Poor grammar and incorrect spelling can significantly lower the value of any literary work. Going through a massive document in search of proofreading mistakes can take too much time, and there’s always room for human error during the process. With the advent of digital technology, especially since the discovery of natural language processing, software solutions specialized for proofreading and editing became widely accepted. Nowadays, there are dozens of software tools designed to intricately proofread and edit the textual content.

In this article, we’re going to let you in on the top 5 proofreading and editing tools that you can use to polish up your work.

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This is a browser-based software solution that allows you to check and improve grammar, spelling, style, readability, authenticity, and a series of other metrics that concern the quality of your writing. The software also allows you to set details that concern your audience, goals, and the tone you wish to convey so that AI could approach the proofreading process with those reference points as guides. You can keep track of your goal accomplishment as you fix highlighted errors.

The software is free for use, however, there is also a premium version for those that require a full set of features. The paid version also includes human spellcheck help in case you’re not happy with how the machine did its job.


This piece of software checks your grammar and spelling, which could be a challenge when writing college assignments on topics like philosophy. PerfectIt can check your wording for consistency or make sure all abbreviations are explained so that your essay could one day serve as a topic for inspiration. PerfectIt is premium software that integrates with MS Word or other textual processors to make sure you deliver meaningful essays on philosophical topics, research papers that are easy to read, or web copy that makes resonates with your audience. 

There’s no limit to the number of pages that you can scan which makes it perfect for college and high school essays when there’s a lot of content to check.


Powerful proofreading and editing tool that offers a free version available as a browser-based software with limited functionalities. However, the premium version of this product is available with all major operating systems, device types, word processors, and browsers. There’s no limit to the amount of text you can scan, and the scan reports include repetitiveness, vague wording, cliches, and suggestions for improvement of your overall writing and style.

What puts ProWritingAid on our list are in-app suggestions, explanations, and other forms of learning components that help users improve their writing and editing skills. 


Spellchecking, grammar, and rephrasing tool that’s very restrictive when used as a free version. Without payment, you can process only 300 words at a time, and you also get limited software capability. 

Sociology students often spend hours researching inspiration samples on Samplius to get best resources for their essays. This proofreading tool allows students to trim the time it takes to edit an assignment and dedicate more strength to finding new interesting topics for essays. Ginger’s premium version offers a wide array of editing tools that can take away hours of manual labor that’s better invested in research and analysis of sociology essay samples. 


Another browser-based software solution that’s free for use and mainly aimed at those users that need to fix style errors and improve readability for SEO purposes. What separates Hemingway from all other proofreading apps is that it color-codes text for errors. This way you can easily proofread your work, learn which types of mistakes you commonly make, and decide whether or not you wish to change certain parts of your text. 

The app also marks over-complicated sentences, use of words that don’t fit the context or tone, passive voice use, and many useful metrics that you can use to improve your writing performance. The fact that it requires no download or account makes it one of the least complicated tools to use on the market.


This list consists of software solutions that do more than promise great results. Each of the tools presented in this article services an ever-growing list of professionals, college and high school students, as well as individuals that wish to improve their writing skills disregarding if it’s their first or second language. All of these pieces of software, however, can improve your work only to a certain point, the rest is up to you.