A majority of graphic designers opt for tattoo lettering fonts. They offer an arty hand-drawn appearance to their projects. This article points out cool tattoo fonts that any designer can use to reap the benefits. 

Tattoo fonts have elegant, decorative though inconsistent designs. Thereby, they give your designs a custom-made outlook.

Mind you, tattoo handwriting fonts can be used for print and digital designs. They are excellent for social media posts, flyers, and personal projects such as thank-you notes.

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By large, your designs will get an authentic touch because they will appear handwritten. Stay on the page, please! We have compiled 35 of the best tattoo fonts for you.  

1. Rawuh- Modern Tattoo Font

Tattoo Handwriting Fonts  

This is an up-to-date font that uses tattoo lettering. The font inculcates every aspect required to design modern headings and titles that appear urban. It has both lowercase and uppercase letters and applies to many languages. 


2. Aihet Script- Blackletter Tattoo Font

Tattoo Handwriting Fonts  

Blackletter lettering design is one of the most standard tattoo fonts. It has a blackletter typeface design and an ideal appearance for tattoo art-style projects. Designers prefer it when creating old-school badges and labels. Remarkably, this font has many ligatures and hence provides a wide range of alternatives. 


3. Rools Sling

Tattoo Handwriting Fonts  

Rools Sling is a creative tattoo font that embeds a stylish feel and appearance. Consequently, it is a fantastic ingredient to your designs. It comes with letters that have unique decorative designs and curves. Nonetheless, it has a good number of alternates. 


4. Hewina

Hewina Font

Hewina is an antique la tattoo lettering with Victorian-style letter design elements. Hevina is an excellent font for creating vintage and retro-themed designs. You can use of for making product labels, tattoos, and adverts, to mention a few. 


5. Battom Glory

Tattoo Handwriting Fonts  

Battom Glory is a free typeface. It is inspired by the Chicano street art and way of life to provide a bold, one-of-a-kind aesthetic. This font is a good choice for designing tattoos and prints media such as signage, t-shirt branding, headlines, posters, etc. It has a five-star rating and ranks globally as one of the best tattoo lettering fonts. 


6. Puerto


Are you looking for a fun and exciting tattoo font? Puerto is the best solution. This is an elegant and beautiful typeface. Notably, you can use it for numerous purposes, such as; brochures, posters, logos, and other product promotion. 


7. Tattoo God


Tattoo God is free and the best fit for personal projects. This script letter tattoo design has a feminine tinge owing to its beautiful look. You can use it to make product packages, labels, and tattoos, especially when targeting a feminine audience. 


8. Fasigeko


This is among the boldest and most simple tattoo lettering font designs. Utilize it to stay ahead of the park by portraying creativity. It has multilingual support, ligatures, a smorgasbord, and alternates, among other exciting aspects.  


9. Acuentre


This is a blessed tattoo font, which stylishly provides a classic vintage outlook. Accenture is an excellent option for vintage Victorian-era designs and tattoo projects. This font style has stylistic characters derived from ornaments and ligatures.  


10. Starella Font

Starella Font

As the name indicates, this is a stunning tattoo script font. Imagine! Each letter is decorated in sparkling diamonds. This font has a regular version with a package including many symbols, alphabets, and numbers. More so, it can be used for almost all Latin-European dialects.    


11. Liberok


Liberok is a blackletter tattoo font. Are you seeking to create posters with bold and captivating titles? Then you need this tattoo font in your toolset. Liberok flaunts clean-cut tattoo-style lettering. This font is apt for creating bold banners, flyers, and signage titles.


12. Gatterys

This blackletter-style tattoo font has various handcrafted lettering formats. This font is handy in adding a personalized touch to your design projects. Gatterys is suitable for designing signage, labeling projects, badges, and tattooing.    



13. Fearless


Fearless is an elegant tribal tattoo font that can be used to design elegant logos, headings, and titles. Designers use it to craft signage for beauty parlors, barbershops, salons, and tattoos. This font has many characters, which makes its use flexible.  


14. Chicano

Chicano Font | Tattoo Style

Many graphics designers love Chicano. This design draws inspiration from vintage tattoo designs. Its prominent elements include elegant waves and curves that make it good-looking. Its lowercase letters have swashes and alternates. Uppercase letters also have many ligatures. You can apply it in many projects ranging from digital to print media. You will love it!


15. Bonwick Weaver

Bonwick Weaver Font

Bonwick Weaver borrows most of its elements from Victorian-period typography. The product is a one-of-a-kind tattoo-style lettering. The package includes ingenious substitutes, ligatures, and other elements that help develop appealing typography for various projects. 


