We can literally define Retro as something that has to do with the past. Retro fonts can be said to be an essential part of the retro design – these fonts draw the attention of people to the trending fonts in the past.

The Retro fonts we are going to be discussing in this article will help you add age, texture, and depths to your designs.

These 30 amazing retro fonts are free to use. This means you have easy access to them so you can effectively utilize the ones of your choice.

1. Stiff Staff

Borislav Petrov is the designer of this Shiff Shaff font. It can appear as both in OpenType and TrueType font.

Retro Fonts


  • It is a decorative free font

2. Gradientico

Vladimir Nikolic created Gradientico to look fine and attractive to the eyes. It has a TrueType font format.

Retro Fonts


  • It has two versions: Regular and Italic
  • It is free for both commercial and personal use

3. Haike

Otto Maurer Design took inspiration from Moore computers to design the Haike font. The typeface of this font includes Small Caps, Ligatures, extra Numbers, etc.

Retro Fonts


  • It is a Retro 80s Computer Style Font
  • It is free for personal use but for commercial use, you will need to have a license.

4. Haarlem Deco

The old Euro-American signage and advertising inspired the designer to create this Haarlem Deco font. It is popularly called “fontdation.” You will need to buy this font to have full access to it because the demo is limited.

Retro Fonts


  • It contains a slanted/italic version, multilingual characters, lots of OpenType characters, etc.

5. West Side

Artimasa Studio took inspiration from handmade poster designs and illustrations from the 1980s to design the West Side font. It is a handcrafted display font that is styled in a block form.

Retro Fonts


  • It has sharp edges
  • It appears bold
  • It is officially free for both commercial and personal use

6. Palm Canyon Drive

Amy Hood took inspiration from mid-century southern California to design this retro font. Palm Canyon Drive will sufficiently give your designs some old-school west coast goodness look.


  • It looks pretty cool on a Tikki bar matchbook cover
  • It is free for personal use

7. Billion Medium Grunge

Cruzine is the designer of Billion Medium Grunge font. It was created in 2015.

Retro Fonts


  • It is only free for personal use

8. Noir

Matthias Guggisberg is the designer of retro font Noir. It is suited for every design project because it can be used for headings and body text.

Retro Fonts


  • This font adds to your design a touch of elegance and style
  • We have it in regular and medium form. Also in uppercase and lowercase

9. Frontage Condensed (Outlined)

Frontage Condensed is a family of retro font that looks very attractive to the eyes. Switzerland art director, Juri Zaech, is the designer of this font.


  • It’s best suited for vintage-style designs

10. Say It Fat

Timo Titzmann is the designer of retro font Say It Fat. This font is very good for creating attractive retro-style posters.


  • It is a Bold font
  • Slab typeface

11. Portico

Mehmet Reha Tugcu designed the retro font Portico. It is suited for retro-style designs.


  • It is a display typeface
  • It has two versions: Urban and Rough

12. Hamster

The designer that created Hamster took inspiration from brush lettering and traditional sign painting to create this cursive typeface.

Retro Fonts


  • It is available for free for both commercial and personal use

13. Laser 84

Art director, Juan Hodgson, is the creator of retro font Laser 84. It is a retro-style brush font.


  • It contains numbers, symbols, and accents
  • You need a license before you can commercially use it

14. Ansley

After the frustration of not being able to use a free font as at that time, Kady Jesko (Graphics designer) designed a typeface called Ansley.  


  • It is free for both commercial and personal use

15. Berlin

A Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator, Antonio Rodrigues Jr, took inspiration from classic geometric typefaces from early last century to design the retro font Berlin.

Retro Fonts berlin


  • It comes with four versions: Berlin, Berlina, Slaberlin, and Uberlin
  • Each of its versions is available in regular, bold and xbold

16. Sabo

Sabo is created by Philippe Moesch (a graphic designer). It goes well with any retro arcade-themed design.


  • It is a stunning pixel-style font
  • It comes in two styles: inline and filled

17. Bobber

Two graphics designer, Lucas Almeida and Dmitry Goloub, fused their ideals to one and design this extraordinary Bobber font.

Retro Fontsb obber


  • It is a cool vintage font
  • It is free to use for both commercial and purposes

18. Glasoor

Glasoor is designed by a type designer named Sergiy Tkachenko.

Retro Fonts glassor


  • This retro font is best suited for posters, logos and many other things related to graphics work

19. Zebrazil

Zebrazil is created by a Burmese graphic designer named Zarni. This retro font is made of thin letterforms and bold serifs.

Retro Fonts


  • Zarni made it be free to download

20. Canter

Canter is created by Christopher J. Lee. It is pretty cool with any retro execution.


  • Canter is a display type for titles, headlines, and posters
  • It comes in six distinct weights: light, bold, shadow, strips, bold3D and outline

21. Alt Retro

Alt Retro is best suited for beautiful and attractive creations. This retro font is unique in the way it is designed by Andreas Leonidou.


  • It is available in five different weights: light, bold, black and Alt Retro itself

22. Rispa

Konrad Bednarski took inspiration from his new hometown to design this retro typeface. Rispa is very good for t-shirts and other stylish designs.


  • Its free test version is available for free to use

23. Betty Noir

Blambot is the one behind the creation of this free retro Betty Noir font. This company (Blambot) is known for designing comic fonts and lettering.


  • It is free for personal use but if you want to have access to all its beautiful designs you will have to pay

24. White Rabbit

Alice Creative took inspiration from Easy Gone By to design a cool free retro font in White Rabbit.


  • It is available for free to use

25. Sesame

Dieter Steffmann is the designer of this old-school-style of retro font called Sesame.


  • This free font comprises a full set of uppercase letters, numbers, and selection of special characters

26. Arwen

Keystrokes designed Arwen to be one of the most stunning retro fonts.


  • It is completely free to download
  • Sesame includes a full set of uppercase characters that you can use to bring the best out of your designs.

27. Highlanders

Tyler Galpin popular known as a web and UI designer is the one behind the creation of this retro highlanders font.


  • It is free for all to use

28. Bazar

Olinda Martins Is the designer of this vintage-styled Bazar font.


  • Olinda Martins open the font free for everyone to be able to download and use

29. Quid Pro Quo

David Kerkhoff is the designer of this oldfangled handwritten script called Quid Pro Quo.


  • It is only free for personal use, you will have to pay if you desire using it for any other purpose
  • The typeface includes a full set of upper and lowercase letters

30. Pricedown

Ray Larabie of Typodermic Fonts is the designer of this bold Pricedown font. The popular TV program, “The Price is Right”, made good use of this font.


  • It is only free for personal use


These 30 amazing retro fonts we listed and explained above are some of the very good ones you can lay your hands-on for your next project. Their respective descriptions and features are clearly given so you can fully know and understand them better and choose your choice.