Improvements and updates are the key to success. This is especially true of commercial web resources, where there is a fierce battle for the attention of the client, and in order to remain the best, you need to offer something unique. In the race for leadership, trying to bypass the giants of the commercial sector is unlikely to succeed without multi-million dollar investments. Therefore, it is appropriate to focus on the already presented and gaining momentum trends.

Speaking about SAAS WebSite Design, first of all, you need to take into account the peculiarities of the technology, which allows you to quickly load a page of a site or application. In turn, this creates an excellent ground for putting popular concepts into practice. As part of the material, I would like to acquaint the reader with a trend in design that is in demand and has a potential for development.

Getting to know the system

SaaS in English means “software as a service“, and it is this definition that best describes the entire project. Such a system allows the software to be distributed and used over the Internet. The user does not own the software, so he does not need to install it on his computer or maintain it. All responsibilities related to:

  • update,
  • management;
  • and technical support always remain with the service provider.

This is definitely a huge step up from the previous model, which was founded and in most cases ended up with a software purchase. SaaS turns the traditional model upside down and offers a powerful tool that you don’t have to buy yourself. In return for a subscription fee, the new user gets access to the platform from the service provider and, after entering his own username and password, can fully use all the functions of the software.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SaaS?

There are a number of benefits to using SaaS services and software in your own enterprise:

  • First of all, it allows you to start using the program at any time, without the need for installation, guarantees freedom and increases the mobility of entrepreneurs.
  • In addition, the SaaS system allows you to reduce the costs associated with the purchase of equipment and infrastructure expansion in the company, especially associated with the purchase of servers and freeing up space for these devices.
  • The significantly higher cost of acquiring certain software is reduced in favor of a relatively lower subscription fee.
  • There are also costs associated with upgrading a previously purchased product and maintaining it. For SaaS software, these services are included in the subscription fee.

SaaS is a technology that still raises some concerns. The biggest disadvantage is the complete dependence on the Internet, while the most common doubts are related to the fact that the distributor is trusted to serve all the important company data.

Among the services that are most often available through the SaaS system are:

accounting packages;

  • CRM applications for customer relationship management;
  • and systems supporting HR work
  • The SaaS service sector is evolving rapidly, and this trend is expected to continue in the future.

Minimalist style

When we deal with the trend of minimalism in web design in Ecommerce, this is just one aspect of a broader topic. Because the concept does not come from and is not limited to design. All approaches to design, design, and whatever they are called, are moving in the direction of minimalism. When it comes to minimalism in presentation, it means:

  • Icons are visually simplified;
  • colors are significantly reduced;
  • and there are a lot of gaps in the pages.

This is a very promising approach that provides low follow-up costs while adapting web designs and improving Ecommerce SEO. Successful examples of the application of the minimalist concept can be found by following the link Further, Modern Ecommerce websites seem to be more balanced, calm, and manageable. It’s good. But in reality, this is only part of what can be achieved.

Minimalism as a design philosophy

Product design over the past few decades has also shown that minimalist approaches are highly successful. Famous product designer Dieter Rams has always tried to keep his products so minimal that they almost no longer had a user interface to explain. To this day, Apple builds on Rams’ approach and uses them very successfully as well. The concept is simple and logical:

  • In a minimalist workplace, people work more focused. This makes sense: the simpler the product design, the easier it is to use, the lower the threshold by which a potential operator can deal with the product.
  • Nobody likes to read manuals. This is why it is important not only to write a good guide, but above all to make sure in advance that there are as few elements as possible to be explained. Then the leadership will be correspondingly subtle.
  • Minimalism in web design: when the web gets very small
  • Minimalism exists at all levels. You can always simplify something else. Of course, you should remember the famous saying of Albert Einstein, which says: Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.

In web design, you are very trendy if you take one of the modern approaches and thus create a minimalist web design. However, this rather superficial consideration of layout, pure optics is not enough to speak of a true minimalist web design trend. This requires additional elements.

Goal definition: what should the website achieve?

Particularly in web design, the mistake of filling websites with any existing content is often the fault of the client. This is based on the idea that at the end of the day you have unlimited space on the web. So why not show the 2009 Annual Report as well?

However, keeping minimalism in mind, you should do the exact opposite and pretend that there is really little space. Good to think about:

  • What is the purpose of the planned website?
  • Will she be of interest?
  • Should she carry a message?
  • If so, what about?

Goals and objectives will change from project to project, as will trends in the application of design ideas.