React developed by Facebook is perhaps the most functional front-end JavaScript library.

Unlike similar libraries, it breaks down even the most complex user interfaces into simplified, user-friendly, and reconfigurable components.

Rather than creating everything from scratch, these React Component Library allow you to quickly add new functionalities and features.

What if there were the 21 best React Component Library to choose from.

…and each of them could make your React development faster and easier?

You’d probably be pumped to read about them.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post:

21 amazing and best React Component Library, these React Component Library can make your React Development more productive.

1. React Burger Menu

This is an off-canvas React Component Library that offers you a wide array of styles and effects using CSS transitions.

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  • It allows you to create a wide range of animations such as bubble, push, slide, and others.
  • Leverages modern CSS3 features to ensure that animations are displayed and compatible on all browsers
  • Multi-device and browser compatibility and adaptability

2. React Slick

This is a stunningly elegant and responsive carousel that can be used to create seamless sliders to enhance UI functionality and productivity without compromising beauty.

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  • It offers a wide array of carousel components that can be customized.
  • Creates beautiful and responsive carousel sliders
  • Supports infinite rotation, lazy loading, autoplay, and many more features

3. React Google Map

A highly functional React carousel component designed using Google Maps API. Since it is fully isomorphic, it allows you to render animated components even when the Google Maps API is not running.

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  • Fully isomorphic for facilitating rendering animated components
  • Doesn’t require Google Maps API to be not running for it to operate
  • Comes with an internal hover algorithm

4. React Photo Gallery

This is a highly responsive, customizable, and stateless react photo gallery that you can use to display media responsively and elegantly.

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  • Uses actual image and media elements
  • Does not interfere with the original aspect ratio images,  photos, and videos
  • Allows you to add a custom image and media elements such as favorites and captions

5. React Credit Cards

React Credit Cards is an ultra-modern and stylish credit card tool that can be seamlessly used for making payment forms on a site.

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  • Designed with an in-built card validator that validates the card name and number
  • Can recognize the type of the card be it Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.
  • Supports all types of debit and credit cards

6. React Notification System

This is a complete and customizable react carousel component that comes with a wide array of built features to customize notifications.

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  • It allows you to customize the notifications’ message, action, position, and even title.
  • Optimizes the appearance of notifications
  • Use a top-level HTML element to prevent position conflicts

7. React Player

With this component, you can broadcast and play videos from different URLs such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and file paths.


  • For compatibility, it loads and parses the URL using the appropriate SDK and markup to play videos.
  • It contains several features that can be used to adjust the player height, width, and control volume.
  • Plays videos from different URLs and file paths

8. React Beautiful DnD

This is a comprehensive React Library developed by Atlassian for designing and customizing drag and drop carousel components.

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  • Offer a powerful, functional, and clean API that is easy to work with
  • Designed with a wide array of customization controls and tools
  • Generates smooth animations that are GPU powered
  • These animations respond naturally and appropriately when elements are reordered or picked.

9. React Trend

This React carousel component by Unsplash is ideal for creating beautiful line graphs that can display activity and trending metrics in a detailed way.

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  • Offers a clean minimalist approach
  • Displays beautiful and customizable line graphs
  • A simple and polished solution to display activity metrics

10. React MD Spinner

A material React carousel component that allows you to customize the size, color, and animation speed of your components.

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  • Comes with a friendly interface that is easy to use
  • Designed with 100 percent CSS
  • Doesn’t need any configurations
  • Supports server-side rendering

11. React Vis

This is a comprehensive and holistic collection of components that you can use to visualize and customize common data charts.

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  • Supports a wide range of charts such as bar, area, donut, and line charts
  • Can be used to create heatmaps
  • Easy to set up and configure
  • Offers a comprehensive set of building blocks to create customizable charts

12. React Avatar Editor

This React carousel is basically a picture editor that offers an easy and fast way to customize uploaded profile pictures.

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  • Offers several customizable options such as crop, resize and rotate images
  • Maintains the elements and resolution of the uploaded images
  • The quality of the pictures is not compromised
  • Easy to use

13. React-Grid-Layout

This is a resizable and draggable grid layout system that offers lots of leverage when building sites and apps.


  • It is complete react component that doesn’t require jQuery components
  • Highly compatible with server-rendered applications
  • Offers a wide range of responsive breakpoints
  • Supports static, resizable and drag and drop widgets

14. React Paginate

This react component is perfect for building paginations that can be easily and seamlessly customized with CSS.

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  • Highly scalable and customizable
  • Allows you to add labels for next and previous buttons
  • You can set the range and number of displayed pages

15. Search UI

React library that allows you to quickly implement search experiences without re-inventing the wheel.


  • Speedy Implementation – Build a complete search experience with a few lines of code.
  • Customizable – Tune the components, markup, styles, and behaviors to your liking.
  • Smart URLs – Searches, paging, filtering, and more, are captured in the URL for direct result linking.
  • Headless – Leverage our application logic, provide your own components or views.
  • Flexible front-end – Not just for React. Use with any JavaScript library, even vanilla JavaScript.
  • Flexible back-end – Not just for Elastic App Search. Use it with any backend.

16. Precise-ui

A complete opinionated React component library with minimal dependencies powered ZEISS.

The UI component library contains both, very low-level design elements as well as combined high-level design elements.

React UI components


  • minimal dependencies
  • Repeatable UI designs only take minutes
  • Precise UI can be easily integrated into your frontend project by using npm or yarn

17. use-dark-mode

A custom React Hook to help you implement a “dark mode” component.

It helps you implement a dark mode component for your application. The user setting persists to local storage.

React UI components


  • It shares a dark mode state with all other useDarkMode components on the page.
  • It shares a dark mode state with all other tabs/browser windows.
  • The initial dark mode is queried from the system

18. React Lite UI

A set of lightweight React Components, which are easily customizable and can be bootstrapped in your project.

React UI components


  • Any DOM element can be customized through a simple SASS file. :tada:
  • You can import individual components which don’t affect the bundle size of your app. :confetti_ball:
  • Clean Design with minimal implementation reducing the code that is shipped to your app with pleasant UI. :sunrise_over_mountains:

19. Carbon

Carbon is an OpenSource library of React components for building great web applications.

React UI components


  • Over 50 components and 340 configurations bring your killer app to life.
  • Carbon is beautiful out-of-the-box, down to colors, icons, and style.

20. Mobiscroll

Mobiscroll is a UI library for progressive web apps and hybrid development. Created with a lot of attention to usability and performance.

React UI components


  • 16 customizable controls
  • Single and multiline text
  • Segmented control
  • Alert, confirm and prompt

21. React Ape

React Ape is a react renderer to build UI interfaces using canvas/WebGL. React Ape was built to be an optional React-TV renderer.

It’s mainly a renderer focused on creating things for TV, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, PS3, and low memory devices.

React UI components


  • React Ape support in the production and development environment you use the React Developer Tool.
  • React Ape follows React Native’s concept of “Learn Once Write Anywhere”.


That was a long journey! We hope that you have now an idea of what React Component Library to use depends on your needs and preference.

From the above list which is but a tip of theReact Component Library, you can get a feel of how rich, diverse, and powerful open-source React Component Libraries are.