Aside from the human body, the virtual world is yet another creation that is highly complex and incomprehensible, it’s amazing how you stumble on one problem trying to solve another just like the problems with Windows Microsoft Multiplexor Protocol.

The network adapter multiplexor protocol is a windows feature that is automatically enabled when connections are initiated between two network adapters, like connecting 2 laptops but often times, network protocol never gets enabled, and it cannot be enabled automatically. 

Why does the Multiplexor Protocol trip off?

These errors emanate for a few reasons:

Outdated Drivers

Most of the operations that carry on under the hood in systems are seamless thanks to drivers and it is imperative that users check that drivers are up to date as outdated drivers spring a myriad of countless issues that a novice computer user might find overwhelming.

Accidentally Deleting Network Adapters

Manually deleting network adapters on a windows system can very much be likened to sacrilege because one such delete could lead to your system falling over like a pack of cards. So even when a system is going through different problems, the last thing to do is delete any of the system’s drivers.


Users who use antivirus software like the Bitdefender might also come across situations where the network adapter multiplexor is unable to activate due to the aggressive nature of the software.

Windows 10 Upgrade

Windows upgrades always need systems to download compatible drivers for that OS. Windows 10 especially, being a major upgrade from the previous OS require driver downloads to function perfectly in order to avert connectivity issues like the Microsoft network adapter multiplexor protocol errors.

How do I Solve this Multiplexor Problem?

The following range of solutions work best:

Check Your Antivirus

Aggressive antivirus software like Bitdefender might serve as a firewall that stops the network adapter multiplexor from triggering when it is needed. So it is advisable that your antivirus is checked thoroughly that it is not blocking connections, after this is checked, the system should be restarted to check whether this issue is resolved. 

Download Drivers

Outdated drivers most times cause all sorts of strange issues on the computer and funnily these error messages get so confusing that users might not even think the error is driver related. So one of the first things to do when facing multiplexor protocol issues to check for updates and download necessary drivers, especially when the system is newly obtained or an OS upgrade has been done.

Reinstall Deleted Drivers

It’s easy to get frustrated when dealing with computer connectivity issues and users might have taken extreme steps like just deleting network drivers which cause the network adapter multiplexor protocol to break. User facing such errors should be head to device manager on the windows system and download the missing or deleted drivers.

System Restore

This solution is more of a last resort as the system restore brings the computer to a state where it was fully functional. Now while such move should most likely solve the network adaptor multiplexor protocol issue, it will erase the settings last saved by the user, so some readjustments might need to be done.


Breaking things on one’s computer is unavoidable and can be quite a challenge, but there’s always a way around these things. It’s best to not panic, and just follow the methods outlined above for best results.