Visual Studio Code is one of the Microsoft code editors that support multiple programming languages.

Being free and open-source, you can download and use it anytime and it works with all the operating systems.

It is very versatile and with the help of plugins and themes, your coding experience will be awesome with a unique look and feel that will create a pleasant environment for your productivity to thrive.

Visual Studio Code comes with some of the default themes that you do not require to install. You can download and install as many themes as possible.

Here are the 21 best VScode themes that will help you to change the appearance according to your preferred style.

1. Winter is coming light

Winter is coming light is a collection of 5 Visual Studio Code color themes namely; light, dack black, dark black no italics, dark blue and dark blue no italics. They come together as a package so it is necessary to install all of them even when you need one of them. It adds visible fonts to a light background which is best suited for daylight conditions.


  • Light background perfect for daylight conditions
  • It adds highly visible fonts

2. Material Light

Material light is for you if you are a fan of Material Design. If you like the Material Design looks, you need to integrate with the Material Design Icon theme to change all the icons to Material icons in the entire editor interface.


  • Material Design looks
  • You can integrate with Material Icon Themes to change the entire editor’s looks.

3. Bluloco Light

Blucoco is one of the carefully designed light color themes. The colors in Blucoco reassures that research was done before arriving at the colors. You can switch between dark and light Blucoco if you want to.


  • You can switch between light and dark without problems
  • Breathtaking color choices

4. Snazzy Light

Snazzy Light is a theme with light color and clear and brighter colors. Its Light theme is best for bright ambient conditions.


  • It has clear and bright colors suitable for bright ambient conditions
  • Makes use of syntax highlighting examples

5. Noxtis Lux – Visual Studio Code

Noctis is a Visual Studio Code theme with 8 dark and 3 light colors. It helps to reduce eye strain with its light warm orange background.


  • light warm orange background
  • It reduces eye strains

6. Sandstorm

Sandstorm is a darkish Visual Studio Code theme that is neither based on black, grey nor bluey tint, common in dark UI themes. It has two variations; classic and darker.


  • Only suitable for late-night coding
  • No black, grey or blue tint

7. Shades of Purple

Shades of purple is an elegant purple based color theme that uses yellow, green and orange variants for highlighting syntax.


  • One of the most popular Visual Studio Code themes in the marketplace
  • Elegant

8. Night Owl

Night Owl is a Visual Studio Code theme that was created with night users in mind. Frequent night workers will fall in love with Night Owl. It works better for people with color blindness. Night Owl light can work during the daylight conditions.


  • Can work better for people with color blindness
  • Designed for night workers.

9. Dracula Official

Dracula Official is a Visual Studio Code official theme as the name suggests. It has been implemented in many code editors such as Vim, Xcode, Atom, Sublime Text and Note++. Dracula is great for those who cannot stand light for long.


  • It has dark and distinct colors
  • Dracula soft is included in the package if you cannot do with Dracula Official

10. One Dark Pro

One Dark Pro is the version of the Visual Studio Code from default Atom’s One Dark UI theme. If you are from Atom and still nostalgic about it, you can get the feel and look of Atom with this.


  • It comes with three versions namely vivid, classic and bold
  • Has feels and looks of Atom

11. Synth Wave ’84

Synth Wave ’84 is a Visual Studio Code theme with awsome neon colors, wild ingredients, and flipping glow.


  • Awsome glows
  • Neon colors

12. Arbiter

Arbiter is a Visual Studio Code theme that is easy on the eyes but still visible enough. It is a cool theme you should try if you are tired of other themes and I promise you, It has never disappointed.

13. Vue theme

Vue theme was created by their founders with Vue fans in mind. It has plenty of color choices and highlightings to show open where braces are open and closed.


  • Different color choices
  • Highlighting to show braces

14. Slack Theme

The slack theme is a Visual Studio Code theme with slack interface looks. At first, you might wonder how you can use this theme but I dare you to try it and you will fall in love with it. You might even consider using it full time in your coding.


  • Slack interface
  • Nice color choices

15. Rainglow

Rainglow theme is possibly yours if you are looking for a Visual Studio Code theme with multiple built-in themes. It leaves the coders with a bunch of color combinations to choose from.


  • Different color combinations to choose from
  • Multiple themes in one package

16. One dark pro

One dark pro is One of the best VScode theme ported from the Atom and one of the most downloaded themes for VS Code!

17. Material Theme

The material theme is well documented  & brings the Material Design visual language to your Vs Code. This Vscode theme has lots of customization options.

18. Material Palenight Theme

An elegant and juicy material-like theme for Visual Studio Code.

19. One Monokai Theme

A cross between Monokai and One Dark theme

20. FlatUI

Flat & modern syntax theme for vs code

21. Hopscotch

Color scheme inspired by the Hopscotch learning platform for kids.


I hope this article has helped you in the search for good Visual Studio Code themes that fits and pleases your eyes. Consider also the fact that if you are not successful in your search for better themes you can still customize the existing ones and you are good. If you know one that you think is the best please let me know in the comments.

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