In this technological era, we found decorations to be very exquisite, appealing and adorable. Monogram Fonts are responsible for decorations. There exist fonts the one can be used for decorations as well as in writing depending on the intended purpose. In this article, we are going to discuss 17 Best Free Monogram Fonts that you can easily use.

Monograms are large letters that are uniquely decorated and are mainly used in executing a variety of designs. These Monogram fonts can be used on a variety of writings such as; business cards, personal or business logos, brochures, stationery, wedding invitations, etc. These Monogram fonts are also used in carrying out DIY hacks and templates in embroidery.


1. Square Caps

This monogram font has glyphs. These are elemental symbols within an agreed set of symbols intended to represent a readable character for the purpose of writing. It, therefore, uses a unique and specific approach to the uppercase letters. It is best used for a picture-book and a fairy tale story books.

Pros of using Square Caps

  • It has glyphs which makes it easy to use.
  • It is easily readable
  • Can best be used in picture-books and fairy tale storybooks

Cons of using Square Caps

  • Can only use squares in the decorations.


2. Apex Lake

Apex Lake Monogram Font uses a double frame in decorating each letter. The frame surrounds each letter. It uses a bit of a Victorian touch on its decoration. Apex Lake combines various ornaments to achieve a great outcome. It is suitable for any kind of design that you would wish to use it for.

2.0.1. Pros of using Apex Lake

  • It has a Victorian touch that makes it outstanding.
  • It easily combines a variety of incomes in its decoration.

      2.0.2. Cons of using Apex Lake

  • One can a problem using a combination of various ornaments



3. FreeMonogram

This is a well-known monogram font. It requires less effort to execute it in your writing or decorating. This is because it has a simple and classic look. FreeMonogram is best used in wedding invitations, embroidered on a pillow or a cushion.  

3.0.1. Pros of using FreeMonogram

  • It is simple and classy looking
  • Best suitable for wedding invitations and in embroidering

      3.0.2. Cons of using FreeMonogram

  • It can only be suitable for making wedding invitations and embroidery


4. Freebooter Script

This Monogram Font has a touch of the traditional monogram font. It is easy to read therefore, one can typically use it to write a whole article, paragraph or text without worries. Freebooter Script offers great support for characters that are extending.

4.0.1. Pros of using Freebooter Script

  • It is easily readable.
  • It is simple to execute.
  • One can use it in a full paragraph or text when writing.

    4.0.2. Cons of using  Freebooter Script

  • Due to its traditional feature, it is less preferable.


5. TrajanusBricks

  This Monogram Font is a geometric font with 2 variants as seen in the photos above. The uppercase has borders around the letters while in the lower case, characters have no border. Thus one can use the uppercase for beauty and captivity.

    3.0.1. Pros of using TrajanusBricks

  • Has two variants which give the user an option
  • The border around the characters makes them unique

    3.0.2. Cons of using TrajanusBricks

  • The two variants can cause confusion when used


6. Little Lord Fontleroy

This Monogram Font is very popular these days. It is mostly used in DIY hacks especially in circles because of its outline effect. This makes it easy to execute. Little Lord Fontleroy is best used on textiles when doing embroidery, digital documents, and projects.

6.0.1. Pros of using Little Lord Fontleroy

  • It’s easily readable
  • Simple to use in decoration purposes.

6.0.2. Cons of using Little Lord Fontleroy

  • Can best be used in Circles especially in embroidery.


7. Sortefax

This is a very unique monogram font that offers a couple of services. It has 3 styles that are captivating, thin swashes as well as thick strokes. Sortefax has a set of large characters which makes it suitable for writing titles and initials in writing.

7.0.1. Pros of using Sortefax

  • Has a large set of characters which makes it suitable
  • Best used  in Titles and Initials

7.0.2. Cons of using Sortefax

  • It’s only best in writing initials and titles.



8. Preciosa

Preciosa gives a unique outline effect of flowers in the characters. This is because of its thick strokes making it easier to include the flowery decorations.

8.0.1. Pros of using Preciosa

  • It is easily readable
  • Easy and simple to use

                 Uses Flowery ornaments in decorating which makes it eye-catching.

      8.0.2. Cons of using Preciosa

  • This Monogram font is unusual for Initials.

