline in what is called maintenance breaks, during this period, internet connectivity cannot be done which might result in such an error.

Outdated Software: Devices with software that is not up to date usually spring up numerous errors and behavior problems such as the WS-37403-7.

Incorrect DNS: There are cases where the DNS settings on the PS4 console might have been tampered with or outright incorrect.

Best Solutions to Solve Error WS-37403-7

Getting solutions to this error can be quite problematic, it is a freshly discovered problem, so working solutions are few and far between, but the following solutions, if thoroughly followed should do the trick.

Restart Your Devices

Before diving into deeper, more sophisticated solutions, it’s best to just do a thorough restart of both the PS4 console and the WLAN. Device restarts are the simplest way to solve most problems as the issue might have arisen due to a slight hitch in the operations of the gaming console. Restarting your WLAN devices could also help solve the problem of an unstable network connection which might be the reason for the WS-37403-7 error.

Check PSN Settings

The connection between the PS4 and WLAN is made possible because of the PlayStation Network (PSN) which can also be problematic, thereby bringing up such errors as the WS-37403-7. To check the status, head over to Settings, then Network and click View Status of PlayStation Network Services.

Updating PS4

As mentioned earlier, an outdated PS4 can be quite a headache as it can result in all forms of errors and system problems, just like the WS-37403-7 we are currently trying to solve. Also updating the gaming console can help correct corrupted parts of the PS4 software.

Check that DNS Configuration is Correct

One of the most reported reasons for the WS-37403-7 crisis is an incorrect DNS setting on the PS4 console, thankfully the following steps will help reconfigure the DNS if it is found to be incorrect: 

From the main menu, go to Settings, then Network, select “Set Up Internet Connection” and click on “Custom”. Next, select “Automatic” for IP Addresses and “Do Not Specify” For DHCP Host Name. Then select “Manual” for DNS settings. Now, set the Primary Address to 11. And secondary address to 12. Click on next and that’s it.


The PS4 was released in 2013, the WS-37403-7 error meanwhile didn’t surface until 2019, so it’s normal when one is faced with such a bug. It doesn’t mean the gaming console is damaged, so there’s no reason to hit the panic button yet. Every problem always gets solved and following the instructions above should solve the technical hitch.