Any software business or early-stage startup invests in product development to generate returns and deliver top-notch product quality in order to compete in the crowded market. To achieve these goals, it would help to prioritize quality assurance (QA) and software testing activities in your product development roadmap. The next step is to choose the proper techniques and methods to guide and control the development and testing processes to achieve core business and product goals.

By adopting the software testing life cycle (STLC), your business can solve two problems at once: 1) ensure product quality before the official release by eliminating risks in a timely manner and 2) increase the chances of a return on investment. Let’s consider the role of QA and software testing activities for your business and digital product and evaluate the value you can derive from the software testing life cycle.   

  Key role of the STLC in product development

The software testing life cycle is a set of activities aimed at testing and validating the quality of digital products in parallel with the development process. The key is to implement testing activities as early as possible to validate the testing process from product requirements analysis to the final test cycle evaluation, ensuring that each product release is successfully deployed. Tailoring the software testing life cycle to your core development process can significantly improve development outcomes, increase customer satisfaction, and lead to higher revenues.

In other words, the big idea behind the software testing life cycle is to intensify ongoing testing activities and deploy high-quality digital products. The STLC is valuable in enabling your business to:

Along with the aspects of the STLC that affect your product development, it’s essential to understand that the user experience is directly related to product quality. A full suite of software testing and QA services as part of your STLC can help your business influence users’ product choices and maximize your chances of creating the perfect end product.      

  STLC benefits for your online business

Your commercial success depends on achieving high software quality. The STLC enhances the success of your online business by offering a result-oriented mechanism that allows your QA team to systematically complete each testing activity and guarantee a result after each step. The following STLC benefits hold the most promise for your business:

  STLC benefits for your digital products

During phases of the software testing life cycle, entry requirements, test activities, and exit criteria add value to your digital product’s success in every short iteration. Each separate phase aims to identify product bottlenecks, process gaps, and software bugs to ensure product development is moving” in the right direction. Thus, the software testing life cycle can enhance your product development vision and the whole process of testing your digital products. Benefits of the STLC for your digital products include:


It’s easy for your business to outperform existing software in the market with suitable methodologies such as the STLC for testing and validating digital products. The software testing life cycle helps you tackle risks you may face once your product is released. An efficient software testing life cycle and professional QA services can eliminate doubts about product success with every release.