The 90s period is marked by iconic fashion trends and attractive, bright, and bold graphic designs aimed at attracting the target audience. These forms of typography and fonts were specially formulated to capture attention.   

The 1990s designs were initially taking off in terms of details, color, and motion. Living rooms worldwide were entertained by sitcoms like “Full House” and “Friends.” The millennial generation revolutionized the ’90s era.       

The millennial generation can be termed bold, which made them come up with cool font designs, improving the ’80s approach. Product promotion was gaining popularity, which sparked mass adverting, taking graphics design a higher notch. Pop culture was fuelled by increased purchasing power due to economic stability in the ’80s.  

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Graphics designers have been using these remarkable designs to entice their audience. Let’s dive in and cover some of the best ’90s fonts that are also being used currently. They can be applied for professional and home projects. 

1. Thunderstorm 

90s Fonts

This design has captivating and edgy elements that make it stand out. It has a style and colors that will remind you of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Saved by the Bell.” Fonts from the ’90s incorporated geometrical shapes. This form of the face works excellently while creating a hand-painted style cut design. This lettering technique saw the creation of a disco-inspired design that was used for packaging. During the ’90s, graphic designers mainly used it on CDs sold in music outlet stores.  


2. Moon Slayer

Moon Slayer Font - 90s Fonts

This font was used to write a diverse range of languages and is ideal for big displays aiming to capture attention.

The Moon Slayer design was popular among publishers and was used for book title covers. Consequently, a book would easily stand out on shelves with this handwritten font design.   


3. Nineties Headliner

90s Fonts

This is a great sans typeface that has a ’90s feel. As its title reckons, this font was primarily used to write newspaper headlines. Besides, it was seamlessly blended with the “Perfect Nineties” font. Even with no special characters, this font is iconic over the millennial innovation decade.  


4. Astrovans

90s Fonts

This all-caps font was used for display in the ’90s. The typeface can be applied in vintage graphic designs which require a feminine touch.


5. Renstoria


Renteria is a classy serif font used to decorate fashion events during gallery displays. Designers used it to promote art and fashion. It was applied in both print and screen to portray an iconic appearance. This lettering format is the foundation behind the boutique designs used on social media platforms.   


6. Wasted Youth

 Wasted Youth

A bold and bright font has a brush technique writing. The Wasted Youth font was used to create headliners by ’90s bands. It is flexible and perfectly uses lower and upper case lettering. The brush strokes help graphic designers to create eye-catching color combinations. It can be applied to numerous projects because it is an open-type font.


7. Broncos


This ’90s typography can best be regarded as a punk-style font. It was used to construct attire designs and album covers. The font has a unique style because it embeds a reverse out, having block outlines. It shares similarities with the mockup, a printing press lettering format. Each letter has a distinct stroke size that makes it outstanding.  


8. Wild Star Font Duo

Wildstar Academy Font - Reguler Studio

This ’90s font has a grunge and gothic approach. Its main graphical element is it allowed for two font styles to be used simultaneously. Graphic designers and marketers applied to brand equipment and clothes targeting the younger generations who preferred punk rock lifestyles.


9. Lacuna Marker Font

Lacuna italic Font Download Free / LegionFonts

Lacuna Marker Font was the main theme for promoting skater culture and surfer wear. This hand-made brush lettering uses an italic font, allowing for a bold and creative display. Therefore, designers can develop a wholesome package with diverse uses.   


10. Block Marys

Wild Star Font Duo

This font from the ’90s is a predecessor of Minecraft. Block Marys is inspired by the Nintendo Gameboy theme widespread among youths during this era. The lettering style is blocky and bold and can be used on a graph system. Designers in the gaming industry can use it to recreate an attractive look.    


11. Memphis Type Collection

MEMPHIS Type Collection

Memphis Type Collection is a font design that is created using varying shapes. It is a lettering technique that uses capital letters. Graphic designers can utilize it to come up with bold commercial displays. This iconic style can be used in vogue designs to replicate a bold decade.