9. Lovers Quarrel

If you are looking for a stylish monogram font then Lovers Quarrel is the option for you. Lovers Quarrel has elegant swashes on the characters at the uppercase. It is best suitable for wedding cards and other related decorations that require writing.

9.0.1.Pros of using Lovers Quarrel.

  • Easily readable
  • Swift and  simple to execute

      Best suitable for wedding invitations

9.0.2. Cons of using Lovers Quarrel

  • Can only  be best used on wedding invitations

10. Sail

This is a very simple and splendid monogram font. It is easily readable due to its thin swashes. It is best suitable for Initials, and posters.

10.0.1. Pros of using Sail

  • Easily readable
  • Best suitable for Initials, posters, and Titles

10.0.2. Cons of using Sail

  • Can only be appealing on Posters, Initials, and Titles.


11. Itsadzoke

This monogram font offers great support for extended characters. This font is available in a couple of styles that gives a person options to consider in writing and decorating. Itsadzoke is best used for Initials and headlines. It has a unique feature of mixing characters from the lower and upper cases.

11.0.1. Pros of using Itsadzoke

  • Easily readable
  • Best suitable for Initials and Headings
  • Has a couple of styles which gives the user options to consider.

11.0.2. Cons  of using Itsadzoke

  • One may mistakenly mix the styles when writing.


12. Riesling

Looking for a thin font for your monogram? Riesling is the solution. It is pretty, classy and thin which makes it outstanding. Reisling is best suitable for smooth initials, designs, and headlines.

12.0.1. Pros of using Riesling

  • Simple and easily readable.
  • Best suitable for smooth initials, designs, and headlines.

12.0.2.Cons of using Riesling

  • Its thin characters cannot be easily visible to people with visual problems.



13. Black Rose

    This Monogram font is thick and easily readable. The characters in the lowercase are very clear and can easily be read by anyone. Black Rose is best suited for Casual designs as well as formal designs.

13.0.1.Pros of using Black Rose

  • It is easily readable.
  • It is very clear
  • Has magnificent visual effects

13.0.2. Cons of using Black Rose

  • Can only be suitable for casual and formal designs

14. Maravilloso

If you are looking for a monogram font that is different and specific, Maravilloso is the answer. It has a bit thick strokes. The characters in Maravilloso are encircled. Best used for titles and logos.

14.0.1. Pros of using Maravilloso

  • Works best for an unconventional type of design.
  • Easily readable.
  • Best used for titles and logos.

     14.0.2. Cons of using Maravilloso

  • Cannot be used for monograms in a conventional type of design.

15. Caslon Initials

This Monogram Font is used by a large number of people. It has 2 variants that are Calligraphic and regular. The two variants can be combined for better and captivating effects in writing. It is recommended for any type of design one could wish for.

15.0.1. Pros of using Caslon Initials

  • It is preferred by many.
  • Has two variants regular and calligraphic which give the user options to consider.
  • Can be used for any type of design.

15.0.2. Cons of using Caslon Initials

  • One may confuse between the two variants that are regular and calligraphic.



16. Dearest

You have ever come across a Medieval scroll or manuscript. The fonts used back in the Medieval era is the same as that of Dearest Monogram Font. This font is suitable for Initials due to its captivating features.

16.0.1. Pros of using Dearest.

  • It is easily readable.
  • Has a unique design like that used in the Medieval era.
  • Suitable for Initials

16.0.2. Cons of using Dearest

  • Can only be  best used on Initials


17. Selfish


This monogram font has quite extravagant and specific features. Selfish has incredible flowing swashes as well as an ‘overwritten’ effect. One can mistake it for casual handwriting. It is easily readable and preferable. Selfish is best suitable for signatures, and Initials.


17.0.1. Pros of using Selfish

  • It has extravagant features which make it unique.
  • Looks similar to casual handwriting.
  • Best suited for Initials and signatures.

17.0.2 Cons of using Selfish

  • Can be confusing due to its extravagant and  ‘overwritten’ features.



Using the best monogram font can make your work simple and quick. Monogram fonts are usually free hence can be accessed by anyone. Hence, as a user, your obligation is to choose a suitable monogram font that is well purposed for that design that you looking for.