16. Myteri

Myteri Script Font

Myteri is freely available for personal use. You can go for it to create simple tattoo-style designs for badges, flyers, and prints. This font has resourceful script-style letters that create attractive designs. 


17. Carpellon


Next on this list is carpellon. It is one of the designer’s favourite tattoo fonts that blend beauty and art. It possesses an attractive aesthetic that will keep your audience glued to it. This font is multilingual and has appealing curvy designs, alternates, and ornaments. With carpellon, demand is met by the package. 


18. Justify

Justify Font

Justify is a free-to-download font that is excellent for personal use and simple designs. The eye-catching font has layered tattoo-style typography. You can go right with it. 


19. Bad Luck

Lucky Dream + Extras

You can easily create outstanding designs with this retro tattoo font. Wrong Luck font is affordable and an excellent addition to your lettering armory. Its uses are also unlimited. 


20. Hornbuckle

Hornbuckle Font

Hornbuckle is a vintage-style tattoo font featuring many substituting characters. It works well if you are developing labels for products like beer and classic drinks brands. It supports many languages and includes glyphs. 


21. Antiques

Antiquesta Font

This is a fine-looking tattoo lettering design that radiates class and affluence. You can always see the point with it. Antiques will help you take your graphics designs up a notch. Indeed, you will be amazed by the project results you are bound to get. 


22. Huntly

Huntly Font

Huntly is available if you intend to get a remarkably one-of-a-kind handwriting style for tattoos. This font will provide an elegant look for all your graphic designs.


23. Santiago

Santiago Font

Classic blackletter tattoo fonts are always fashionable. Santiago works perfectly in creating signage and designing labels. It has many elements that will improve your designs’ creativity, making them more eye-catching. Remembering, it supports many languages.  


24. Millennium

Millennium Typeface

Millennium is an updated blackletter font that can be used to develop futuristic tattoo designs. The font allows for the use of lowercase and uppercase letters and a wide range of symbols. 


25. Wildcats

Wildcats Typeface

Wildcats is a retro self-made tattoo lettering typography with a calligraphy style. It is appropriate when creating headings for product labels, posters, badges, and flyers, to name a few. Wildcats can be used with 17 distinct languages alongside 453 glyphs. Nonetheless, they are numerous alternative characters.  


26. Afterkilly

Afterkilly Font

Here is another free-to-download font that is usable for your projects. Afterkilly has exclusive designs that are best suitable for creating posters and other labels. It also has lowercase and uppercase characters.   


27. Othelie

Othelie Font

This gangster cursive tattoo font has an attractive gothic typography style. Othelie delivers an exemplary typeface display. It applies to creating logos, posters, banners, signage, and many more projects.


28. Rajjah Familia

Rajjah Familia Font

This is a collection of new-era fonts, which have blackletter designs. As the name suggests, the font is a family of cool tattoo number typographies. They are based on 17th-century gothic lettering. Rajjah Familia has four typefaces that vary from light to bold.   


29. Memento


This is an antique serif font with incredible la tattoo decorative attributes. Even if it is an all-caps font, it has other substitute character sets, which do not have too many decorations. These features make it work well for headings and creating bold logos. 


30. Historic


Historic is an artistic lettering font that will make your designs stand out. Its key features include; multilingual application, uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Click the download link below to access it. 


31. Alevattros

Alevattros Font

Here is a unique shading cursive tattoo-lettering font. It is a brilliant choice if you are working on a project to craft logos, business signage, and other modern designs. Alevattros has all the elements that you need. 


32. Carlos Baker

Carlos Baker

Carlos Baker’s self-made tattoo lettering has a Victorian-era theme. Indeed, it is your go-to font when tackling vintage design projects. The font package has numerous international characters and ligatures. 


33. Black Jack

Black Jacky Font

Black Jack is a modern font design with a vintage look and feels that is tattoo inspired. It has bold lettering that makes your designs resemble classic packaging. This font type has 400 hieroglyphic symbols. I bet you will love it.     


34. Goliath

Goliath Font

This particular old-fashioned tattoo script letter font has four varying styles. This la tattoo lettering is supreme for creating retro-themed print media such as business cards, posters, and flyers. Goliath will warrant a Victorian-era appearance for your designs. 


35. Gibrael

Gibrael Script Font

Gibrael is a tattoo handwriting font with an arty appeal. This font goes well with creating logos, business cards, and personal projects. You can create personalized designs because the font has over 600 glyphs and substituting characters.  



The collection expounded above features the most striking tattoo fonts with various decorative styles and designs. The list will help you decide when choosing the best font. These tattoo lettering typographies can be used for posters, real tattoos, greeting cards, and advertisements. We got you!