React Native allows you to use your own UI, but to save time and build your application faster, you can make use of React Native UI libraries.

Imagine if you could make React Native development faster, and see an instant boost in your workflow.

or even better:

What if there were 12 best React Native UI libraries to choose from.

…and each of them could make your development faster and easier?

You’d probably be pumped to read about them.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post:

List of 12 best React Native UI libraries.

  • Native Base
  • React Native Elements
  • Shoutem
  • UI Kitten
  • React Native Material UI
  • React Native Material kit
  • Nachos UI
  • React Native UI Library
  • React Native Paper
  • Teaset
  • React Virgin
  • React Native Android Kit

Tips for choosing the best React Native UI libraries

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a React Native UI library:

1. Make sure the library is compatible with your version of React Native.

2. Check out the community support – look for active GitHub repositories and Stack Overflow questions/answers.

3. Consider the size of the library – you want something lightweight and won’t bloat your app.

4. Make sure the library has good documentation and examples.

5. Try out a few different libraries to see what works best for you.

Brief overview of 12 best React Native UI libraries

1. Native Base

Native Base is a dynamic front-end framework normally used to build cross-platform Android and iOS mobile applications.


  • Sleeky and indigenous
  • 100% open source
  • Productivity on Native Base increases when you make good use of shared UI cross-platform components

2. React Native Elements

React Native Elements is simply a Cross-Platform consistent design. It can be used for Android, IOS and for the web. React Native Element’s main purpose is to enhance a multifunctional UI kit to build applications in the React Native ecosystem.


  • It is very easy to use
  • Created entirely in JavaScript
  • It has in its large-excellent UI components made by developers in the open-source community.

3. Shoutem

Shoutem is a React Native open-source UI toolkit that allows you to import and create content with a powerful CMS tool.


  • It has a simple, affordable and powerful mobile application creator tool that is used for developing Android and iOS applications.
  • Analyzing tool in Shoutem will help you to monitor user behavior and optimize your app’s UI

4. UI Kitten

UI Kitten works on the UI appearance of your application. It creates an environment for you to be able to focus on your business logic.


  • It has a lot of similarities with CSS classes
  • You can easily and completely change the theme of your application without stress by just changing some variables
  • Inbuilt Kitten Tricks platform

5. React Native Material UI

Material UI for React Native enhances the creation of material design components which is one way or the other customizable. It creates React components for implementing Google’s Material Design.


  • It doesn’t depend on any stylesheets
  • Designed for mobile-first application UI

6. React Native Material kit

React Native Material kit is totally a coded application template designed on React Native and Expo. With the use of it, you are able to develop powerful and excellent mobile applications.


  • 200+ handcrafted components
  • 5 customized pages
  • 5 example pages

7. Nachos UI

Nachos UI is known as a React Native component library.


  • 30+ UI components are made available to work with by Nachos UI
  • It provides Jest Snapchat testing
  • The avocado was used in designing it

8. React Native UI Library

React Native UI Library comprises UI toolset and components libraries. A pre-made set of components is provided by React Native UI Library for your usage so that you can quickly make a great application with minimum effort.


  • It contains customizable components
  • Some examples of React Native UI Libraries and toolkits are React Native Vector Icons, React Native Components, Native Base, React Native Forms, etc.

9. React Native Paper

React Native Paper is designed to function with Cross-platform Material Design for React Native. Material Design for React Native is emphasized by it.


  • It components are customizable
  • It supports Android and iOS
  • It follows material design guidelines

10. Teaset

Teaset is another React Native UI Library.


  • 20+ pure JS (ES6) components
  • Minimal documentation
  • It is simple to use and it has a great design

11. React Virgin

React Virgin known for offering elegant React Native UI kit, is a boilerplate UI kit for React Native.


  • Basic Boilerplate including react-navigation 
  • Basic components
  • Horizontal List
  • Vertical list
  • Buttons
  • Header
  • Gridview
  • Chat bubble
  • Loader

12. React Native Android Kit

React Native Android Kit is created for providing a developer with a chance to make use of Android native components that have not been implemented by the React Native core team.


  • React Native Android Kit can work with some components from Android design support library


The above 12 React Native UI libraries are the best you can think of. They are some of the best UI components you can consider using for your React Native applications.

These platforms and tools support the development of your cross-platform mobile applications, web, and SPA application.