12. Rodagear Script

Rodagear Script

Do you want to create a neon sign or script typeface design? Rodagear script theme font is there for you. It is a perfect choice that can be applied using diverse shading elements to imitate neon light changes. This 90s theme format can be used on many household and commercial projects.


13. Hell Builder

Hell Builder


This font offers you a horror-inspired theme. Hell builder is bound to give your audience a “Goosebumps” reaction. It is a fascinating all-caps theme lettering that recreates a ’90s horror book youths love.


14. Neonblitz


Neonblitz is a font style that offers graphic designers an artistic process when using Adobe Photoshop files and an amazing typeface. This font can be a headliner that works well with neon lights. It is a good choice if you are making bold designs for product packaging too, which places it in the retro font’s class.  


15. Boldie Slab Typeface

14 Free Fonts from Behance for Your Retro Design - Better Tech Tips

This classic ’90s lettering design is a mark of gamers’ paradise. Gaming culture was adopted in the 20th century. Graphic designers have used this multilingual font to reach people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Boldie slab typeface font design has a childlike outlook, making it a perfect typography for gaming graphics.  


16. Nevermind


This retro sans-serif design has both lower and uppercase elements. It recreates the TV and radio waves that were used in the 1960s. Retro designs were common in the ’90s. Therefore, you can use this font as a graphic designer to derive an old-school theme.  


17. The nineties

The nineties

The nineties 90s’ writing font has many iconic elements used in the ’90s. It is an all-caps font that can be used to label products and create book covers and posters. This font differentiates the hippie colors used back then and the clean lines adopted.


18. Bayside


Bayside is a must-have all-caps lettering theme highlighting floral patterns, the beach, and bright colors. It can be applied to logos, brands, and t-shirt graphic designs. It is a key ingredient for designers passionate about marketing the skater culture. It can be used in many ways in 2D and 3D font displays.


19. Sabotase


Sabotase is an improved version of the ’70s and ’80s fonts that uses hand-brushed text. Graphics designers use all caps to deliver a graffiti-themed outlay. It has a sans-serif typeface that uses detailed and bold colors. This handwritten text typography comes in three formats, making it easy to use for screen and print designs.


20. Highrise


A must-have for any graphic designer is an understatement! This is a bold and immaculate font type, as its name suggests. It uses an all-caps font format with a ’90s theme lettering. Its flexible design comes in 12 files that range between regular, bold, and condensed. These usage aspects allow a graphics designer to use a single font theme for both titles and the body of the desired content.  


21. Nimbus


Nimbus is a psychedelic font borrowed from the ’60s and ’90s lettering themes. This writing font from the ’90s is best for album covers because it has fluid strokes, and bold colors, thus creating attractive designs. The numbers have a clear look but a style of letters. Go for this font to give your product a unique verge.    


22. Neon Absolute

Neon Absolute Duo

In the ’90s, punk rock bands were decorated in neon lights, which gave them a beautiful glow. Neon Absolute is a ’90s aesthetic writing font stirred by the ’70s and ’80s fonts in neon signage. You need a font that creates a similar design. This typography style will offer you a diverse range of colors in all-caps elements or a collection of script versions that can be used for posters and large signs.


23. Horsemen 

Lethal Craze - Horror Brush

Horsemen font design is synonymous with having a lot of energy with a clean cut. It is an excellent amalgam of bold and bright colors used for gaming and comics graphics and the horror flick design used in the ’90s. This old-fashioned lettering format is the perfect choice if you have a ’90s-inspired graphics design project for commercial or domestic purposes.


24.The Moonlight

The Moonlight offers much because it has two true-type font aspects and two Opentype characteristics. They include; Adobe Illustrator vector essentials and PNGs. This forms a font that is a complete package. It is a neon light design borrowed from ’80 and ’90s script fonts. You can use it for personal projects such as posters, invitations, or birthday cards, to mention a few.


