Completely a New Era ;)

The current Angular 1.x framework cannot work with new web components, as it lends itself to mobile applications and pushes its own module and class API against the standards. To answer these issues, the angularjs team is coming up with the angularjs 2.0 framework. angularjs 2.0 is a reimaging of angularjs 1.x for the modern web browser.

So what is Angular 2? How about we take a gander at its center and characterizing highlights:

  1. a full system with backing for structures, http solicitations, and a great deal more. It’s a finished toolbox to building a web application.
  2. ES6 and TypeScript perfect implying that it plays well with ES6 modules, class frameworks, and has sort support.
  3. Keen Dependency Injection which can be utilized to go in classes and administrations with particular arrangement (over the application) or pass them to be named and utilized under an alternate name. Yet, you can in any case utilize your ES6 modules for anything that doesn’t fit the DI plan. You likewise utilize need to infuse orders for templating.
  4. Effective templating that is basically HTML with sugar language structure that permits you to exploit two-way tying, occasions, and so forth right in your layouts. Worked in mandates take into account considerably all the more effective templating with foreach circles (for of), ngIf and others.
  5. Modular. Angular 2 is broken down to numerous sub-packages

6 . Angular Universal. A task that permits sharing Angular code between different stages. There is work to make Angular work on the back-end and with NativeScript as a component of application improvement.

All of what sounds simply like Angular 1 however it’s equitable so much better. It’s modernized Angular.