Top 20 Opensource Python Tkinter Projects

This article will highlight the Top 20 Opensource Python Tkinter Projects which we believe will help you learning Python Tkinter faster.

Imagine if you could make Python Tkinter learning faster, and see an instant boost in your learning.

or even better:

What if there were the opensource Python Tkinter Projects to choose from

…and each of them could make your learning more faster?

You’d probably be pumped to read about them.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post:

Top 20 Opensource Python Tkinter Projects

1. Restaurant Management system

This is an advanced project that you can come up with using the Tkinter library of python. Restaurants can use this application in calculating customer bills effortlessly.
All you do is enter items that a customer has consumed then click a button and the app does all the calculations. It also has a separate calculator that can be used for essential calculations.
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2. Snake Game project

Snake game is one of the legendary games that most of us may have played using the old outdated mobile phones. You can make this game using Tkinter and python.
This is a fun project and will help you learn a lot of things as a programmer.
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3.Tic Tac Toe Game Project

This project is created using the Tkinter library of python. You have probably played this game using paper, haven’t you?
This game Tic-tac-toe ( noughts & crosses, or Os and Xs) is a pencil and paper game where two people participate O, and X. They take turns when marking the gaps of a 3×3 grid. The one that succeeds to place 3 of their marks vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins.
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4. Color Game in Python Using Tkinter

This game involves these colors red, green, blue, black, pink, orange, yellow, purple, white, and brown. A player has to input the color of the appearing word on the screen. The score increases by 1. This game is played for just 30 seconds.
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5. AI Sudoku Project using Tkinter

In this project, you come up with a graphical user interface smart Sudoku solver and extracts the sudoku puzzle from a photo or picture, and solves it
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6. Age Calculator Application using Tkinter

This app is super cool and easy to develop. In this calculator, the user inputs their dates of birth and it automatically calculates and displays the age. Python consists of a library referred to as date-time it conducts operations on time and date.
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7. Traffic Signal Violation Detection System

This is an automated traffic signal violation system that detects drivers/ cars that violates the traffic signals. It makes it easy for the traffic police to monitor the traffic and take the best action against the violators in an efficient and fast way.
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8. WhatsApp BOT App Project

This app enables you to send as many messages as you want to any person at any time. This application has an input where you key in the phone number of the receiver and the country code, number of messages, and the message.
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9. Attendance Management System using Face Recognition Project

Maintaining attendance records in a school or an organization is very tiring. The conventional method of calling every person is time-consuming and there is a high probability of proxy attendance. This system uses facial recognition to fill in attendance in the database.
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10. Rock Paper Scissors Game Project using Tkinter

You have probably played this game, right? This project automates this game. In this app, there are three buttons to cater for Rock, Paper, and Scissors.
The game can be played by two people at a time and each person has to choose an option. If you choose a rock and the other one chooses paper, then paper wins. If you choose a scissor, and the other player chooses a paper scissor wins. Lastly, if you two have similar choices then you have tied.
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11. Graphical Register and Login System project

As a programmer, you must learn to create a login and Register system. It doesn’t matter which framework or language you are learning.
The code you will write will allow users to create accounts using the software.
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12. Quiz Application Project

This application displays a question and any number of answers to the question. The user will read and select one of the answers from the options. If he/she selects the right answer then one point is given else no point.
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13. Pharmacy management system Project

Do you want to do an advanced project? Then this is for you. This system is meant to control all the delegated activities in a pharmacy. The user interface will be created using the Tkinter library of Python.
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14. Simple Calculator Project

You can build this project easily using Tkinter GUI. You will need to include arithmetic operations such as multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction.
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15. Contact Application Project

This is one of the simplest applications that can be implemented using Tkinter python. This app will act as a storage for contacts, it will have an interface to input name, contact number, home, and address, relationship with the contact.
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16. Temperature Converter (Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter)

It will take less than an hour to implement this project. This app will have an interface to input the temperature in Celsius, it displays it in Fahrenheit and vice versa.
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17. Todo App Project using Tkinter

You can develop this Todo list app that will store your important ideas and daily tasks.
You will have an interface with an entry box to input tasks and a button for saving. When one clicks save the activity Is saved together with the date and time in the database.
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18. Password Manager App using Tkinter

Due to the increased number of online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. People need to secure these accounts with strong passcodes. This application will help manage the applications.
It has features of encrypting passwords, generating passwords, and storing them in a database.
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19. Tksheet Project using Tkinter

This project is a widget used to display tabular data. It has the following features displaying and modifying data, storing display data as a python list, edits cells directly, drags and drops Collums, changing fonts and font size, and changing the color of the sheet.
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20. Text Annotation Tool Project

This project is a lightweight text span interface. It has two interfaces one is used for annotation while the other one is used to analyze results.
This tool automates the process of annotating symbols, emojis, and text by hand.
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The above 20 open python Tkinter projects are open source and easy to implement. I hope you have learned something from this article.

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