25. CityPop

CITYPOP Japanese s Retro s

CityPop is a revolutionary font design encompassing most characteristics of the ’90s lifestyle, such as punk rock fashion designs, indie music, gaming, skater culture, and ’90s period designs. A bold style is evident. CityPop lettering approach comes with five different fonts that will throw your audience back to the bold ’90s decade. Any graphics designer can use this font inspired by the following century’s design aesthetic elements.


26. Kafkey


Kafkey borrows designs from the ’60s and ’70 theme lettering, which are clean and fun. This font design has soft curves with a slab serif outlay. This is a graphics design font that is likely to stay updated for a while. It is a favorite among many designers as it easily grabs the target audience’s attention.   


27. Gulfs Display

Gulfs Display

This is a cartoon network-themed font from the ’90s. You can use it to design graphics that target to showcase the ’90s childlike typography. This will spark throwback memories. Mind you, people still love it. The package has 12 fonts, making it applicable to any design project. Use it to illustrate the youthfulness of using bold colors, which were prevalent in the ’90s.


28. Ballore Grayson

Ballore Grayson

Do you want to bring out the hipster in you? Then this font is for you. Use Ballore Grayson for design projects that need a playful font. This ’90s typography is casual, which makes it excellent for t-shirts and other products that target the youth. Ballore Grayson is flexible and bold, making it easily applicable to numerous projects.



29. Tumb


Tumb is a redefined and creative typeface suitable for either pastels or neon colors. It has a striking creative flair for every graphics designer to use. You can play with uppercase letters. That is fun to come up with a typeface with an individual edge. Graphics designers can use this ’90s lettering to market brand designs through print or social media. This is the perfect ingredient for a product promotion campaign.


30. Perfectly Nineties      

Perfectly Nineties 

This is an elegant ’90s lettering that was prevalently used in fashion designs. Perfectly nineties relive the serif feel celebrated in the ’90s. This typography type is black and white compared to other fonts that were mainly loud and colorful. To be a classic, you need this font in your toolbox. Graphics designers use it to create amazing logos.                


31. Strippy


This font draws inspiration from the loud and bold visual presentations from the ’90s. You make use of this font to design posters and other graphics. For instance, it is picture-perfect for commercial ads and creating webpages while providing a vintage ambiance. This font is simple to use for beginners, yet it delivers the statement widely. 


32. Dope


This exceptional ’90s font is perfect for branding, creating headlines, and other types of display. Do you want your project outcomes to be unique? Go for dope; this ’90s script font is a perfect match. It has numerous Latin characters, which designers tap into to meet their graphics needs.   


33. Billy


Are you a fan of ’90s font? I bet you are. Billy is here for you. This is pixel-based typography that will take you back to the hipster era. It helps you develop exquisite packages, branding, or clothing designs. It stars in the sense that the text works well regardless of the background.


34. Bisect Display Font

Bisect Display Font

’90s script font will grace your graphics designs with a deeply nostalgic feeling. Bisect was developed in the ’90s. Nevertheless, it brags about modern elements that make it lose and monolithic. It is ideal for creating text blocks and headers. Consequently, it will make you relay energy and audacity.  


35. Bungee


Most signs tend to go up. You have seen them in high-end retail stores, restaurants, and dumpy liquor stores, to mention a few. The font package includes upper and lower case characters, numbers, and punctuation marks. The most interesting part is that you can use it for horizontal and vertical display designs.


In a Nutshell

The final verdict is that; the 35 ’90s fonts spelled out above prove that graphic designers have numerous options which they can use for inspiration. The ’90s era is marked by remarkable innovation in graphics design. The 35 innovative typefaces listed here epitomize creativity in modern advertisements. Besides, the punk way of life is an integral part of the American culture. These fonts helped market products and services globally. Use them now to create masterworks.