In this article, We will be looking at some of the top ASP.NET Templates.

Imagine if you could make ASP.NET development faster, and see an instant boost in your workflow.

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What if there were Top 20 ASP.NET Templates to choose from.

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Top 20 ASP.NET Templates

That being said that let’s highlight the collection of top ASP.NET templates, Free and premium to use in your projects.

1. Argon

ASP.NET Templates

Argon is a freemium, lightweight, adjustable, extendable, and flexible ASP.NET template with various components and elements. It offers a neatly coded backend and front-end. It adapts to many web browsers and popular devices. Argon has 100 components that provide lots of options to manufacture a product that suits your specifications.

2. Appwork

Appwork supports ASP.NET projects. It has 9 layouts that are out of the box and offers support to different frameworks.
Appwork is very competitive because you can use it for projects that are not ASP.NET. It has 59 prebuilt pages, 25 more pages, 10 skins, dark styling and more than 290 UI tools components.

ASP.NET Templates

3. AspStudio

AspStudio is great when working on different projects and applications. It allows you to sort their administration, has various inbuilt layouts, practical and other useful components.
AspStudio provides Unrestricted widget combinations for easy construction of your desired dashboard objective. It has many HTML pages, Font perfect icons, at least 50 gradient and solid colors and at least 30 plugins.


4. Metrica

Metrica has all components you require in an ASP.NET template. Its lightweight and its futuristic design make sure that the content is in a superb view.
It has features such as clean mode, email templates, form validation and profile page. It has a fully responsive layout which area ready-made. The ready-made layouts will help you build admins for analytics, CRM, eCommerce and hospital.

5. Angle

The Angle Template can work on at least 10 framework versions with ASP.NET included. With angle, you can create an extensible and flexible admin that meets your web application preferences.
It has a landing page, a site preloader, sticky navigation, and keeps up with RTL languages. Angel adapts to all known web browsers and devices for steady smooth performance.

6. SmartAdmin

SmartAdmin provides a multifunctional approach when constructing web applications. It has many page options and layouts that allow you to mix and match to get an immediate result.
It comes with two options, either a professional or a newbie web developer. It also accompanied by comprehensive documentation. SmartAdmin enables you to maintain and manage an admin easily, take care of roles, email configurations, users, animations, and passwords.
It has other highlights such as dark mode, table generator, push content, fixed footer, and a preloader.

7. Skote

Skote is a beginner-friendly and multifunctional ASP.NET template used for classifying admin panel. It has some different styles, such as RTL mode and Dark mode. It has 100% response and functions on tablets, desktops and tablets.
It has a wide range of UI elements, practical components and widgets. You can adjust and modify its exhibition to suit your needs.

8. Annex

Annex one of the top ASP.NET template for creating simple to use and powerful admin panels. You can customize it to meet your specifications. Its code easily understandable by experts and beginner coders.
Annex has highlights such as data tables, charts, horizontal and vertical layouts, google, wizard and vector maps.

9. Veltrix

Veltrix functions for a bunch of intentions and projects. It has different design styles with vertical and horizontal navigation, RTL alternative and dark mode.
When using veltrix, you can mix and match different materials to have an awesome outcome. It has email pages, Google maps, form validation invoices and charts.

10. Homer

Homer has 4 different versions. One of them wholly supports ASP.NET. It has great functions and features; analytical components, social board, projects, landing page, widgets, time and time picker, chats, and forum view.

11. Nice Theme Combo

Nice Theme is great for beginners to create ASP.NET panel. It comes in two versions ASP.NET MVC 5 and ASP.NET CORE 2.2.
Nice Theme Combo provides you with 3 different dashboards that have a couple of color combinations. It has heaps of maps, icons, charts, tables, forms, page layouts and widgets. In addition to that, you can turn off and on the established navigation bar.

12. Mono

Mono is a clear-cut ASP.NET template that has many UI components fused in the template. You can find default layouts, components, and elements that satisfy your need but allows room for customization.
Mono works with eCommerce, analytics, CMS, and project management systems. Its highlights contain; two dashboards, vector maps, toaster notifications, and 10 sidebar navigations.

13. GoJazz Theme Combo

Gojazz is suitable for building a practical and powerful ASP.NET admin. It comes in ASP.NET MVC 5 and ASP.NET CORE 2.2 versions.
You can work with the default GoJazz content or decide to customize it to your specifications. You need to have basic knowledge of web development and coding.

14. Vuexy

Vuexy is a premium template that is RTL ready and has advanced features. It has applications such as Email, chat, To-do, calendar, ecommerce and data list.
It comes with over 100 pages, over 50 components and at least 100 cards. Vuexy adapts to browsers such as Safari, Opera, Firefox, edge and chrome. It is usable for web apps such as eCommerce backend, CRM, Education, and Banking.
Note that Vuexy is not an ASP.NET template, but its high quality and ability to be customized makes it easy to integrate with ASP.NET.

ASP.NET Templates

15. Frest

Frest is not an ASP.NET template, but it is easy to integrate it with because it has advanced features. It comes with 6 different demos with dark and light layouts.
Frest has useful applications such as calendar, app invoice, file manager, email, chat and To-do. It adapts with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge and safari. Frest can be used for web apps like E-commerce, CRM, Banking, and education.

ASP.NET Templates


ADMIN LTE is a free/ premium template great for constructing ASP.NET projects. It is easy and fast to use it in development because all its dependencies are already defined. ADMIN LTE is a very responsive template and has other useful plugins.

ASP.NET Templates


Inspinia is a premium/ free template that has a flat design theory. It is a very responsive template constructed with HTML5, CSS3 and 4X framework.
It contains a bunch of recyclable UI components that have jQuery plugins. It is built to support ASP.NET MV5/MV6 frameworks, .NET core 1.0 projects, angular 1.5 frameworks and Meteor Node.js version.

ASP.NET Templates


The Neuboard theme has multiple genres. ASP.NET MVC5 version is developed with Visual Studio 2013 for. NET programmers.
Each project has seed projects that are app starter folder to help you bring up the project and run it. The keyboard theme is premium and has a flat and modern design. It is highly responsive and can be utilized with most dashboards, content management systems, and web applications.

ASP.NET Templates


Materialize admin template is one of the easiest templates that can integrate with MVC5 ASP.NET. It has prebuilt applications such as email, calendar, To-do, Chat and E-commerce.
Materialize has features such as 100+ HTML pages, 4+ unique menus, and over 300 components. It is highly compatible with browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
It is fun, user-friendly, and intuitive. It contains a vast collection of material widgets and design animation, jQuery plugins, UI elements and highly compatible with all major browsers, phones, and tablets.

ASP.NET Templates


Complete is a premium user interface. It supports ASP.NET MVC 6 and comes with 2 menu varieties a fixed menu with an inner scroll and a full-page menu.
MVC5 net core bootstrap template free version has a large number of plugins implemented. It is well designed to support any web project.

ASP.NET Templates


These are the top 20 ASP.NET templates. Each template has its own unique features. Once you have established your project’s requirements, you can choose from any of the above templates and develop quality templates.