In this article, you will learn How to use and enable word wrap in notepad++.

Notepad++ word wrap formats long lines of text by wrapping additional text onto multiple lines.

In order to enable word wrap in Notepad++ follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click on View like below:

Notepad++  word wrap

Step 2 – Click on Word wrap to enable it on Notepad++.

Notepad++  word wrap
enable word wrap

That’s it you have successfully enabled Word wrap in Notepad++.

Using Notepad++ word wrap

Open a text file and follow the steps we discussed above like below:

after clicking on word wrap you will have the following result.

Notepad++ word wrap result

Further, Notepad++ is one of the most preferred text editors and a source code editor with Microsoft Windows. Dark Notepad++ themes make its experience more elegant.